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Veterinarian provides allergy protocol and 8 successful cases on people and animals

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Read these brief, but impressive, allergy cases by Fred Pomeroy, DVM. They should open your eyes to EFT's possibilities. Please note that Dr. Pomeroy gives specific details about his methods and, while they represent variations on EFT, similar results are often produced by using straight EFT.

By Fred Pomeroy, DVM

Hi Gary,

I have been using EFT to help desensitize both people and animals to almost any substance that has given the person/animal an allergic response. Some allergies can be found through kinesiology testing, intradermal testing, blood testing, and plain observations of a person/animal interacting to an allergen. No matter what test is used to find the allergen, I have used the statements at the end of this article with tapping to desensitize the person/animal. Here are a few cases first with the results.

Case 1: Last year, a client of mine was telling me how she was stung by a yellow jacket one week previously and had to use epinephrine injection to stop her severe reaction to the bite. I desensitize her by tapping with her holding a dead yellow jacket in her hand. Two weeks later, she got stung again by another yellow jacket and had a little swelling that was gone within 24 hours. She did not need to use her epinephrine injection.

Case 2: I have had a bad reaction to mosquitos since childhood. I got big welts and was itchy for days where I would scratch the bites till they bled. Last summer, I killed a mosquito and desensitized myself by tapping with the mosquito in my hand. From the rest of last year and through this summer, I get a small bump from a mosquito bite, not itchy, and the bite swelling is totally gone in 40 minutes!

Case 3: A client of mine this year was telling me how she was allergic to all foods, clothing materials, and most things in her environment. She was giving herself allergy shots weekly and was on major drugs to keep her allergy condition under control. I first desensitized her to the bottle that contained the allergens that she injected herself with every week and to a couple of food items. Two weeks later she reported feeling much better, has stopped her injections with no adverse reactions, and could eat the food I desensitized her against with no problems. I have desensitized her for clothing allergy, antibiotic allergies, and more food. She has had no more reactions to any of the items I have desensitized her to.

Case 4: After being allergy tested at the Veterinary college, I desensitized a dog to the vial the dog was getting its weekly injection from. The owner stopped the injections and the allergies to food and other items were gone. No more rashes on the dog's abdomen.

Case 5: German Shepard was having many seizures weekly. I desensitized the dog to a very fragrant bar soap in the house and the seizures have stopped, and as of two years later, have not returned.

Case 6: Reuben, a 2 year old dog, was assessed at the College of Veterinary Medicine for ideopathic "focal seizures" that lasted from 30 to 120 seconds. Reuben had anywhere from 1 to 6 episodes daily. All medical work-up was within normal limits. Because episodes where continuing, owners where interested in alternative approaches to this problem. After 3 months of using nutrition to balance the body, Rueben had 12 episodes per month. Rueben then was desensitized to vacuum cleaner dust, the air in each room of the house, and the owner's perfume. All episodes stopped and have not reoccurred in the last 7 months.

Case 7: A 40 year old man who has severe reactions to cats was desensitized 1 year ago to cat hair. He has had no reactions to cats at all in the last year.

Case 8: A 54 year old man has always had to take calcium when he played sports to keep his muscle strength up. After desensitizing him to a supplement that helps calcium get into the cells, he has no more need to take calcium at all.

All clients are always told to check with their physician before changing any medical protocol they are on. The Borrowing Benefits effect works extremely well using this procedure as I found out at my last seminar.

The procedure is as follows:

1) Place the substance(s) that one is allergic to in one of your hands.

2) With your other hand tap the EFT points on the face and collar bone and then have someone tap down your spine about 1 1/2 inches out from the vertebrae. Tap each point about 7 times and then repeat this sequence about 7 times.

3)The following phrase must be repeated all during the time the points are being tapped.

"Although I have a reaction to the substance(s) in my hand, I deeply and profoundly accept myself and I choose to have the body disconnect any and all associations it has made - in any way, shape, or form, - whether mental, physical, physiological, self generated or acquired - in each and every cell, tissue, and organ of the body - to the substance(s) in my hand."

4) Then, having the ring finger and thumb touching thus forming an "O" ring with the allergen in one's hand, repeat the above tapping sequence, but use the below phrase.

"Although I have all these emotions associated with the substance(s) I hold in my hand, I choose to have my body disconnect each and every one of these emotions in each and every cell, tissue, and organ of the body."

(Using the "O" ring technique seems to bring up to the brain just those emotions that are associated with the substances in the hand.)

Thanks, FRED

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