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Dr. Carol Look's Success and Abundance Series

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

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Part 1 of 4--Clearing blocks to success
Part 2 of 4--Prosperity Consciousness
Part 3 of 4--The Law of Attraction
Part 4 of 4--Claiming Abundance

Dr. Carol Look is writing a 4 part series on using EFT for Success and Abundance issues. This is Part 1. Each future part, as it is completed, will be featured here.

By Dr. Carol Look, Cht

Part 1 of 4--Clearing blocks to success

After completing another of my 4 week Success and Abundance teleclass series, I thought it would be useful if I outlined typical abundance blocks with accompanying suggestions for release and healing with EFT. Anyone who is unable to clear basic blocks to success will remain "stuck." It is not enough to desire something. And no technique comes close to the power of EFT for clearing limiting beliefs and moving you towards your goals, financial or otherwise.

Whether teaching the abundance classes in person or conducting the teleseries, I find it easier to separate the work into 4 major themes or steps as follows:

Class #1: Clearing Blocks to Success
Class #2
: Prosperity Consciousness
Class #3
: Law of Attraction
Class #4
: Claiming Abundance

For the teleclasses, each person is given a private turn while the remaining members (approximately 15) are placed on "mute." I ask each participant during their turn to describe their particular blocks (in the form of limiting beliefs, assumptions, fears, or general "yes, buts"). Of course the others profit from the effects of Borrowing Benefits by tapping along when it's not their turn. I instruct each caller to tap one standard round of EFT followed by one round of positive suggestions. Then they place themselves on "mute" and the next person takes his or her turn.

I consolidated my notes from the last several series and chose a few limiting beliefs that I thought would be instructive for a larger group. During Class #1 of the series, titled Clearing Blocks to Success, one caller, "Debbie," stated she was convinced she never made the right (or good enough) decisions for her life and because of this, she believed she would never be financially successful. When I asked her how she came to this conclusion, she said her family told her this on a regular basis. "Everyone just knew it about me."

Her father specifically told her on more than one occasion, "You never make the right decisions!" And then of course, this belief entered the family "truth" book. We tapped together as follows:

Starting on the Karate Chop Point:

"Even though I'm convinced I can't make good decisions, I choose to decide what's good for me now..."

"Even though they convinced me I never made the right decisions, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway..."

"Even though I don't have confidence in my ability to make the right decisions, no wonder I'm not successful, I choose to release this belief now."

Then we tapped the seven consecutive points of the EFT shortcut: (1) Eyebrow(EB), (2) Side of Eye, (SE), (3) Under Eye (UE), (4) Under Nose (UN), (5) Chin (CH), (6) Collarbone (CB), (7) Under Arm (UA), plus (8) Top of Head (H) as follows:

EB: I don't make the right decisions

SE: I never have

UE: I can't be successful unless I know how to make decisions

UN: Maybe my family was right about me

CH: I'm afraid my decisions have been wrong

CB: What if I'm not good enough?

UA: Maybe I don't deserve success anyway

H: Maybe I'll never make the right decisions

Then I asked her to tap the eight points for a second round (skipping the karate chop point) focusing more on what she wanted.

EB: I do make the right decisions

SE: I have made many good decisions

UE: No I haven't

UN: Yes I have

CH: I'm going to make the right ones now

CB: It's too bad they were wrong about me

UA: I love knowing I am capable of making good decisions

H: I love feeling free of this old belief and I choose to make the right decisions

Another caller, "Anne," said she felt guilty for leaving her husband. As a way to punish herself for this act, she has made her life a chronic struggle in every area. She felt convinced she didn't deserve to succeed. She finally "got it" that she had been punishing herself for leaving her husband who said "you'll be won't amount to anything" as they left divorce court.

We tapped as follows:

Karate Chop Point:

"Even though it's all my fault, and I shouldn't have left him, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway..."

"Even though I feel guilty and have been punishing myself ever since, I choose to accept the decision I made..."

"Even though I don't deserve to be successful because I left him, I deeply and completely accept all of me."

Then we tapped the 8 points:

EB: I feel so guilty

SE: I should feel guilty

UE: I shouldn't have left

UN: I hurt him

CH: I don't deserve success

CB: Yes I do

UA: No I don't

H: I feel so guilty; no wonder I'm punishing myself.

