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The Unseen Therapist

A Peek at the Possibilities

Sheri Baker 2

Another Result From Sheri Baker: Her Client Feels a Spiritual Presence Followed by Freedom from Severe Dental Surgery Pain.

Sheri Baker
Sheri Baker

"Sunshine” had a problem molar that needed to be removed. Following dental surgery, she joked that her face looked like a chipmunk who got into a bar fight. Her jaw was swollen and she had bruising both inside her mouth and outside on her right cheek and jaw. When the pain meds started to wear off, she got what she called an “in-your-face” introduction to bone pain. She wrote:

"Just a single sip of water lit me up like a humble 40 watt bulb hooked into a 500 volt line coming straight from the power plant — way too much electricity all at once. With orders to keep up my fluids, I had a real struggle all day. The pain meds helped to a certain degree only after I doubled-up on the dose (as per my doctor’s recommendation). But the meds made me horribly dizzy, woozy, and nauseous. And they didn’t ever entirely take the pain away. My grim dilemma: deal with the raw pain or the side effects from medication. 

"To distract myself, I started to watch a television program. And then something amazing happened. It was so subtle that at first I didn’t realize what was transpiring. I felt a most unusual sensation, like the fingertips of an angel, calming and nourishing at the same time in and around the right side of my mouth and jaw. It took a couple seconds for me to register the sensations. In a couple more seconds, the experience was gone. And so was the pain.

"I had no need to take another pain pill that night, nor for the next couple of days, and then only because my toothbrush slipped off the molar next to the surgical area and impaled itself on the wound. The Unseen Therapist relieved the initial pain permanently, and I am very grateful She did! I was so floored by the experience that I knew She was involved, and that’s why I contacted you to see if you had initiated the healing.

The night before Sunshine’s tooth surgery, and again that very morning, I had been inspired to join with The Unseen Therapist on her behalf even though I didn’t know exactly why. I find it interesting not only that Sunshine was unaware of the healing being directed her way, but that she didn’t feel the effects until hours later. Coincidence? Maybe, but the experience was so mystifying, she felt Spirit had to be involved. That, plus my compelling need to focus on her within that particular time frame would also suggest otherwise.

Laying aside expectations:

In working with The Unseen Therapist, I’ve come to realize the importance of laying aside expectations of when physical results may or may not occur. Within the illusory concept of time, maybe a delay in relief is necessary in order to bring about a shift in thinking, or because a sudden healing would be too jarring or disorienting. Whatever the reason in this particular case, an unseen force succeeded where medication did not, and pain relief was achieved. Sunshine wrote:

"Each time the experience comes to mind, I can’t help but be amazed. Even though you brought in The Unseen Therapist a few hours before the pain released, I strongly feel this was an experience where She crossed the boundaries of time, maybe on purpose, to show that time doesn’t actually exist for Her. I don’t know. What I do know is that I am still in awe."

Sheri Baker