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Using EFT

Using EFT on imaginary parts

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Professionals familiar with parts work should find this case by Dr. El March of interest.

Hugs, Gary

By Dr. El March

Hi Gary,

It’s been a long time since I last communicated but I have been using your fantastic EFT method along with my other therapies successfully.  In this particular case I did something that I had not done before and I truly am baffled about how it worked.  Maybe you can shed some light on it for me.

I will use an alias for the client name.  I also have shortened some parts of the story to cut down on length.

Mai has been a client of mine for some time.  When she first started with me, she had a lot of aches and pains that she did not know where they came from and they all went undiagnosed.  Nevertheless, she constantly took over-the-counter drugs to relieve the pain.

When I got the call from her crying one afternoon, claiming that she was incredibly unhappy, I was not too surprised as I was familiar with her state of mind.  As usual I started with my “Belief Update Therapy” questions.

El: Please close your eyes, take few deep breaths and ask your subconscious, “Would all parts of me observe, listen and learn from the communication that is taking place in this session?”

Mai: Yes!

El: Would the part of me that is in charge of this “unhappiness” communicate with me in consciousness?

Mai: Yes!

El: Can the part identify itself to us?  How old is it?  What is the intent and benefit it provides?

Mai: its name is Livia.  It is 42 years old.  It is here to protect me.

El: May I directly speak to this part?

Mai: Sure.

El: Livia, can you tell me why you are here and what you are protecting Mai from?..

Livia: Well, to begin with she is a holocaust survivor.  She is the only one in her family that was not killed.  She then married someone from her own background – also a survivor – who was constantly unhappy about everything.  I called him “the nail”.  He was hard as one.  Thank God “the nail” finally died last year.  I have been protecting her all these years from the effects of these happenings.

El: That is quite commendable.  How did you do that?

Livia: Well in a couple of ways really.  I first gave her the backache she suffers from.  Anytime this happens, she needs to take it easy and rest and rejuvenate.  Then I gave her the unhappiness, because I noticed that every time she showed a slight bit of happiness, the husband made her more miserable.

El: Livia, please stand by, I need to ask a question from Mai.  Mai, did you hear the conversation between Livia and I?

Mai: Yes. Isn’t Livia great?

El: I agree.  She is.  However, you told me that you wanted to be happy.  Can you think for a moment and tell me if you really want that?

Mai: Well that is what I called you for.

El: OK, but look inside you and tell me if that really is what you wish.

Mai: Well, I don’t know.  You see, Livia has a point.  If I am unhappy, no one will bother me.

El: OK.  Do you want us to do a quick tapping for this matter?

Mai: I really, personally don’t want to be unhappy.  It’s Livia that wants that so that I’ll be safe.  In what way can I change the things that happened to convince Livia? All it was and is works like a huge weight that does not let me breathe let alone be happy.

At this point I decided to perform the EFT method on the imaginary part – Livia.  I was not sure what the result would be.

El: Livia, may we continue?

Livia: Sure!

El: did you listen in on my conversation with Mai?

Livia: Yes.

El: Do you think Mai deserves all the happiness she can have in her life?

Livia: Yes.

El: Do you think you still need to protect her?

Livia: Yes.

El: Do you think we can tap for this and see if you would change your mind?

Livia: Sure.

At this point we started the setup procedures:

Even though I think Mai cannot take care of herself and always brings grief or those causing grief to her life…

Even though she makes all the wrong choices…

Even though she does not appreciate what I have done for her…  I love myself for doing what I did for her and I am ready to set her free and just be an observer from here on, or helping her on her verbal request only.

I asked Livia what she calls this scenario and she said, “Non-appreciation”.  I then asked Livia to go through the whole tapping procedure with this scenario name until the level of intensity dropped to zero on a scale of 0 to 10.

El: Livia, how do you feel?

Livia: Liberated!

El: Did you convey this feeling to Mai yet?

Livia: Yes.

El: Please stand by for one second Livia.  Mai, how do you feel? 

At this point Mai started crying.  I waited for her to complete.  After a long pause…

Mai: I don’t know why, but I feel happy.  I have not had this feeling in a very long time.  I say this with such surprise.  How could this be?

Over the period of the next couple of weeks, we did more belief update therapy and tapping on Mai for other issues and the pains started disappearing one by one.

I had never done tapping on the imaginary parts before and this was a great experience that I thought I should share with you.  Your system works even on imaginary parts - this is fantastic and I am grateful to your method.

Best Regards,

Dr. El March


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