Then we returned to the eyebrow point for the second round:

EB: I am enough

SE: I'm glad I left

UE: I forgive myself for leaving

UN: It's not all my fault

CH: I deserve to release the struggle

CB: I release the struggle now

UA: It's time to get over this, I did the best I could

H: I am worthy, no matter what he said.

"Ron" said he was convinced he didn't belong with wealthy people. Consequently, he didn't believe he could or would ever become "one of them." His parents were always referring to "them" as different in so many ways. He adopted this belief and has been living it out consistently by sabotaging his success. We tapped as follows:

Karate Chop Point:

"Even though we were too different, and I don't feel like I belong, I deeply and completely accept all of me..."

"Even though I don't belong with them, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway..."

"Even though I'm blocking myself from earning what I deserve because I'm not one of them, I deeply and completely accept myself."

Then we tapped on the eight points as follows:

EB: I feel different

SE: I don't belong

UE: I've never belonged

UN: My family doesn't fit in

CH: So I don't either

CB: I can't imagine myself as rich

UA: I don't deserve to make more

H: What if I never fit in?

Then we returned to the eyebrow point for the second round:

EB: Suppose I could fit in

SE: I do believe in myself

UE: I deserve to feel worthy

UN: I feel worthy now

CH: I do belong now

CB: I'm glad I resolved this issue

UA: I'm happy this issue is in my past

H: It's time to fit in

The topic for Class #2 is "Prosperity Consciousness." Do you feel prosperous? Do you believe there will always be enough---even more than enough? Stay tuned for the next installment of this 4 part series.

Regards, Carol Look

Part 2 of 4--Prosperity consciousness

In my last article I wrote about the theme of "Clearing Blocks to Success." This installment of the Success and Abundance Series will cover the topic I typically address in Class #2 of my teleseries, "Prosperity Consciousness." In my introductory e-mail for Class #2, I usually ask the participants one or more of the following questions: Do you believe in prosperity or scarcity? Do you believe you will be provided for? Does the subject of money make you anxious and uptight? Do you believe there is enough to go around? Do you feel competitive about money?

Again, after combining my notes on several recent teleclass series, I chose participants' issues that I thought would be most helpful to a large audience. They are below.

When I asked "Mike" where his consciousness vibrated around the subject of prosperity, he told the group "I never felt safe because we were always on the verge of running out of money. My parents fought about the bills constantly when I was a kid, and I continue to be afraid there won't be enough, no matter how high my salary is." We tapped as follows:

Karate Chop Point:

"Even though there wasn't enough, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway..."

"Even though I'm convinced there won't be enough, I choose to believe in prosperity now..."

"Even though money makes me feel anxious, I choose to feel calm and peaceful when I pay my bills."

Then we tapped on the 8 points:

Round one:

Eyebrow: There was never enough

Side of Eye: I didn't feel safe

Under Eye: I still don't feel safe

Under Nose: What if there isn't enough?

Chin: I feel insecure about money

Collarbone: I can't handle this anxiety about money

Under Arm: I'm afraid to get my hopes up

Top of Head: I must be careful about money.

Then we tapped a second round on more positive suggestions:

EB: I enjoy knowing there is enough

SE: I love feeling safe and secure about money

UE: I choose to feel safe about money now

UN: I believe that there will always be more than enough

CH: I appreciate my prosperity consciousness

CB: I choose to expand my prosperity consciousness

UA: I am enough

H: I'm grateful for all the abundance in my life.

"Patti" stated she resorted to hoarding money just in case she would run out. No matter how big her "pile" was, she never felt there was going to be enough. She also admitted to hoarding food, and incidentally, has a weight problem. We tapped as follows:

Karate Chop Point:

"Even though I need to hold on to my money, I deeply and completely accept myself and my feelings..."

"Even though I'm convinced there is prosperity for others but not for me, I choose to release this doubt..."

"Even though I refuse to believe there will be enough, I accept who I am and intend to feel safe."

