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Hearing voices and multiple issues relieved: "One session of EFT does more for me than years of [conventional] therapy ever could."

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Aileen Nobles' client had many anxieties and heard voices (primarily that of her critical mother). This, of course, severely limits one's life. Learn how Aileen achieves success in this case.

Hugs, Gary

By Aileen Nobles

Hi Gary,

EFT helped “Joan” with a number of different issues.  When she first came to see me she was hearing voices in her head that were so loud and persistent that she couldn't think straight.  The voices were always negative and critical.  Joan was concerned they were evil voices from outside herself. Her mother had been, and still was extremely critical of her.

A while back Joan had moved out of her home to be independent in her own apartment. Unfortunately it was too much for her and she fell apart mentally and emotionally and moved back with her mother. Now she wanted to move out again but was afraid she would repeat the pattern.  Her anxiety levels were very high.

Joan also felt she was fat and walked in a masculine way….criticisms from her mother. She had also been trained as a pranic healer and had received many pranic sessions on herself. Further, she used to act but was afraid to return to her acting career because she was unable to cope with the pressure.

When asked if the voices reminded her of anybody she responded…my mother.

We started tapping on:

  • “Even though I have my critical mother in my head, I'm still a terrific person anyway.”
  • “My mothers a very strong person, she’s taken over my head, but I can love and accept myself anyway.”
  • “Even though I can never please her, I’m still OK.”

We did a few rounds on these issues, changing around she words until her intensity dropped. We then tapped on her mother being afraid of her own sexuality.

  • “Even though my mother called me masculine I don’t have an issue with my sexuality, she does!“
  • “Even though she said my breasts were not big enough, and I wasn’t tall enough, that was her opinion. I’m quite happy with smaller breasts.”
  • "Its not her body its mine, and I choose to be comfortable with it.”
  • "But I started to believe she was right. She’s not, and I’m very feminine and sensual when I want to be.”

After the first session I didn’t see Joan for a while. When she contacted me again she had a great deal less trouble with the voices in her head, but they were still there. During the second session her energy was far more grounded.

We continued tapping on:

  • “Even though I’m allowing my mother to still be in my head, I’m a terrific person anyway.”
  • “Even though I have parts of me that need to have my mother with me in my head, they must be crazy.”


We then tapped on allowing the parts of her that didn’t need her mother in her head to become stronger, and for those parts to send love and strength to all parts of her. We tapped on her fear of being “taken over” by voices and mother.

The anxiety and fear dropped way down.

We tapped on being comfortable in her own skin.

We tapped on needing to be perfect so that her mother would not criticize her anymore.

  • “Even though I try to be perfect so that I will please my mother, it never seems to work, but I’m fantastic anyway”
  • “Trying to stop my mothers criticism by pleasing her hasn’t worked"
  • “Perhaps I would disappoint my mother if I didn’t give her something to criticize.”
  • “How selfish of me to want to be perfect…what would she do then?”

A definite lightening of energy was happening to Joan at this point.

We continued to tap on not needing to please others, and being happy with herself on her journey. We talked about every experience being “exactly as its meant to be” in the moment its happening,  allowing us to balance karma, and come from a higher place within us as we see the bigger picture. We tapped on:

  • “I am perfect in my seeming imperfection.”
  • "The way I am now, allows me to unfold into my next level.”
  • “I thank the universe for these experiences and opportunities that continue to allow me to blossom.”

Next we worked on her fear and anxiety of going back to acting.  Within a short period of time she was comfortable with the thought of all the pressure involved with that career.  She was ready!

I received this update from Joan a few weeks later.

Love and Light

EFT has helped me in many areas of my life.  I had two or three sessions in which I worked with Aileen Nobles, my practitioner, on my need to be perfect.  We tapped on this issue and the pressure I put on myself. 

Before the EFT sessions I felt a lot of pressure to have to be the best at whatever I do.    Since those EFT sessions, I do not feel I have to be the best.  All I can do is try my best.  What a relief!

In addition to tapping on the above issues, we tapped on releasing the voices in my head, which I had been hearing for about a year.  EFT helped me to release a lot of the voices and to learn to love myself.  Now, it is rare that I hear something and I have been able to move on with my life. 

In my most recent EFT session, I worked with Aileen on anxieties and fears I had about returning to work as an actor after a three year hiatus.  I originally took the hiatus because performing became too much pressure and wasn’t fun anymore.  The thought of returning to the industry was a source of anxiety but since the EFT session, we cleared the anxieties and I feel excited to dive back in.

EFT is so powerful and often miraculous.  I’ve spent years talking with my psychologist, which can be helpful, but one session of EFT does more for me than years of therapy ever could.  What a blessing.


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