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#12: Describing the indescribable.

Hi Everyone,

Here is another description of the spiritual Oneness that is the foundation for all of us.  I'm sure you will appreciate Vicki's beautiful choice of words.

e-hugs, Gary

Hi Gary,

...As I'm sure you know, the feeling is indescribable, but I'll try here :). It is like being held and protected inside a warmly cool, dimly bright, gently vibrating and perfectly still cocoon. It is being wide open to everything-where-when. It is music and silence. I am nowhere and everywhere and simultaneously completely present here-and-now. 

While the euphoria began to fade after a couple of hours, the deeper effects were more lasting.

I lived in what I would call a state of grace for at least 18 months after that experience, where everything I did and everything I touched seemed energized and blessed. I had a sense of purpose and drive to pursue it, with patience to watch and wait for events to reveal the truth, and clarity to see the right course of action. My decisions and intentions seemed to lead me directly to the means to fulfill them, sometimes in surprising ways. I felt called to and was able to accomplish some things I would have thought impossible before. It's not that things were effortless; rather the sometimes strenuous and prolonged effort required did not drain me but seemed driven by an inner engine drawing power from an inexhaustible source.

Vjicki Reesor