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Other Physical Issues


Creativity with an allergy to turpentine and oil paints

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Sometimes allergies lift quickly and permanently with EFT. At other times, they "come back" because there are one or more core issues that remain unresolved. Read this case by Angela Treat Lyon carefully. It is a model of creativity.

By Angela Treat Lyon

Hi Gary,

Just had to tell you about what happened tonight, as I think it's so cool. As you know, I've been scouting for asthma and allergy/can't breathe stories and articles for my new book. Well, who should pop up in one of my oil painting classes but a gal who reacts to turpentine and oil paints!

I was concerned for her about this, so on the first night (3 weeks ago) I taught her how to do the shortcut version of EFT, and she's been using it regularly (even at home) with very good success, being able to stay the whole class time without distress.

Tonight, she had been painting with one hand and had the other tapping down her face simultaneously - it was pretty funny to see.

But it suddenly got bad - her eyes got red and very teary, her nose was clogging up, her throat sounded like she was underwater, her shoulders were all tight and hunched up around her neck, and she could hardly function. I asked her if I could assist her. She nodded, because she couldn't even talk. I didn't even want to ask her to get up and go outside - she seemed unable to.

So as she tapped on her collarbone, I tapped down her spine, saying for her,

even though I have this congestion....even though I'm all stiff and afraid....even though I'm scared because I can't breathe....

I was saying all this because she couldn't, and she nodded that I had intuited it right.

GC: This happens with some frequency. The client freezes due to an emotional or physical problem and the practitioner needs to do the tapping AND say the words. Trust your guesses about the words. They are often accurate.

Also, access to the various meridians occur near the outer edges of the spine. Thus tapping up and down the spine can be quite effective.

ANGELA CONTINUES: After about a minute's tapping, her shoulders relaxed a bit, she was able to speak and we went another round. Her eyes cleared up, and she sat up straighter.

She waved her hand, and we both stopped tapping. I figured she wanted to stop completely, since she felt better. I was amazed that only three short rounds did so much on such a scary situation. We didn't even tap the face or anywhere else but the collarbone, with me on the spine.

She said, "Oh that was great! But I've learned how to live with this - it's been going on for 18 years."

I asked, "What happened 18 years ago?

GC: Excellent question! It often leads to important core issues.

ANGELA CONTINUES: She said, "I got married again."

We all laughed, but I thought, "Hmm, there's juice in this" - so I said, as I tapped on my own collarbone - and as I did that, she tapped too:

"even though I got married again 18 years ago" -

and we all laughed again, but when she laughed it was a clogged up gurgly kind of laugh - and then I popped it - I said as I tapped:

"and I felt choked...."

When I said that, she repeated it and tapped on her collarbone as if she wasn't really paying attention. Then her eyes got really big, and she suddenly went "OH! MY GOD! My nose just cleared up and I can breathe! I can breathe!"

Her face got its color back, her eyes and nose were completely clear, and the gurgle was gone.

We didn't tap anymore, but I could see the wheels turning. She asked me, "can I tap for my other stuff like that too?"

How I love it!

And just shows you - ask and ye shall receive! - here's another story for my new book!

aloha -


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