Then we tapped the points for two rounds:

EB: I don't deserve prosperity

SE: There's not enough anyway

UE: I need to be careful

UN: Money makes me anxious

CH: What if I run out

CB: I need to hold on

UA: Don't make me let go

H: I always need more

Then we tapped for more positive suggestions:

EB: I love believing in prosperity

SE: I love knowing there is enough to go around

UE: I love knowing I am valuable

UN: I choose to believe in abundance

CH: I feel safe about letting go

CB: There will be enough

UA: There is already enough

H: I accept prosperity into my life.

Another caller, "Lisa," told the group "I don't feel valued unless I am helping and taking care of others. So if I take care of myself and put my health or my business first, I'm convinced they will be angry or leave me." As a result, Lisa felt compelled to minimize her talents and undermine herself on every level. We tapped as follows:

Karate Chop Point:

"Even though I don't deserve prosperity because they never valued me, I choose to value myself right now..."

"Even though I remember when they told me I wasn't worth it, I have decided that I am worth prosperity..."

"Even though I'm afraid I'll be abandoned AGAIN, I deeply and completely accept all of me."

Then we tapped two rounds on the sequence of points:

EB: What if they leave me?

SE: It's not safe to take care of myself

UE: There is only enough for them

UN: What if they resent me

CH: I don't deserve prosperity

CB: I don't want someone else to suffer

UA: There's only enough to get by anyway

H: I'm not worth it so why bother?

EB: What if I'm the one who wants to leave?

SE: What if there's enough for all of us?

UE: I believe in prosperity now

UN: I love believing there is plenty

CH: I feel secure knowing there is plenty

CB: I believe in more than enough

UA: I embrace plenty

H: I'm so happy I resolved this issue and I embrace prosperity.

Class #3 of my series is titled "Law of Attraction." I describe this theory to the group ahead of time: Whatever is currently showing up in your life (relationship conflicts, money concerns, health issues) is a direct result of what you are attracting. You are attracting what you are focused on, so if bouncing checks and high monthly bills are your focus, you stay stuck in this energy. You must be able to focus on prosperity and abundance if you want to attract success into your life. Stay tuned...

Part 3 of 4--The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction has been written about for decades, and many popular metaphysical teachers rave about its power. The theory states that whatever you focus on, you will automatically attract in to your life; there are no exceptions.

For Class #3 of my teleclass series, I ask participants what they are most focused on regarding their financial situation. And if they aren't sure of the answer, I invite them to look at the mixture of feedback in their lives in the form financial ease or struggle. Then we tap to clear whatever seems to be blocking the flow of financial freedom.

One caller, "John" told the class he felt he needed to be in control for anything to work out in his life. I asked him his theory about why he didn't get anywhere financially, and he admitted he was holding on too tightly to everything---of his wife, of the checkbook, of his employees. No matter what he did, he kept getting in the same binds financially. He said he reminded himself of his father, a controlling alcoholic who worried about money all the time. John never seemed to make any progress and truly felt stuck. (When someone is stuck, they are actually just thinking the same equation of feelings about money, so it always evens out.) We tapped as follows:

Karate Chop Point:

"Even though I feel stuck again, but I can't release the control, I deeply and completely love and accept myself..."

"Even though I refuse to release the control, I choose to release the fear..."

"Even though I'm too afraid to release control and let it flow, I deeply and completely accept all of me anyway."

Then we tapped on the 8 points:

Eyebrow: I'm so stuck

Side of Eye: Don't make me let go

Under Eye: I don't feel safe unless I'm in control

Under Nose: I need to be in control

Chin: No I don't

Collarbone: Yes, I do!

Under Arm: I don't feel safe about money

Head: I can't release control.

Then we tapped a typical second round with more positive statements.

EB: I choose to feel safe as I release control

SE: I can be safe when I'm not in control

UE: I am in control now by feeling relaxed

UN: I love feeling free

CH: I deserve to attract financial abundance

CB: I am a magnet for profitable opportunities

UA: I love attracting abundance

H: I appreciate how easy it is to release the control

Another of the participants, "Cathy" informed the group that she must be "vibrating" at a level of poverty consciousness because she never had enough clients and the ones that call her always need drastically reduced fees anyway! Her block in this area was glaring: she said she felt guilty being compensated for her work because she was a therapist, and "didn't feel right asking for money." We tapped as follows:

Karate Chop Point:

"Even though I don't feel worthy of being compensated, I deeply and completely accept myself..."

