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The Unseen Therapist

A Peek at the Possibilities

Gabriëlle Rutten, MD

Dr. Gabriëlle Rutten’s Several Cases: A Client Feels a State of Oneness Instead of Anger, a Soldier is PTSD Symptom Free, Anorexia is Improved and Whiplash Symptoms are Relieved.


A client feels a state of Oneness instead of anger:

Gabrielle Rutten, MD
Gabrielle Rutten, MD

Initially, her anger was at a 10. We closed our eyes and, after 30 sec, she was completely at peace and told me, ‘very strange, I felt a very strong urge to forgive him, I wanted to stay angry at him but all of a sudden I thought, oh he is only another human being fighting his own demons (alcohol) and then we merged and became one.

Soldier is now PTSD symptom free:

A 28-year-old soldier has been at home with PTSD for more than 5 years after two missions in Afghanistan. He has tried conventional therapy by ‘talking with’ a psychiatrist as well as prescription drugs like tranquilizers, anti-psychotics, sleep medication and anti-depressants. He has had cognitive therapy with two psychologists. All with little or no result. He was desperate and didn’t want to use drugs anymore because it made him ‘numb’ and didn’t help with the PTSD symptoms.

He was referred to me by another doctor that knows of my approach. We invited The Unseen Therapist and, together, we have done 10 one-hour sessions working on his bigger traumas in Afghanistan as well as several big childhood traumas. He has also done the process at home by himself on the remaining, smaller, traumas that we identified. He was encouraged by the results and worked by himself on his issues every day for at least 1-2 hours. In 3 months’ time he was PTSD symptoms free. He has left the military and started his own business.

Eating disorder:

A 15-year-old girl visited me with her mother. She had suffered anorexia for 4 years and was dangerously underweight. I agreed to work with her but only on the condition that I would work with her parents separately, too. They agreed.

I also informed the girl she needed to be motivated to do ‘homework’ on her issues and explained the importance of this to her. She understood and wanted to really give this a try because, if she were to lose any more weight, she would have to be hospitalized. For perspective, she had been admitted to a special clinic for eating disorders a year before and had only gained a little weight. Despite this extended effort, she wasn’t ‘cured’ of anorexia after a stay for 3 months. She despised being ‘locked up’ and was therefore very motivated to do her homework.

I have worked with the girl (alone) for 11 one-hour sessions during 14 months in which we used The Unseen Therapist to work through a sexual abuse history (involving a cousin) and low self-esteem issues (involving being bullied in school). We compiled a list of specific traumatic incidents together and I gave her homework assignments to invite The Unseen Therapist regarding the many incidents.

She has gained enough weight to be well out of the danger zone. She has resumed school and enjoys socializing with a few classmates who have become her friends. She feels happy and has plans for her future.


A 48-year-old woman came to me with severe whiplash symptoms after a typical low impact car collision (her car being hit from behind during a stop at a traffic light) 1.5 years ago. She had tried physiotherapy, painkillers, osteopathy, wearing a neck brace and chiropractic treatment.

Her pain levels were constantly at a 7-8 (on a 0-10 scale). She had concentration problems, was on sick leave from her teaching job, experienced short term memory loss and was desperate and depressed. Her doctor (a GP) had prescribed an anti-depressant. She was convinced that she had suffered ‘permanent’ damage and would be an ‘invalid’ the rest of her life. She felt helpless and powerless to overcome the whiplash and was discouraged by her GP explaining that many whiplash ‘victims’ have chronic symptoms.
We have worked together with The Unseen Therapist for 15 one-hour sessions on many big and smaller traumatic events in which she felt helpless and powerless. We worked together on her bigger traumas and her many ‘inherited’ beliefs regarding whiplash and its long-term effects that had been ‘installed’ by her GP, her various therapists and her own internet search on the subject.

She stopped using the anti-depressant after 6 sessions (after 4 months). We made a ‘Personal Peace Procedure’ list of many specific issues and she has invited The Unseen Therapist for their resolution — one at a time. As stated above, we did a lot of traumatic events together in our sessions and she worked at the rest of her list at home by herself.

Her short term memory loss dissolved after about 10 sessions (after 6 months). Her neck feels ‘normal’ again, no more pains, at the end of our work together. She wants to come back for a ‘check-up’ in 4 months because this helps her to keep working on her list every evening on the ‘issue of the day.’ She has found a new teaching job at a different school (the old job being very stressful for her), has a new relationship (an abusive relationship in the past was part of the problem) and she made amends with her mother whom she had not talked to in more than 3 years.