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Pain Management

Relieving menstrual pain: "My uterus was depressed"

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Araceli Uribe had 6 years of intense menstrual pain which finally went away with persistent use of EFT. Notice the many approaches she used.

Hugs, Gary

By Araceli Uribe

Dear Gary

I want to share with you my story. I know my testimonial can help a lot of women who are going through the same emotional and physical pain.

I am a Clinical hypnotherapist and I am presently finishing my masters in NLP. I work with clients with hypnosis and most of the time with EFT because I have faster, lasting, and amazing results. The work I am presenting here took me many months to come to the wonderful healing I have now. I have waited 3 months before writing you because I wanted to make sure the result were permanent.

I will call my work "My Uterus was depressed"

I've being working with Menstrual pain for the last 6 years with hypnosis, reiki, natural products, visualizations.... but nothing was working. Every month was worse than the one before.

A year ago I did a regression in hypnosis trying to overcome a terrible guilt due to an abortion I did when I was 18-years-old. The hypnotherapist (my boyfriend) guided me to do the healing with Healinger work (another amazing therapy) where I gave a name to my unborn child. I called her Anita. This therapy helped me tremendously to make a connection with Anita but my pain was still intense.

At that time I was very catholic and I went many times to confess " my sin" to a priest but the guilt was still present in all my being. I was depressed for more than 3 years. My relationship ended because I was never able to let go of my guilt.

I will write all the statements I have used with EFT. Even though I have worked in hypnosis in forgiveness, it was still very intense in my energy system.

I started with ..."Even though I don't want to forgive myself for what I did ..I deeply and completely love and accept myself. Sometimes I felt that the 'love and accept myself' statement was not really true. In such cases I modified it by..." I am open the opportunity to accept and love myself" 

-....."Even though there will never be enough suffering to pay for what I have done...I deeply and completely love and accept myself"..reminder phrase..."Never enough suffering"

-....."Even though  I judge myself not to have had the courage..I deeply and completely love and accept myself..reminder phrase " hating myself for not having courage."

-....."Even though I am so sad that things could be different...I deeply and completely love and accept myself....Reminder phrase " Sadness"

-....."Even though I am so sad and I wish Anita could be alive...I deeply and completely love and accept myself..Reminder phrase "sadness"

-....."Even though the only way to keep her alive was keeping this pain...I deeply and completely love and accept myself"..Reminder phrase " keeping this pain.

-....."Even though  I want to keep her in my Uterus where she belongs.....I deeply and completely love and accept myself..Reminder phrase " Her house"

--....."Even though She left me with an emptiness in my heart....I deeply and completely love and accept myself"...Reminder phrase "emptiness"

-....."Even though  I am sad because since then a part of me died with her.....I deeply and completely love and accept myself"..Remaining phrase "part of my died"

-....."Even though  this pain is punishment to have kill her......I deeply and completely love and accept myself"..Remaining phrase "punishment" ( I have to said I have use a very strong vocabulary because of my religious believes then where very strong)

-....."Even though I feel ashamed for what I did.  ...I deeply and completely love and accept myself"...Reminder phrase "I am so ashamed"

-....."Even though  my secret is kept in my body and I feel so sad..I deeply and completely love and accept myself"...Reminder phrase "Secret kept in my body"

-....."Even though this secret is still killing me and I feel like a prisoner of my secret...I deeply and completely love and accept myself"...Remder phrase " prisoner of my secret"

-....."Even though God loves me and forgives me but I don't...I deeply and completely love and accept myself"....Reminder phrase " I don't love myself"

-....."Even though  since then there is an emptiness-pain ...I deeply and completely love and accept myself."..Reminder phrase.."emptiness-pain"

As you can see Gary there were so many layers involve at this time that I became very tired.

I thought with all the work done it was finished. But the next month it was still the same. I have done a lot EFT on myself and with clients and I knew I had to be persistent. My boyfriend Dieter helps me sometimes to uncover the underlying problem related to my pain.

As you said PERSISTENCE is what will make a difference if you want to see results.

So I kept going during the following days. I have even tapped " Even though I judge myself because I am a therapist and I can not help myself to make this terrible pain disappear....I deeply and completely accept myself"

 Sometimes I even tapped for, "Even though I feel NOTHING is working...NOT even EFT." Or sometimes I tapped, "Even though I feel I want to give up......I deeply and completely love and accept myself"

One day I became fed up of this pain and tapped...

"Even though I am terrified because my period is coming and I know it will hurt..I deeply and completely accept myself" 

Even though I have to live with this terrible pain until I have my period ...I deeply and completely accept myself"

 Even though I hate this pain..........and I don't know how to make it disappear....I deeply and completely accept myself" When I said this phrase I felt a terrible sadness.

"Even though I feel so sad because of my pain...I deeply and completely accept myself"

Then I closed my eyes to see where this pain was located and I "saw" an image of a black wall covering my uterus. So I tried to put  words to this part of myself (Uterus)...and the words were...Everybody rejects me and hates me for the abortion.

At this point I "saw" how the uterus was trying to protect itself. So I did what we call in therapy gestalt dialogue. I was imagining I was the Uterus and I tapped...

"Even though everybody rejects me and hates me for what I did (abortion) and I feel separate and lonely ..I deeply and completely accept myself"

Something happened after this words I felt a terrible loneliness. I saw how this part of me was protecting herself and how lonely she felt after all these I continued tapping for loneliness, sadness and nobody loves me.

Then I imagined I was the rest of the other part of my body and I tapped.. Even though I feel sad to have rejected and hated the Uterus... I deeply and completely accept myself.

The uterus was feeling " I am an enemy for the rest of the body" I saw how the contractions where related to my Uterus trying to protect herself.

After some round I "saw" how the black wall covering the uterus disappeared and the colour had change from black-red to light-red.

I felt after the tapping a profound respect for this part. I finally "got the massage" ----I feel alone and sad---- I felt no resistance anymore towards the pain. It was OK to feel the pain because it was a way of expressing sadness and loneliness for being rejected. I have "asked" forgiveness to my Uterus, but this part was still resisting so I tapped for resisting to trust the rest of the body.

It changed until I have honoured this deep sadness and talked to her out loud. So I said to this part "take time to heal and time to trust again and I want you to know you are love and more than accepted". So I felt a deep sadness coming from this part because for the first time this part felt UNDERSTOOD. I was no longer trying to get rid of the pain. I was loving and honouring it because ithas a purpose and I GOT it.

The month later my pain was diminished from +10 to 2. I was so happy I couldn't believe it.  Two months ago I have tapped for the remaining pain left.  Which is related to "fear of not being a good mother". Now 2 months later the pain is almost to 1 or 0.

 I am 34-years-old and I never really wanted children but now I know it was because of this terrible experience. Now we are able to talked about having a child in the near future.

Gary you have no idea how this healing has changed my life. My yeast infections are gone. My female energy is more present in my life. I feel wonderful when I have my period now. I see it as a blessing from Mother nature and not a curse as I felt it before.

My best regards and love to you
Araceli Uribe

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