"Even though I shouldn't charge for the work I do...I should give it away, I accept my fears about what they'll think of me..."

"Even though I don't do enough for others, I deeply and completely accept who I am and how I feel."

EB: I shouldn't be paid for my work

SE: I'm not good enough at it anyway

UE: I don't deserve to be paid

UN: I shouldn't ask for money

CH: I feel guilty taking their money

CB: I'm not worthy of a good salary

UA: I'm not enough

H: There isn't enough anyway

Then we repeated the shortcut round as follows:

EB: There is enough

SE: I deserve to be paid

UE: I'm good at what I do

UN: I love a fair exchange

CH: I love attracting clients who pay for their sessions

CB: I appreciate all the financial abundance coming in

UA: I attract the right number of clients

H: I realize getting paid is a good thing!

The next caller on the Law of Attraction class was "Jen." Jen's theory about why she was stuck in a place of financial lack was that she never got any attention in her family unless she failed. She was afraid to succeed in her business because she expected her family to then ignore her. They felt needed if they could help her out financially and emotionally. Jen was an entirely competent worker and emotionally stable woman, and was on the verge of breaking through this limiting behavior. She told the group she was afraid of the changes that would happen if she let herself attract (AND KEEP) money. She had even been resisting doing the tapping because she suspected it would work and create this conflict about attention! We tapped as follows:

Karate Chop Point:

"Even though they won't like me if I'm successful, I deeply and completely accept my desires..."

"Even though they need me to need them, I choose to accept that I have this conflict..."

"Even though I'm conflicted about being financially successful, I choose to release this conflict now."

EB: I'm conflicted about making money

SE: They need me to be poor

UE: They won't pay attention unless I'm weak

UN: I'm afraid of their envy

CH: They'll be mean to me if I'm successful

CB: I have a huge conflict and don't want to let go

UA: Don't make me let go

H: I can't let go of this conflict

Then for a more positive round:

EB: I can make money and feel safe

SE: It's none of my business what they think of me

UE: I choose to feel successful now

UN: I attract the right business opportunities

CH: I release the sabotage behavior

CB: I love feeling worthy of abundance

UA: I appreciate attracting what I want

H: I choose to love them anyway

As an assignment for the class, I recommend they write a brief Gratitude List at the end or beginning of every day. The list needs to be real (don't pretend you're grateful if you're not) and heartfelt. Focusing on the feeling of gratitude and appreciation attracts more of what you want into your life. Try has changed lives.

PART 4 of this series focuses on the topic Claiming Abundance. I will demonstrate more rounds of tapping for releasing remaining blocks and hopefully inspire you to claim success in every part of your life! Stay tuned.

Part 4 of 4--Claiming Abundance

The final focus of the Success and Abundance Series is embracing and claiming abundance in your life. Many people clear the blocks to abundance and success and then reject the opportunities when they fall in their lap. If financial success, healthy relationships and wonderful opportunities come your direction and you push them away, what's the point? For each series, I instruct class participants to examine any remaining blocks they might have in their lives that continue to keep them stuck (in love, health, or money) or in financial hardship.

One of the callers during Class #4, "Fran," said every time she attracts more abundance and success into her life she becomes overwhelmed and then sabotages herself. She has a hard time asking for help, and tries to do it all. As a result, she ends up in the same place every time: exhausted, resentful, and baffled about why her income doesn't increase. We tapped two rounds of EFT:

Karate Chop Point:

"Even though I feel overwhelmed when my business increases, I deeply and completely accept my efforts..."

"Even though I feel exhausted, and I sabotage my success, I choose to accept all of me anyway..."

"Even though I sabotage because of my fear, I have decided to feel calm and be organized."

EB: I'm afraid of success

SE: No wonder I keep sabotaging

UE: I don't really want success

UN: I can't stand the pressure

CH: I don't want the responsibility

CB: Yes I do

UA: No I don't

H: I choose to accept my success

Then we tapped for another round:

EB: I choose to embrace my success now

SE: I accept all that comes with my success

UE: I feel inspired to accept my success

UN: I love attracting abundance

CH: I choose to attract successful opportunities

CB: I love handling all my success with ease

UA: I love knowing things are working out for me

H: I feel grateful for all my financial success

"Janice" had struggled financially all her life, but was more focused on her lack of success as far as her health was concerned. She knew these two areas were linked, but wasn't sure how to address both of them. She had been suffering from a "chronic" illness which made her so tired she couldn't work. This of course led to a spiral of frustrations and problems. We tapped as follows:

Karate Chop Point:

"Even though I'm afraid to be successful, I choose to feel more energy moving through my body..."

