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Surrogate EFT to help patients going through medical procedures

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Hi Everyone,

There is no "proof" in this article by Aparna Natarajan that surrogate EFT provided the post-surgical benefits involved. But how else would you explain it? Please consult physicians on medical issues.

Hugs, Gary

By Aparna Natarajan


Dear Gary,

I want to share my thoughts on how effectively surrogate EFT works. The key here is the intention of the tapper and placing complete trust in the universe to let the tapping take effect.

My 6 year old son was to have a "baby" root canal done for a deep cavity. This was based on the x-rays that showed the cavity could have infected the root. I was not really happy or comfortable with the fact, and feared pain and infection and other possible side-effects of the treatment. I went in with him and sat holding his hand and the touch was so strong that I could feel a clear intention form in my mind and that was I wanted this whole process to be painless and have no other after-effects.

I walked out of the room and tapped in the waiting room. I paced almost non-stop and had no clue if I was being observed. I tapped short cut rounds (including the heart and head points) for the following aspects:

1) that the procedure would go smoothly
2) that there would be no infection or need for antibiotics
3) that there would be no swelling, pain and other "typical" post treatment symptoms.

After fifteen minutes, the dentist came out and said that the cavity did not require a root-canal and turned out be a routine filling. My son had no pain whatsoever, not even soreness at the site of injection.

Here is a second example of the effectiveness of surrogate tapping. My son, now seven, was diagnosed with inguinal hernia and was to go for routine surgery. I was quite concerned with the thought of surgery. I tried direct and surrogate EFT for the hernia, it didn't reverse the hernia but seemed to keep him pain free and allowed him to do his usual activities.

I was in with my son at the operation theater when they put the anesthetic mask on him. While holding his hand, I felt again the same strong surge of protection and intention to keep him completely safe flowing through my entire body. I tapped as I was walking out of the theater and the nurse kept asking me if I was "OK". My heart was racing, but I was tuned into something else. I tapped again for very simple things such as a safe, uncomplicated procedure, no after effects and easy recovery. I didn't have to use too many words, since the strength of the intention made up for the words. I must have tapped several rounds for about 45 minutes, though not continuously.

The doctor came out and said everything went quite smoothly. I went in to check on my son just coming out of anesthesia. The nurse gave me routine instructions. Said that he may have pain and to give a codeine based pain medication 4 to 6 hours as necessary and that he might be a little crabby for a few more hours.

My son woke and happily asked for his Popsicle that he had been promised. I filled the prescription for pain medication and returned home. After several hours, I asked him if he had pain or any other problems and if he could go to the bathroom easily. He said he had some numbness in the leg, but was able to pee and had no pain whatsoever. So, we skipped the pain medication. In fact, my son mentioned twice to me that the nurse said he would be crabby and not in a good mood, but he simply didn't feel like that and I said that I did "tappy-tap" for him and that he would be fine. "Oh, that's why", he said.

Aparna Natarajan




Explore our newest advancement, Optimal EFT, by reading our free e-book, The Unseen Therapist