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Unseen Therapist At Work - Plus Insights

Recordings 51-100

Severe Covid Vaccination Side Effects Disappear With The Unseen Therapist

"I now understand "impossible" healing."

Like many, "Susan" (name changed for privacy reasons) experienced unwanted side effects after taking a Covid vaccination. These included troublesome and constant heart palpitations that would get worse with any kind of physical exercise.

In this video, you will see how we successfully worked with The Unseen Therapist by aiming at both the physical symptoms and possible emotional contributors. She wrote the following to me shortly after this session...  

Hi Gary, 

I can’t thank you enough for the transformation that has taken place over the past couple of days.  

When you helped me with The Unseen Therapist, I was in a different place with my eyes closed and could sense the changes.   Guided by your voice, I could feel and see colours wash in and wash out with energy moving.   It was very rhythmical.

After the session with you, I had outstanding results. The concept of jumping 3-4 times was terrifying as it would have been literally impossible, but after doing it, felt nothing. All heart palpitations had stopped and so had all symptoms, just the remaining feeling down the left side of my body. This was one of the original symptoms that I had forgotten about, but it has since gone also. I now understand "impossible" healing."

Please consult physicians on all medical issues.


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