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Fears And Phobias


Very simple relief for an intense phobia. What is a phobia anyway?

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Just what is a phobia, anyway? It is commonly considered to be an "irrational fear" where the phobic person has an unusual fear response to heights, snakes, bugs, water or a list of over a thousand other things. OK. So far, so good. But what is the difference between that and someone's unnecessarily intense fear response to a past traumatic event? One is put in the phobia box while the other is labeled a trauma. Yet both are "irrational fears" and can be very intense.

Fortunately, with EFT we don't need to make the distinction. We merely go with the client's description of what they are feeling and proceed accordingly. Usually, the only label we need is that which the client provides. This is very freeing and MUCH MORE ACCURATE than trying to guide the client's emotional disturbances to fit into a more conventionally accepted box/label.

I mention this because Karen Ledger provides us with a fascinating "phobia case" that, as the case unfolds, suggests that it may actually be a response to a past traumatic event. As you will see, Karen's standard use of EFT on the fear (or whatever label you give it) was enough to give rapid and lasting relief to this 15 year "irrational fear." It's fine to call it a phobia, by the way. Call it anything you like. Call it a fribdipple or a scorenitz, if you wish. But use EFT on the fear using the client's language as your guide.

Gratitude to Karen for sharing this case with us and kudos for her skill.

Hugs, Gary

by Karen Ledger

Hi Gary,

First of all a huge cyber-hug to you. I am teaching an EFT workshop in Victoria this weekend and all my participants are making HUGE STRIDES on their core beliefs.

Now for my 10 minute Phobia Cure story.

An Australian scientist was referred to me because of what he thought was a physiological reaction to television screens that was severely compromising his life. He had had it for over 15 years, ever since he had radiation therapy for Hodgkins Disease.

His belief was that the radiation had somehow altered his physiological makeup. Whenever he was in the same room as a computer, he would become physically weak, nauseated and headachey. This was a major problem because he was a research scientist in a large institution where there were computer screens everywhere. He had to purchase an extremely expensive computer with a special kind of screen to use himself and would have to ask other colleagues to turn off their computers when he was meeting in their offices. This was embarrassing and inconvenient.

In our intake interview "Don" told me that three days before he started his radiation therapy his mother had died very suddenly of a heart attack. Following this, his father decided to sell the family farm--which had been in the family for generations--and Don's wife had decided they should quit their jobs and move to reduce their stress because of his illness. In other words, the stress, losses and changes that occurred around this time period were severe!

Don and I met in my home in a room where I have a 27" television in a relatively small space. Just looking at the TV with the screen turned off and thinking about turning it on put him at a fear level of 7/10 SUDS. [SUDS refers to a 0-10 intensity scale] and a desire to leave the room. We did one round of EFT and at the end Don stated "Oh my gosh! I just flashed back to the radiation therapy vault and I can see this television screen up in the far right of my peripheral vision. It was how they knew where to direct the radiation. I had never recalled that there was a TV in the room."

His SUDS was down to a 3/10 (mild anxiety) as he thought about the TV screen being turned on and he no longer felt a need to run out of the room. We did one more round and he said "Go ahead and turn on the TV. I don't seem concerned about it any more". I did and he stated "Wow -that screen's got great resolution!"

My take on this is that unconsciously, Don equated television screens with all the physical symptoms of radiation therapy and the stress of that very traumatic life and death time. The EFT treatment smoothed out the energetic disruption and the distress was no longer there. WOW!

Three months later I received a letter from Don who told me that he had no further difficulty with television screens. (He had wondered if the Australian screens would have a different effect on him than North American ones but they did not) and thanked me for the incredible difference this 10 minute treatment had made to his life!

Sometimes this work is so simple - and this was one of them.

Much Love,

Karen Ledger RN BSN


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