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Surrogate/distance tapping for Cassie the dog

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

The talented Catherine O'Driscoll from Scotland provides us with this fascinating look into our possibilities with surrogate/distance tapping. This example happens to be with a dog but it is not much of a stretch so see the potential for humans.

Hugs, Gary

by Catherine O'Driscoll

Hi Gary

Bonnie contacted me in November 1999 after reading the Canine Health Concern web page, which describes the wonders of EFT (amongst other things).

Bonnie's female dog, Cassie, had only been living with her for four weeks. Cassie was eight years old and had been used as a breeding dog, but she was no longer of use to her original owners. When they moved in together, Bonnie took Cassie to the vet for a checkup. He diagnosed her with kennel cough (dog flu) and spinal damage (which he wanted to operate on) and he began a vaccination programme.

Bonnie wrote, "Cassie seems to have arthritis in her spine, and her left front and back legs. She has been sadly neglected these past years and has bad plaque buildup on her teeth. I have scheduled her for teeth cleaning, blood tests and an x-ray."

Bonnie told me that Cassie seemed to sparkle after the first three weeks with her, but became melancholy and distant after Bonnie had to go out of town for a few days. She also had a pronounced limp. Bonnie asked for long-distance EFT healing. I agreed, explaining I had never tried it before so couldn't guarantee a result.

Obviously, dogs can't talk - so it's difficult for them to tell us about their emotions. Neither could I see her or feel her (on an energetic level), which often helps when treating animals. So I "communicated" with Cassie using intuition and dowsing to get yes/no responses.

Obviously, communicating with animals is not part of EFT, so I'll cut to the treatment! I treated her [surrogately with EFT] for grief: losing her puppies and friends. I also treated for low energy levels, vaccine damage, central nervous system damage, and aching bones.

I asked Bonnie to postpone the x-ray and teeth cleaning, but to feed raw meaty bones which act as Nature's toothbrush for our canine friends. I also suggested she put a hold on the vaccines as you need a healthy immune system to come through the vaccine challenge intact, and Cassie had clearly been through enough stress in the previous few weeks.

The next day, Bonnie sent me an e-mail. She said that Cassie's rear left leg, which had appeared decimated and seemed to be causing pain, was now in perfect condition. She was energetic and happy, and woke Bonnie several times in the night with doggie kisses. Bonnie cancelled the remaining vaccine shots and postponed the x-rays indefinitely as Cassie's spine was no longer "jaunting through her back."

I received another e-mail from Bonnie today, some nine months after the once-only treatment. She said, "Cassie runs around like a youngster now and is having great fun with her life. She is giving Eros, my three year old Akita, the time of his life. He is a happy playmate. I can't thank you enough." She never did get the spinal operation.

I have experienced quite a few examples of EFT stimulating remarkable recoveries for animals I have never met, in various parts of the world. One beautiful Newfoundland was able to take his rightful place at Crufts (the Dog Show of dog shows) thanks to EFT. His owner called me the night before in a dreadful panic because Charlie had developed a huge weeping sore on the side of his face. She explained that he had struggled with the condition before and it took months to clear up. So I tapped . . . (vaccine damage again) . . . and learnt that the condition had disappeared by the next day.

Finally, while on a visit to America, we stayed at a camp which had its own, very smelly, resident skunk. After about a week of constant and lingering odour, I had the bright idea to tap for the little chap. He didn't seem very well (we don't have skunks in Britain but I guessed that they're not supposed to smell all of the time, unless they're ill). I am happy to report that the perfume in the air had a far nicer glow to it the next day, and thereafter - well, at least until we left, anyway.


Catherine O'Driscoll


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