"Even though they'll expect too much of me if I recover, I accept all of my body and what it needs..."

"Even though I'm afraid to get well, they might demand too much of me, I choose to accept that I have this conflict."

EB: I have a conflict about recovering

SE: I'm afraid of their demands

UE: I don't want them to need something

UN: They're so needy

CH: It's the only way to fend them off

CB: I need the protection of my illness

UA: No I don't...Yes, I do

H: I choose to find new ways to protect myself

Then we tapped for a more positive outcome:

EB: I love my healthy body

SE: I love having so much energy

UE: I enjoy bringing more energy through me

UN: I appreciate how strong my body is

CH: I appreciate all my talents

CB: I feel grateful for what I learned

UA: I'm ready to leave the illness in my past

H: I love knowing I've started the healing process

We did a final round:

EB: I can feel safe and healthy

SE: I do feel safe and healthy

UE: I attract the right opportunities

UN: I can say "NO" to needy people now

CH: I love knowing I have my own power

CB: I appreciate all the abundance in my life

UA: I feel inspired to heal now

H: I feel grateful for internal guidance and I claim abundance now

"Joseph" told the class he was taught that to want anything is bad and selfish. He could see that this belief ruined his attempts at "dreaming big" and getting to the place he wanted professionally. He had all the right skills, he just kept sabotaging himself and blocked his progress. He remembered his father saying "You're lucky you have anything at all! You shouldn't be focused on wanting anything else...that's selfish." While Joseph had made some progress and slowly expanded his financial comfort zone, he still heard these words ringing in his ears, and felt as if he had "one foot on the gas and one foot on the brakes."

We tapped as follows:

Karate Chop Point:

"Even though I feel selfish for wanting more, I deeply and completely accept my desires..."

"Even though I'm afraid of his disapproval, I choose to approve of myself..."

"Even though I expect him to scold me, I accept all of me and all my desires."

EB: I'm convinced I'm selfish

SE: He said I was selfish

UE: I need his approval

UN: No, I don't

CH: Yes, I do

CB: I'm afraid of his disapproval

UA: I don't want him to scold me

H: I have this belief that desires are bad

EB: Desires are bad

SE: No, they're not

UE: Yes, they are

UN: No, they're not

CH: I'm afraid to admit I have so many desires

CB: Doesn't that mean I'm selfish?

UA: I feel ashamed of having desires

H: I accept that I want more

Then we tapped to resolve this conflict:

Karate Chop Point:

"Even though I have this conflict about succeeding, I deeply and completely accept all parts of me..."

"Even though I'm afraid I'll lose him if I want more, I choose to feel safe now..."

"Even though I feel ashamed of this conflict, I realize it's time to release it now."

EB: I'm ashamed of this conflict

SE: This conflict is so strong

UE: I don't think I can win

UN: What if I can't change?

CH: What if I DO change?

CB: I'm afraid to resolve this conflict

UA: I want him to be proud of me

H: I want to be happy with myself

Then we tapped a second round:

EB: I deserve to succeed

SE: I deserve to be myself

UE: I am allowed to want and have abundance

UN: We are all entitled to abundance

CH: I love feeling free to express myself

CB: I love knowing abundance is coming to me

UA: I appreciate all that I have

H: I feel safe claiming success now

EB: I am enough

SE: I have enough

UE: There is enough

UN: I love feeling grateful

CH: I am happy I resolved this conflict

CB: I feel grateful that this is in my past

UA: I feel inspired to continue to succeed

H: I love attracting abundance in all areas of my life.

My own levels of success with my health, personal and professional relationships, and financial abundance continue to improve as I teach these classes! I have no doubt that EFT has broken through my financial comfort zones and limiting beliefs. I am surrounded daily with evidence and proof in my life that EFT is the most powerful tool to neutralize emotional blocks to abundance and success in any area of your life. Many thanks to Gary for the opportunity to share this series through his e-mail list.

Dr. Carol Look


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