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Episodes 1- 50

#4: How To Fall In Love With A Butterfly

"Indeed, if loves comes from within there is no need to search for it "out there."​"



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From Gary:

This NewThink example will bring fresh eyes to the whole concept of love. 

Gary Craig logoIn our separated world (the illusion) we are forever seeking love from outside ourselves. We look for others to love us in various ways: romance, compliments, support, applause, and more. And even when we are seemingly successful, it is often temporary. As a result, we then look for other sources to replace those that have come and gone. 

It never ends. 

That's because we are looking for love in the wrong place. Conventional thinking often insists that it must come from outside sources whereas NewThink proposes that it should come from within. 

Indeed, if loves comes from within there is no need to search for it "out there." In fact, if we develop love within, we naturally radiate this exquisite beauty and thus attract love abundantly from without. No need to search for it. We have become it. That, of course, is what our The Optimal EFT™ Course is all about. 

Those who are searching for love outside themselves will recognize that they have "found it" just by how people react to them. Most dogs have discovered this "secret." We should take a lesson from them. It's free. 

Along these lines, I fell in love with a butterfly many years ago. At the time, I wasn't looking for outside love and, as far as I know, neither was the butterfly. We simply came together, without any expectations or "love requirements," in a sort of communion that can only come from within. Beautiful, elegant, inspiring. 

I made a video about the experience. Please join me in this experience of love from within. Watch video below. 

e-hugs, Gary

Note: Please consult physicians on all medical issues. 


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