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More short examples including: Homesickness, Nervousness about exams & grade improvement, Nightmares after witnessing a rape and a shooting, Performance anxiety, Ear pain on an airplane.

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

By various authors


I'm blowing through a long list of old emails and thought you might enjoy a kid testimonial. Our children both have friends staying overnight. One of them, a nine year old girl, had had a problem of being unable to make it through an overnight at a friend's house for about a year. When she told me about this last fall, I spent about one or two minutes tapping as she thought about "missing my parents." The problem went away. Tonight was the first time she had spent the night here since then, and I just now asked her how she was doing with overnights. She giggled her great giggle and said, "It's all gone! It (the homesickness) never happens anymore!"

Thought you would enjoy this. Maybe we ought to promote this to camp counselors or people working with children in preschools and kindergartens.

Best wishes,

John Stacey, Ph. D.

Nervousness about exams & grade improvement

A nice EFT experience with our own son:

Cyril, 13, started at his new school. He had a very unpleasant habit at exams: he got nervous, confused when he didn't know the answers, and then even corrected right answers into wrong ones. In the Swiss grade system, which ranges from 1 to 6, he usually had 4'sto 4.5's with an occasional 5. All the time we had the feeling that these results were not according to his intellectual capacities.

Starting high school, an important transition, added to his nervousness. I could easily explain the EFT principles to him, and he was as motivated as a 13 year old can be. I worked with him on his feelings at exams, first nervousness and then confusion, in total only four rounds of EFT. After the session, he started to surprise us, he came home with high grades all the time. Yesterday, three months after the session, he got his first official report from the school, he had only one 4.5, all the others grades were 5 or 5.5.

I have the impression that he changed his habits of doing his homework also. He became more concentrated, encouraged by his success. This all after about one half hour of EFT. We're curious about the next steps.

Children may react easily to EFT, as long as they are trusting the person they are working with. Their logic usually shows less resistance against rapid change in comparison to adults.

Willem Lammers

Nightmares after witness a rape and a shooting


I thought you would appreciate hearing about my new six year old client who was referred by a peer who knows that I practice using EFT, et al.

This boy was witness to his mother being raped at knife point when he was two and his grandma being shot by the same assailant. Everybody made it "okay" for several years. The assailant is due to get out of prison next year and the boy's symptoms have begun erupting. Nightmares nightly, behavior problems, not wanting to leave his mother or grandma alone, etc.

I've had two sessions with him - last one was a month ago - he has no nightmares and he is a self-starting tapper these days on a daily basis.

Reminds his mother when she should tap. Talks himself out of behavior problems before engaging in negativity. Mostly we did EFT, a little EMDR on the assailant getting out of prison. We plan to have a couple more sessions this summer just to check on the progress of things. In fact, he wants to know why he couldn't come see me today since his mother came to speak with me regarding a release for insurance.


Rick Ritter MSW, ACSW, LCSW

Performance anxiety


On Friday evening my grandson come to me and told he was afraid to perform in that evening's pagaentry at his school. Well, when asked "how afraid are you?" his reply was "real." On the suds test I took REAL to mean "10". We completed two rounds of tapping. I was unable to attend the performance due to a prior engagement. I telephoned him about 10pm that evening to ask how it had gone.

He said "great, granny, I wasn't scared at all." His mother told me that he was even helping others.

Lillie Earls

Ear pain on an airplane

Hi Gary,

Our family was planning a vacation over Thanksgiving which included a plane trip. One week before our scheduled trip, I received a frantic call from my step daughter about her 7 year old daughter, Beki. Beki was freaked out about flying because the last time she was on a plane she had ear pain.

It did not help that she saw a news snippet about the Egypt air plane crash.

Beki was hysterical and wanted to know if we could drive to where we were going. That was impossible because we were headed to the islands. So she came up with the grand idea of all of us renting a boat to go-- anything but flying.

I called my step daughter up and asked her if I she would be interested in trying EFT for Beki. She said that she would give it a go, so I talked her through the steps as she did surrogate tapping for Beki. I found out several days later that my step daughter asked Beki if she could do some tapping on her following our phone tapping session. Beki obliged and by the time she got to the point above the upper lip, Beki signaled that she had had enough and walked away to get involved in an activity.

The vacation arrived and the flight seemed to go well, at least I was not aware of any hysterical child from their area. When I questioned both my step daughter and Beki about the flight and ear pain I was told that Beki's ears did hurt. The interesting part is that Beki was not freaked out by the discomfort. It seems that they became creative and discovered that drinking something during descent helped clear her ears (gum has not helped in the past). I suggested that tapping be done at the time of pain in the future.

The return flight produced no pre-flight jitters and no ear pain with no further tapping. We arrived back home with a tired but happy little girl!!

Happy Holidays,

Bonnie Hershey

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