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What to do in the hospital

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

You will enjoy reading this article by Stephanie Slater. She made quality use of her "dead time" and helped many hurting and stressed people in the process. She concludes her article with, "So, my thought for surrogate tapping is this - you need never be bored waiting again, and you may just bring some ease into the world."

Hugs, Gary

By Stephanie Slater, EFT-ADV

In addition to using regular EFT with my clients, I sometimes use surrogate EFT while my client is on the table during Ayurvedic bodywork.  This has often yielded interesting, valuable results and I enjoy doing it tremendously.  After the story I am about to relate, it occurred to me that I only surrogate tapped in the office, as though I had permission to use it there in a professional setting but wasn’t licensed to use it out in the world.  Limiting belief? Tap Tap Tap…Not anymore!

Recently I found myself in a fairly crowded Emergency Room knowing I probably had a good two hours of sitting.  I forgot my book.  There were no magazines.  Everyone looked fairly miserable including the one doctor who was somehow supposed to see and fix all these people.  

There was the skinny and very scared looking teen whose leg was bouncing frantically up and down, biting his nails and trying to look tough sitting three chairs down.  Well, here’s something to do.  I tuned into him, asked permission to tap for him and started tapping.  Since I didn’t want to make people more nervous than they already were by looking somewhat kooky (though I wouldn’t have been the only one), I imagined the tapping on myself for him.  I just tapped whatever came to my head.

Even though I hate being here, it’s taking so @#*%ing long … what if there’s something really wrong with me … I’m scared … I love myself … I’m ok.

Then I imagined tapping through the points:

I don’t know what’s wrong with me

Can’t stop moving my leg

Don’t want to be here

I HATE this!

So boring

Scared … Scared

I continued on like this for a number of rounds.  He sat back in the chair.  His leg slowly stopped bouncing.  He sighed.  He began to look around.  He was much more at ease.  That was fun.  That took care of fifteen minutes.  And there was no shortage of people.  I proceeded to tune into people around the room.  Of course I was just guessing what to say with each person - accurate or not the intention was there.  Here are some of the changes that occurred.

The crying woman who didn’t speak English stopped crying and began to read her book.  (Tapped on being scared, worried about paying, being confused, not being at work…)

The baby stopped crying and went to sleep. (Tapped on being in a strange place, feeling mommy’s anxiety, don’t feel well, too bright, too loud…)

The young teen couple with the baby stopped bickering and held hands.  (Tapped on can’t handle this, want to be with my friends, scared, how are we going to pay for this…)

The doctor slowed down and actually smiled!  (Tapped on too much to do, being tired, never get a break…)

None of these people were instantly cured, but the collective energy in the room changed significantly.  It’s almost as if the more people calmed, the more other people calmed.  Before I knew it two hours had flown by.  So, my thought for surrogate tapping is this - you need never be bored waiting again, and you may just bring some ease into the world.

Stephanie Slater, D.Ay., EFT-ADV


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