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I Had No Idea I Was Going To Fall In Love Today

"Our eyes were now engaged … soul to soul. Despite the superficial humor, we felt the connection building … two children of God enjoying a playful moment of joining."

Gary Craig logoYou couldn’t call it romantic love because it was far grander than that. Although the whole thing happened in about a minute, it brought a miraculous experience of true spiritual love to four people. Here’s the story.

I was waiting for a friend on a street corner outside of Barnes & Noble in downtown Santa Rosa, CA. Across the street, on another corner, I could see a shabbily dressed middle aged woman begging for money from strangers. After being rejected several times she crossed the street and headed right for me.

“Oh darn!,” I thought, as her eyes locked onto mine. “I really don’t want to do this.” I was hoping she would spend her efforts on the lady sitting at a nearby bus stop. But that wasn’t to be.

Her sales pitch was direct and to the point. “Hey handsome,” she said, “Howzabout helping a lady out with $5.” As she spoke, I could see that 3 or 4 teeth were missing and 2 or 3 others were rotting and in dire need of dental work. Further, her face looked bruised and she walked with a limp. No telling what kind of life she led outside of her need to hustle money on the streets.

It would have been easy to think inside the standard box and reject her request. After all, others were snubbing her and there was no assurance she would put the money to “good use.” Besides, given her persistence, she would probably make her sale to someone else anyway. No need for me to get involved, or so, unfortunately, goes the possible thinking.

But, fortunately, my years of spiritual work kicked in quickly and I was swept into a new perception that filled my soul with gratitude. No longer was I feeling uncomfortable with this “beggar.” Rather, I was a feeling a sense of connection … an opportunity to enter into a miraculous moment with her. I was way outside the box.

So I said lightheartedly, “If I give you $5, will you marry me?”

“Honey Bunch,” she giggled, “Of course I will. Your wish is my command. I really need the money.”

Our eyes were now engaged … soul to soul. Despite the superficial humor, we felt the connection building … two children of God enjoying a playful moment of joining.

I reached into my wallet and gave her $20. Her eyes widened with gratitude as she moved outside of her own box and gave this stranger (me) a loving hug of gratitude. No clever quips or artificial thank you’s. Just an unforgettable moment of spiritual union. The true gift here was not the $20. It was the permanent gift of love we shared and for which we all seek.

We soaked up the hug together and, as we parted, I said, “You’re beautiful. Thank you for your lovely presence.”

She had no words in response as I think we were both overwhelmed by the experience. She just gave me a caring look and walked off down the street.

I emerged from this awesome power of a loving moment with the awareness of a small audience. The lady at the bus stop was moved to shake my hand with tearful gratitude for being able to watch this lovely happening and the friend I was to meet stood mesmerized a few feet behind me while all this was occurring. Although it all happened in less than a minute, It was a major miracle for all of us.

Like I said, I had no idea I was going to fall in love today.

e-hugs, Gary


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