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The Unseen Therapist

NewThink: #4 through #7

Quantum Physics: The Advanced Science That Destroys Every Belief We Have!


Palace of Possibilities
Quantum physics opens the door
to a massive Palace of Possibilities

A Palace of Possibilities:

Quantum physics whisks us away on a journey beyond our senses. It is an escape into a new reality we never expected and opens the door to a massive Palace of Possibilities. It also answers the question, “If our senses deceive us, then what is the real world like?”

Let me unfold it for you.

First, Albert Einstein told us in the early part of the twentieth century that everything, including our bodies, was made of energy. That was another “outside our senses” discovery because our senses tell us we are solid forms, not vibrating energy packets.

Later, a new science known as quantum physics emerged. It is the study of very small things (quanta) on the atomic scale and, as such, explores fascinating phenomena that are so infinitesimally tiny that our raw senses can’t even begin to perceive them. And, because we are made of atoms…

It Is Also the Study of
Our Physical Reality!

This is a Godsend (literally) because these studies have become our scientific probes into the mysteries underlying our existence. They point the way to our true reality and do so without our erroneous senses getting in the way. Thus they provide a pure, sensory-free exploration that is central to our new form of thinking (NewThink).

While quantum physics supplies a compelling list of belief-busting discoveries, our concern focuses on only one of them. That discovery is completely outside of our sensory world (hooray!) and gives substance to The Unseen Therapist. It makes Her believable without having to rely on faith alone. And that discovery is…

Separation Is Impossible!

We are all made of atoms and, at the atomic level, all atoms are connected. Thus your body cannot be separate from mine. Nor can you be separate from the tree you may see out of your window. All these atoms are linked, just like drops of water are blended with each other to form an ocean.

A giant Oneness soup:

You and I are literally joined with one another and exist within a giant Oneness soup that also includes every seemingly separate object we perceive. I mean everything from cars to books to our pets to the oceans, mountains, clouds and all things in between. We are one with everyone and everything, no exceptions.

This is now solid, well established science that has been in front of us for decades. It is the most stunning news of all time.

Why? Because it means that everything we perceive through our senses is an illusion and nothing exists in the separated form. Again, our senses deceive us. We see and hear things that are not really there. Our true reality is Oneness.

Backed by our most prestigious science:

So quantum physics provides proof of our true reality that is completely independent of my, or anyone else’s, view. You no longer need raw faith to venture across the bridge because you are backed by our most prestigious science.

As you may appreciate, however, it takes people with Einstein’s intelligence and background to properly explore the extraordinary messages of quantum physics. The endless experiments that have been performed over several decades require a grounding in science and mathematics that few possess.

Fortunately, the findings from this highly complex science were summarized and beautifully portrayed in the 2004 DVD production known as “What the Bleep!? Down the Rabbit Hole” (highly recommended). It included inputs from some of the most prominent scientists of our time, such as Dr. Candace Pert, Dr. William Tiller, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. John Hagelin, Dr. David Alpert, Dr. Amit Goswami, Dr. Dean Radin and Dr. Fred Alan Wolf.

Here are some of the central conclusions from that popular film. Note the common themes (emphasis added) that we are not separate — we are all One — and our senses deceive us.

  • “At the most fundamental level of our being, we are all One and that Oneness is love. It is God. We are not separate from each other or from anything else in the universe. Our senses tell us otherwise, of course, but that is an illusion.”
  • “All of our worldly problems can be reduced to the perceptual error that we think we are separate.
  • The world, as we see it, is a projection of our own beliefs in separateness. We are conditioned to believe this because our limited senses deceive us. There is nothing outside of ourselves and everything our eyes ‘see’ is an illusion. We have projected our own beliefs onto the world’s screen and are acting according to our own erroneous projections. There is no out there, out there.”
  • “Time and space do not exist. They are merely creations of our own minds to help us make sense of our erroneous belief in separateness.”
  • “We are now realizing that this erroneous view of ourselves as separate is most destructive — it’s the thing that creates all the problems in the world. We are now realizing that that notion is all wrong — we are all One. We are all together. At the very essence of our being we are connected.”
  • “The deepest level of truth uncovered by science and by philosophy is the fundamental truth of unity. At the deepest sub-nuclear level of our reality you and I are literally One.
  • “This interconnectedness — this timelessness — I think of as the beginning of a scientific understanding of spirituality.”
  • “There is one God self that is all of us. We grow from that. The whole Universe grew from it and each of the separate personalities that appeared has grown from it with the illusion that each one is a separate individual.
  • “When people have a mystical experience, how they describe it is that they begin to lose the usual sense of material reality around them. In fact if they go far enough and achieve a sense of absolute unitary experience, then all of the material world as we typically know it basically goes away. What we are talking about there is just an experience of pure being, pure awareness, pure consciousness.”
  • There is no real separation between us. So that, what we do to another, we do to an aspect of ourselves.”
  • “There is no place where we end and everything else begins. We are all connected.”
  • The most fundamental thing is that we are all connected by an energy field. We swim in a sea of light basically. You have to get away from the whole idea of separateness because separateness is the biggest problem in the world now.
  • One then begins to see others as part of themselves. One begins to see that it’s best just to love others and not judge them, that what you do to build another actually builds yourself. You begin to see that you are connected, you are part of a large family.

We owe endless gratitude to these dedicated scientists because they have revealed to us a world of vast possibilities that is rightfully ours. Properly understood, their gifts are unparalleled in history. They are pulsing with possibilities, and awaiting our use.

However, the findings of our quantum physicists lack one thing. They point the way to new possibilities but they do not show us how to get there. That gap is beautifully filled by The Unseen Therapist.