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Fears And Phobias


Applying EFT remotely to a driving phobia in India

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

This article by Holly Holmes-Meredith is yet another addition to the growing body of evidence that we can be effective with EFT by tapping remotely for someone at a distance. In this case, the client was a resident of India who had a driving fear.

For some readers this is hard to swallow, especially for those who still have a hard time believing that stimulating the energy meridians by tapping with the fingertips can have the dramatic effects that we report so consistently. Nonetheless, the reports keep coming in. I don't make these things up, by the way. I just print them for you to see. They come from independent professionals from around the world.

For newcomers to this list who have concerns about having permission for doing surrogate or remote tapping in behalf of someone else, click here for an article on our web site that discusses this.

Hugs, Gary

P.S. My personal experience with surrogate tapping suggests two possible criteria for success: (1) getting one's ego out of the way and (2) not having an investment in the results.

by Holly Homes-Merideth

Hi Gary and List Members,

I have found that surrogate or remote tapping is often just as effective as the hands-on, in person approach to EFT.

Surrogate tapping may be used when the client (for whatever reason) cannot be touched, or when the client is unable to tap for herself. The EFT facilitator can also tap on himself while the client taps on herself as a way to amplify the effectiveness of EFT.

Remote tapping can be done in two ways. The tapper can imagine himself as the person needing the work and can physically tap, or mentally imagine tapping, on himself. Alternatively, the tapper can imagine tapping on the client.

On the last night of our most recent EFT training we covered the topic of surrogate tapping and had a wonderful opportunity to do an experiment. The week prior to our last class, one of our classmates, Rohini Chopra, had arranged to be our "remote client" for the following week. She would miss our last meeting because she had to return to her home in India.

We agreed that at our last class meeting we would surrogately tap on Rohini for an issue of her choice .

We received the following email and request from Rohini for tapping on a newly established driving phobia.

Rohini's email stated: "Just before I left India to come to California I had a small bang up in my car. I was crossing the road at night and a scooterist banged into me on the side of my car. When I got back to India and got into my car and sat behind the wheel, the whole incident: that noise, that shock of looking out the window and seeing a man fallen there, came back to me. I felt nervousness and lack of self-confidence. Tap this out for me please. When your class meets on Wednesday night I shall lie back and receive on Thursday morning India time. The SUDS level [0-10 intensity] is a 10.

We listed the aspects:

  • Crossing the road at night.
  • The bang-up in the car.
  • Sitting behind the wheel.
  • That noise.
  • That shock of seeing a man lying there.
  • Nervousness.
  • Lack of self-confidence.

The eight of us in the class divided up these 7 aspects (two of us tapped on nervousness).

We all tapped on our separate aspects simultaneously. We tapped three or four complete rounds and, after each round, we intuitively checked the SUDS level. We ended on intuitive SUDS levels from 0 to 3.

The next morning we received an email from Rohini in India. She report that she got behind the wheel, drove without discomfort and had a SUDS level at a 0. Our experiment was a success!

Try a remote or surrogate EFT experiment for yourself and share your results with me. I am interested in the consistency of the success of surrogate tapping.

Many blessings,

Holly Holmes-Meredith, MFT

P.S. I just got another email from Rohini. She reports a week after the remote tapping that the fear of driving is still gone. She said she is now "one with her vehicle."


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