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Behind the Scenes of the Movie Technique

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

One of our most useful concepts is The Movie Technique. It is simple to use and often provides quality results. A thank you goes to EFT Master Karl Dawson from the UK for giving us details about why it works so well.

Hugs, Gary

By Karl Dawson, EFT Master

Newcomers to EFT soon realise, as more experienced practitioners have before them, the wonderful results available when using The Movie Technique.   As you watch Gary Craig work with clients throughout the DVD sets, we rarely witness a session that does not contain a wonderful example of its use.  But why is it such a useful technique?   

As Gary often says “choosing a movie that resonates with a problem forces the client to get specific about an issue.”   So, for example, trying to collapse an issue of ‘lack of confidence’ we would be tapping using these words as a set-up for hours with generally little or no results being experienced.

But, if we work through a specific movie which resonates with ‘lack of confidence’ and tap on the kinaesthetic feelings that arise, clearing all the negative aspects along the way and looking for, questioning and reframing the beliefs and decisions that appear, the results will be much better.

But, there are many other reasons why the movie technique is such a wonderful EFT tool.

When we undergo a traumatic incident, frequently we do so whilst in the flight and flight response (sympathetic mode) which, along with many other bodily consequences, means we process the event through our primitive hind brain, rather than through the higher intelligence of our frontal cortex.

Even so, the subconscious will have captured every aspect of the event, millions of bits of information are stored, every sight, sound, smell, taste and feeling.

The traumatic nature of these events and the resulting shift to sympathetic, has the effect of compressing the information and prevents us from adequately processing the event.

It appears that this is often when information gets trapped within our energy systems.

For whilst there is nothing wrong with experiencing emotions, as they all have their place in our lives and are what make us human, emotions should flow through our energy system (e-motion means energy in motion).  Ideally, emotional freedom means, rather than a lack of emotion, freedom for the emotion to flow, to be experienced and then to let go of in a healthy manner.

Problems arise when the energy gets stuck in our meridian and other energy systems.

It takes a lot of energy to hold all this information in place and as we get older and our bodily and energy systems lose their resilience, so we struggle to hold onto this negative energy. Thus the information starts to leak, which can cause stress, anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, depression and other forms of mental and physical dis-ease.

When we use the movie technique, we can allow the information to decompress and be processed as it should have been through the frontal cortex. Ultimately, we can then energetically let go of the negative energy.

But rather than carelessly going at the movies in a feet first, gung-ho fashion, it is therefore essential that the movies are accessed gently, keeping the client in parasympathetic mode at all times to fully allow the decompression of the information.

Watching Gary, a master of intuitive therapy, regardless of the apparent original severity of the movie, we notice he always uses the gentle techniques when dealing with these movies.

This allows the client to remain in parasympathetic mode, to fully facilitate the decompression, processing, and letting go of all aspects of the trauma.

Whilst some memories are all too vibrant and fresh in the mind at the onset, on many occasions EFT therapists and clients report memories that were originally cloudy, vague, obscure and contained low intensity levels become vibrant, with many emotions and aspects appearing as they slowly and gently work through the movies. This is a good measure of the decompression effect the movie technique.

Either way, of course, the discomfort can quickly be dealt with using EFT.

Again, varying from person to person and fascinating because of this non conformity as we apply EFT often the movies lose their colour, clarity and focus.  We notice changes in association and disassociation, emotional intensity and kinaesthetic feelings disappear. All of which are signs of releasing the trapped energy.

Another benefit of letting go of these movie memories, are that whilst in place, like a moth to a light, we often find ourselves in repeating similar situations and events.  We move from one job to avoid being bullied, only to find a similar bully waiting in our new job. We swap one abusive relationship for another.  It appears whilst we keep this energy trapped in our systems, we will keep repeating the same situations. Maybe, trying to seek resolution?

Could it be that this energy (which like all the energy in the universe – is information) also attracts more events of the same nature into our lives by the law of attraction?

The Heartmath Institute conducted experiments that show we store our movies (heart pictures) electromagnetically within our hearts on a cellular level and radiate this energy out up to 10 feet from our bodies, in a 360 degree circle, 24 hours a day. This energy is also many, many times more powerful than that emitted by our brains.

So having released and resolved this information through EFT, we can then stop being attracted too and attracting similar negative events into our lives.  It’s also important to remember that for every traumatic movie resolved more vital energy will be released for other important bodily functions.

So keeping your personal peace procedures in mind, find an EFT partner to work with and start releasing these old detrimental, energy sapping movies.  Focusing then on the positive will be a much easier task.

Karl Dawson

EFT Master


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