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Using EFT with children -- 9 useful thoughts

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Dr. C. J. Jeyachander from India gives a useful example of EFT for his young son's neck pain. At the end he summarizes 9 useful thoughts regarding EFT and children.

Hugs, Gary

By Dr. C. J. Jeyachander

Article: Dear Gary,

Greetings and I am Dr.C.J.Jeyachander from Bangalore, India.  Thank you for your gift (EFT) to this world.  I am here to share my experience after I had spent lot of my time implementing this valuable learning in my practice.

My young son had reported that his neck was in pain and guessed his level of intensity was 6.5 on a scale of 0 to 10.  He said he was well aware of my practice.  I asked him whether he was interested in tapping the MAGIC POINTS using EFT.  He is aware of EFT and other techniques that I use and often he does it with his friends (just tapping 3 or 4 points) … children are more intuitive.  His reply was affirmative then I designed my statement after discussing it with him.

Even though I have this neck pain, I accept my self totally and completely.

In my experience with children, physical pain is not usually emotionally oriented - and it is up to the therapist to determine whether it is organic, physical, emotional, or past life oriented.  For him it was completely physical as he undergoes training in Taekwondo and football.  He somehow got this sprain in his neck and he shared this with me.  I had him tap the complete sequence and 9 gamut and the sequence again.

Then I asked him to show the degree of the pain with his two palms - if nearer together, the pain is less and far away, there is more pain.  He said he still had pain and showed his palms with 2 feet width in between.  Then I asked him to do the tapping using “Remaining Pain” for another 3 times and then he went to bed.

The next day as I was watching him he was just holding the neck sideways while he was doing all the duties of preparing, organizing and other activities.  This inferred to me that the pain was still there and he was managing it.  I was surprised that he had a good sleep without any disturbance.  I then asked him to tap some more, which he did, and I said to do the same in school too.  The next day – that is, on the third day, I asked him to tap again and by evening there was no sign of himself holding the neck.  From then on there was no sign of pain.

Here is some understanding which prompted me to share this with you and everyone:

1) Children are interested and enthusiastic to TAP

2 Their level of participation is high

3) They start practicing and gradually do the same for their friends

4) PERSISTENCE pays and this is conveyed to the young mind

5) EFT is portable so my phrase for EFT is “ ANYTIME ANYWHERE HEALING”

6) Children have more intuition which has to be carried forward rather than implanting our own beliefs.  Get them acquainted with energy techniques.

7) EFT is the simplest way even a child can do it.  Oh yes, the result is the same.

8) Persistence and my son’s belief that even though he had pain on the second day and third day he was still interested in Tapping rather than asking me to take him for treating his neck with some other method.

9) Children don’t lie if they are not interested - they go away.

The list is endless and I request everyone to share EFT – the simplest technique for children.  Empower them to use it, as this helps them to come out of anxieties and other kinds of emotional problems that they face when they grow up.  Regular practice of EFT will remove unwanted trees from the forest and keep the individual healthy (mentally as well as physically).

Thanks & Regards,

Dr. C.J.Jeyachander


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