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EFT and Time Line Therapy helps 92 year old man live in the now

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

This article assumes a working knowledge of Time Line Therapy (an NLP derived concept). Note how Jorge Carrillo blends it with EFT for impressive results.

Hugs, Gary

By Jorge Carrillo

Article: Gary,

I recently received from your mail list a contribution from a practitioner about time line & EFT.  I hope this practical case study will be of help.

I’ve been working with a 92 year old man who lives in my hometown.  He is a Russian immigrant who moved to Argentina in his early childhood.  Forty years later, he moved to Los Angeles with his family and spent his life there until 8 months ago when he had to move to Mexico.  He separated from his wife as she had to go into a geriatric nursing home.  He refused to go with her and made the decision to move to Mexico to live close to his daughter.  He lives in his house with a nurse and has regular visits from her.

One of his issues was his difficulty adapting to his new lifestyle, away from his wife and not close enough to his daughter.  He also had certain issues about mobility.  He was having a hard time adjusting.

We were addressing the issue that he sometimes gets a bit depressed during the week until he meets his daughter.  My intuition popped the question, “Can you make an inner representation of (visualize) your time experience?”  I further explained to him how to get this representation.  He is a very lucid and clever man and connected quite fast to his inner experience.

He described having his future in front of him. He located the present at his physical location and he located the past right above him.  He also mentioned that he could feel all the emotions from the past above him as well.  As he said this, I started to apply EFT on that specific experience.

Addressing the past in his time line as follows - doing two rounds on each setup statement.

Even though I feel my past as a weight on my shoulders…

Even though my past compresses my present…

Even though I am still carrying my past on my shoulders as a back pack…

This backpack full of time and emotions

This heavy load of time

This useless load on my shoulders

He immediately felt alleviated from the experience he described.  He expressed with a very amusing face that the past was gone.  I asked him if he could relocate his past as he did before and he said very vehemently, “I can’t find it!  It doesn’t matter!  I feel like I’ve been living here for 50 years!”

I was very surprised at how fast EFT resolved the whole issue and took care of it in a very ecological way.  I did some checking on how he felt in accessing his past as there are a lot of resources there that he may need or use under other circumstances.

We ran through some important experiences from the past as well as some emotions like nostalgia or grief.  He reported feeling profoundly released from the emotions and very aware of his past as well.

I did some tests on how he felt about his wife and past life in L.A. and he also was very aware of the consequences of his decision and the hope for reconciliation in the near future.  He was very positive and optimistic fully living the present where he is at the moment.  This is a wonderful demonstration of EFT capabilities for both dealing with time in our inner representations and how ecological this tool is for chance and resolution of emotional issues.

Thanks a lot Gary for this wonderful path on which we are walking.



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