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Variations on EFT's Movie Technique

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

I highly recommend NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming) to augment the delivery of EFT. I have found it very useful over the years and often marvel at how this set of techniques can smooth out a bumpy session. Rehana Webster of New Zealand is proficient in NLP and shows us how to combine some of its concepts with EFT's Movie Technique. Serious students should study this article in detail.

Hugs, Gary

By Rehana Webster

The Movie Technique is a very powerful way of changing our internal experience.  With some variations to this technique, some wonderful results are achieved.  I use this technique and get excellent results with some of the most difficult trauma cases.

The special sensory qualities perceived by each of the five senses are known as sub-modalities in NLP lingo.  For example:

•        Visual sub-modalities include color, shape, movement, brightness, depth etc.

•        Auditory sub-modalities include volume, pitch, tempo etc.

•        Kinesthetic sub-modalities include pressure, temperature, texture, location etc.

We experience the outside (and inside) world through our five senses. Sub-modalities can be described as the structure of each sense. While we can't change the actual experience of something that has happened in the past, we may be able to change how the experience is structured and therefore how the memory is experienced or remembered.

The impact of this is profound.  If you have a memory that is remembered as a picture you are very likely to be able to change the experience of that memory by changing the brightness, distance, and/ or focus, of that picture.

For instance, take an unpleasant event for which you want to neutralize the negative feelings.  Turn it into a movie.  Like Gary suggests, give it a title and decide on the length and figure out who is starring in it.  This will allow you to view the movie from ‘third position’.  So you will be watching yourself in the movie.  This will distance you from the actual event. 

•        Start tapping on the Karate Chop point and proceed with the short-cut protocol of tapping while viewing your internal movie.

•        Pay particular attention to noticing, as you watch the movie, which "scene" amps up any unwanted feelings.

•        Hold this scene in your mind, and, as you describe to yourself (this is your reminder phrase)  this evoked feeling, complete a round of tapping.

For example:

Suppose you are running the movie, and as you access one particular scene, you notice that your body is beginning to react uncomfortably. Take a moment to name the reaction such as:

•        " This fear," or

•        "This anxiety," or

•        "This feeling of rejection."

•        Repeat this short descriptive phrase as you tap one round of EFT.

•        If the feeling goes down satisfactorily, congratulate yourself on a job well done, and continue running the movie.

•        If the reduction in the feeling is less than satisfactory, do another round, starting with the Karate Chop point, and an appropriate setup phrase.

The whole idea of using the Movie Technique this way is to "sneak up" on those scenes that contain a negative charge, and neutralize it using EFT.

Imagine that the movie is on a TV screen at the further end of the room. Tap on the points as you watch the movie, and notice how it feels, and where you may be experiencing higher amount of distress.

You can try all the variations listed below:

Variation #1:

•        Make the movie Black and White.

•        Recall the last time you saw a B & W movie and what the quality was like.

•        Notice how the definition between the foreground and background was not distinct.

•        Run the movie as many times as you want as you tap on the points and rate it every time to test the results.

Variation #2:

•        Tap on the points and run the B & W movie backwards like rewinding a video.  

•        What did it look like with everything going backwards? 

•        Rewind the movie and rate it till you are satisfied with the results.

Variation #3:

•        Make the mental movie into a cartoon. Do you have a favorite cartoon show/character, or had one when you were young?  Turn your movie into a Technicolor cartoon and have the players represented by Bugs Bunny, Popeye, Mickey Mouse, Wiley Coyote, etc. 

•        Add music to the movie.  This can be done at any stage.  Choose something like Polka or rock ‘n ‘ roll.  

•        Adjust the volume of the music, or hear it in one ear, and then the next. 

•        Watch your movie with the adjustments while you are tapping on the EFT points.

Variation #4:

•        Another variation to use is if you are hearing a phrase rather then seeing the event, adjust the sub-modalities of the auditory experience. 

•        Make the sound louder, softer, slower, faster

•        Change the voice to Donald Ducks.

Variation #5:

•        Last variation is to do the movie with the outcome you would have preferred.

•        Bring in additional characters

•        Bring in other parts of yourself

•        Give yourself additional physical resources and verbal acuity

•        Create the ending you would have desired

Test and retest your work. Rate the mental movie after each version.  Notice what works best.

80% of all psychotherapeutic intervention is for purposes of feeling better about some experience, situation, event or circumstance.

Stimulating the specified points by tapping them with your finger balances the flow of energy, therefore removing "blocks" or limitations, such as unwanted negative emotional reactions.

Enjoy the results



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