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Cocaine addiction eliminated in one session

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Serious addictions often take several EFT sessions to unravel the unresolved emotions that drive the habit. Sometimes, however, the emotional issues can be readily found and quickly collapsed. This was the case with Aileen Nobles' client. Note how Aileen gets to the core issue with her intuitive language.

Hugs, Gary

By Aileen Nobles

Hi Gary,

Although I have seen quite a few cocaine addictions disappear after the pain is released, in a couple of sessions, sometimes as you know it takes much longer, and can be very challenging.  Yet here is another one-session wonder.  I think these quick successes have so much to do with how ready the client is.

When Tanya contacted me she had a number of issues she wanted to work on: Cocaine use ... Fear of speaking and expressing herself ... Fear of change ... Procrastination.

Tanya was a very loving and spiritual person who tried cocaine on a lark.  She found it to be quite intoxicating, and, when she was using, felt so much stronger and more competent.  Her family had no idea that she was using and she was very uncomfortable hiding it.  We started with all the issues that may have contributed to the cocaine use.

Aileen:  Give me an example of what you don’t follow through with.

Tanya: I don’t do housework, my apartment is a mess and my boyfriend complains.

Aileen:  What do you follow through with?

Tanya:  My schoolwork and my job.

Aileen: Holding down a job and going to school is a lot to handle, perhaps you are just being selective as to how you use your time.

Tanya:  I really resent being told that I'm messy, I work very hard, but I don’t want to argue back and have any confrontation.

We began tapping on:

I don’t want to be told what to do.

Didn't speak up as a child.

Still don’t speak up.

Don’t want to comply with other peoples rules.

Don’t want to do what I'm telling myself I should do.

Don’t deserve to be nagged by myself or anyone else.

I'm doing a great job of going to school and working.

Tanya didn't seem to be feeling much better, and was having a hard time feeling good about herself.  I asked her if she was carrying any heavy guilt.  Tanya burst into tears as she talked about a memory when she was at the beach with her family.  Her parents were arguing, and she thought her mother was going to jump off the cliff and kill herself.  She felt so helpless and afraid. We did the Movie Technique as she tapped on the gamut point.

I'm terrified you’re going to jump, I don’t know how to stop you and I'm afraid I'm going to lose you.

I shouldn't have to see this I am just a little girl.

Don’t jump mum - I love you - don’t jump.

We tapped on letting go of the emotional reaction to the memory, and Tanya could recount it without feeling responsible for not being able to stop the argument.  The intensity was down to zero on a scale of 0 to 10.

Her mother was in and out of hospital following that incident, and Tanya had quite a feeling of abandonment.  Her father also made her feel that if she was a better daughter and did as she was told and helped her mother out more, her mother would not be in the state she was in.  We tapped that down to 0 out of 10.

We moved on to the fear of change and fear of letting go of fears.

Even though I'm afraid to let go of my fears…

Perhaps it is because I don’t know who I will be if I change.

I know myself as being someone who’s afraid and quiet, someone who’s afraid to speak up, but if I change perhaps I will be a more wonderful Tanya.

I can change at my own pace

I don’t have to let go of all my fears at the same time

I can do it a little at a time; I’m the one in control here.

There really isn’t anything positive I can think of connected with holding onto my fears.

I am so fed up with being intimidated.  I deserve to speak up and do what I want when I want to.

Perhaps I don’t need cocaine to feel that way.

I would love to feel that way without cocaine.

Letting go of the feeling that cocaine is stronger than I am.

Letting go of my dependency on it to feel powerful.

Letting go of the excuses I have as to why I use.

I am ready to reconnect with my Higher Self

I surrender my fear that I can’t stop using.

I’m wonderful whether I stop using or I don’t.

Even though I clean the house when I use, maybe a miracle will happen, and I will have the energy and incentive to clean the house without cocaine.

If I don’t clean the house, then I will treat me and the house to a cleaning lady.

I deserve it.

I feel so good when I connect with my Angels, Guides and Higher Self.

I choose to feel this connection as I strengthen and heal.

I deserve to be free strong and clear.

I allow myself this healing.

I don’t have to please other people to earn love, they love me anyway.

It is safe for me to speak up and voice my own opinion.

Tapping on the karate point, she envisioned herself wrapped in the arms of her Higher Guidance and then imagined herself going through her day the way she wanted to be.  Loving, strong, and clean.  We hadn’t even address procrastination, yet as she gave herself permission to do what she wanted, instead of what she felt she should do, she let go of her need to procrastinate.

Before her next appointment Tanya emailed me to say that she had had no desire to use cocaine since our last appointment (which was over the phone).  She feels as if she has been reborn and is finally alive.

Love and Light,



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