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Using EFT

Classic case of using EFT for the child within

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Follow this detailed story of how Deborah Miller from Mexico expertly applies EFT for her client's long standing childhood issues. Note that among the ways to assess her progress was the cessation of advanced pain from lymphatic cancer. Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

Hugs, Gary

By Deborah Miller, PhD

Jorge found a lump on the left side of his neck a year and a half ago.  Six months later he had other lumps form and was diagnosed with cancer of the lymphatic system.  He has a tumor of about 8 inches in diameter in his stomach.  Various tumors along the neck, armpit and crotch, areas where there are many lymph nodes. 

First he tried homeopathic treatment and finally in the last months has had 30 chemotherapy sessions.  He was scheduled to have a chemotherapy treatment of the nervous system which would leave him shaking and probably without much memory.  His mother asked the doctor if the chemo would heal him and was told, “No, it would only prolong his life.”  When she explained this to her son she asked him what kind of life he would have.  She convinced him not to take the last treatment.  Instead Jorge began looking for alternatives.  He found EFT. 

We started with the pain he was feeling in the lymph nodes in his right armpit where some tumors are growing.  He said they are painful.  He thought they started to grow about a month ago right after playing ball with his young daughter.  He was feeling good that day and was throwing the ball quite hard.  Afterwards he felt pain and the tumors started to grow.  Then he lost all interest in eating, sleeping and talking to anyone.  He was just tired.

His level of intensity was 5 out of 10 when we began and dropped to a 2 out of 10, and then went back up to a 4 out of 10.  Then he told me that 1.5 years ago when he found the lump on the left side of his neck his wife read an article saying it could be cancer.  She wanted him to go to the doctor.  He got angry with her because she would believe he had cancer.  He denied it and wouldn’t go to the doctor. 

We started by tapping on being angry with her for believing he had cancer and his denial of it.  The level of intensity on the anger was an 8 out of 10.  It dropped to zero out of 10 after one round of EFT, and interestingly, the physical pain under his right arm dropped to a 1 out of 10.  I asked him to describe it or tell me if it had a form. 

He said it was like a clenched fist, with little pin pricks and heat.  So we tapped on releasing the clenched feeling, the pin pricks releasing, the resistance dropping and the heat leaving.  It dropped to a 0.25 out of 10.  What he felt then was the tiredness on his right side, he felt he needed to give more, he likes being alone or with his dogs more than being with his wife.  He feels a little guilty about it.  So we tapped on the tiredness, not giving, being selfish by enjoying his time alone, being out of balance, etc.  The pain dropped to zero out of 10. 

Immediately after that round, he told the story of how he and his wife talked about the cancer when he first was diagnosed.  Afterwards his wife suggested they get something to eat.  He wanted first to go to the garden to see his dog.  The dog realized how sad Jorge was.  His dog fell over for no known reason and was ill for 4 days.  Jorge felt like he had killed his dog.  His dog is his best friend.  Then he stated that he doesn’t have many friends, only one good friend, the rest were fair-weather friends who disappeared the moment they found out he was ill. 

The very next sentence he began to talk about his father.  (During this whole time I allowed him to let his subconscious bring up the stories and events that needed to be released.  I was comfortable to listen until we got to the story that was the most relevant, that of his father). 

His father rejected him when he was a child.  His father’s favorite word for him was “a--hole.”  When he was an adolescent he was his father’s favorite a--hole.  His father would hit him and yell at him.  He wasn’t good enough because he became a businessman instead of becoming an academic, like his father wanted him to be. 

He said that one day he sat down after becoming ill and asked himself what was causing this.  He felt that he needed to tell his father about what he felt, to forgive him and to be forgiven.  About this time his father, who was a diabetic, lost a toe, then foot, then leg and he died before Jorge could speak to him.

He asked me, “Now how do I tell him?”  I told him to imagine that he was sitting next to his father and telling him everything he needed to say.  We started tapping again at that point as if we were talking to his father. 

I led him through being a rejected child, lonely, alone, sad, rejected, being yelled at and hit, not understanding why, what had he done, why did his father hate him, then that it was not his fault, he was only a child, it was his father’s anger, he was ok, he was not to blame. 

During the tapping he told me the story of when he was around 8 years old learning the multiplication tables.  His dad sat next to him on the bed and every time he didn’t get an answer right, his father hit him.  He didn’t understand why.  He hadn’t thought of this event in a very long time.  By the time we finished tapping he felt much more relaxed.

Because Jorge stated often that he is more comfortable being alone, or with his dogs, I decided to do the following: while tapping I asked him to take the hand of the little boy in him, to give him a hug, to hold him, to share with him all that he wanted to say, that they were now together, they weren’t alone, there were a team, and that they were healing together. 

Jorge started to cry.  We continued, I asked Jorge and his younger self to fill balloons with all the negative energy and emotions that he was holding within him, with his illness.  Then they were to cut the strings and let them go, up, up, up into the sky until they reached the clouds where they were transformed into light and love. 

At this point he was sobbing, but sobbing with joy.  He felt like he had just embraced the abandoned young boy in him.  He had found him.  He was so happy that all he could do was cry.  He never imagined that he would find this part of himself and integrate him during this session.

After we finished tapping, he started to tell me about the experience of being with his abandoned young self.  He said they were sitting on the bed together.  When I asked them to fill the balloons, the young boy kept telling the older to fill them faster.  So he did; and as he did he saw the dark negative energy coming out of his body and fill the balloons and they were black.  He tied them off and let them float up to the sky. 

He kept filling and filling balloons as the little boy in him encouraged him.  They didn’t see any clouds at first, but kept filling balloons.  Finally the clouds came and transformed the balloons into a beautiful light.  Afterwards he saw the two of them sitting in his grandmother’s garden, a favorite place of his as a child.  They were arm in arm smiling and eating tacos. 

Jorge was so happy and content.  He never imagined that he would find and recover this part of himself.  It was touching to be a part of the finding.  Through tears of joy Jorge called me an angel; one of the lovely benefits of facilitating EFT is the gratitude one receives. 

Yet, even with these wonderful results, he has not returned.  We spoke by phone and he is very grateful.  He told his mother about me being an angel, and shared with her EFT.  My hope is that he continues to do EFT on his own.  This is another case of success with EFT and the person potentially not continuing to use it.  I am still joyous that Jorge felt relief for some time.  How wonderful it would be if everyone who felt pain could for at least a time feel relief.

GC COMMENT: It is disappointing that some people do not continue EFT after such marvelous results. These are personal choices, of course, and can come from deep set beliefs, secondary gains and other issues that beg for more EFT.





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