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Episodes 1- 50

#24: The world Is An Illusion

This startling truth has been scientifically proven for decades. The world, at least according to our erroneous senses, seems to be filled with countless separate things (including separate bodies). Yet our premiere scientists tell us that separation is impossible. Instead, all things are connected into one grand Oneness soup. Properly understood, that means that all the beliefs we have about the world and each other are based on faulty perception.

Oh my!

Here's how I discussed it in my book, The Unseen Therapist...

Now back to the scientific fact that separation is impossible.

It should dominate the evening news — and the newspaper headlines — and every blog or talk show on the planet. It should be taught in schools and permeate global politics so we can move toward a Oneness existence instead of expending endless resources toward the inevitable conflict that comes from separation. And…

It Should be the
Centerpiece of a New,
Ultimate Healing Process!

That ultimate healing process is contained in this book. Here is where we cross the bridge and look past our erroneous senses and our mistaken belief in separation. Here is where we begin to replace our “many-treatments-for-many-issues” mindset with one natural remedy for everything. Here is where The Unseen Therapist shines Her light. She represents our Oneness dimension and sees beyond our erroneous beliefs. That is why She can perform healing miracles that are beyond man-made methods.

The following video unfolds this for you in more detail.

Note: Please consult physicians on all medical issues.


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