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Serious Diseases


Progress on rheumatoid arthritis from an intuitive source

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. Newcomers can still learn from it but are advised to peruse our Free Gold Standard (Official) EFT Tutorial™ for a more complete understanding.

Hi Everyone,

Sometimes following our intuition can lead us into creative places with EFT. Such was the case with Jayashree Janardhan Ashok from India. Jayashree says, "...we took a complete detour and I simply decided to trust the intuitive guidance coming through me. He described that he felt like he was being sucked into a black hole. Like his mind was getting sucked into darkness. I wanted to explore this feeling further - not knowing what was causing this. So we started tapping..."


Hugs, Gary

By Jayashree Janardhan Ashok

Ajay, who lives in New York, has been through decades of pain and trauma from rheumatoid arthritis. A few months ago, he was recommended to have knee replacement surgery for both his knees and he worked with me over the phone for EFT to overcome his fear of needles prior to his surgery. We were very successful and his surgery went smoothly. Post surgery, we again used EFT help him get past his enormous fear of infections. His knees healed beautifully and he is now standing tall.

More recently, Ajay has been calling me up for weekly phone sessions to help him with his work. He is a movie maker and is involved in several projects. We have been successfully using EFT to help him get past barriers within himself and into the "flow".

Our recent session was an unusual one; we started working on his week ahead when he had to do a lot of editing. He was feeling a little overwhelmed at just how much work there was this week. I had asked him to start describing his week ahead. As he spoke I was listening to his reactions and emotions and was focusing on where his energy sounded stuck.

He continued describing his week and went on to describe a trip he had to make to finish some errands. As he described this I could feel a very sharp drop in his energy. The strong dowsing effect on me took me by complete surprise. It felt like his energy was being sucked out. I could feel my own energy reflect this. I decided to explore this further although it did not seem connected to his work. This is again one of those times, we took a complete detour and I simply decided to trust the intuitive guidance coming through me.

He described that he felt like he was being sucked in to a black hole. Like his mind was getting sucked into darkness. I wanted to explore this feeling further - not knowing what was causing this. So we started tapping -

Even though I feel like I'm in a black out I completely love and accept my body.
Even though I am feeling sucked into a black hole...
Even though my mind is being sucked in I still completely love accept and trust myself.

After the first three rounds - he was no longer in a blackout. With eyes closed, he could dimly see his hip joints. He felt the tiredness in his hip joints. We went on and tapped on this. What came up was that he was worried about his hip joints - especially his right hip joint. After a long day's work his right hip joint hurt and felt weak. His mind was filled with fear that this may lead to a hip replacement surgery.

We went ahead and tapped on his fears. Another vision came up for him. Every time he exerted his hips - he could feel a "bursa" near his hip joint. He used to have similar bursa in the past, many years ago before he developed rheumatoid arthritis. We started tapping on his bursa. His bursa felt like a mound. We tapped on accepting himself with his bursa. In a few rounds the bursa actually disappeared and he felt enormous relaxation swell up within him. He felt hope that he can strengthen his strained hip joint in other ways - with yoga and EFT! We went on to do lots of "gratitude tapping" for his hip joints.

Since then he has been tapping to express gratitude to his hip joints for bearing so much strain and weight - especially post surgery. With this worry out of the way, he could visualize the flow of his upcoming week effortlessly! He felt confident he could manage his work and week.

A couple of weeks later, I checked in with Ajay on how his hips were responding. He mentioned that another new aspect of his hip problem had showed up. His friend from many years ago was visiting and it took Ajay back to the "worst time in his life" when he was in unbearable pain while he was studying at the NYU film school. We went on to tap on many core incidents around this time that were still being stored in his body.

Here is one of the core incidents we worked on. One evening after a long day's work outdoors at a park filming, he had to carry back heavy film equipment alone. It was agonizing pain. His muscles just gave up. He could not even sit down to rest because of his joint pain. The movie was vivid and he could feel intense emotions. We started tapping. He then felt the familiar "black out" sensation and we started tapping on it. We paused through his "movie" almost in slow motion and gently kept tapping on unconditionally accepting his body with his problem.

Even though my muscles are giving up - they cannot hold on any more I deeply, completely and unconditionally accept my body just as it is.

Even though this joint pain is so agonizing I cannot bear to sit down, I unconditionally accept myself with this joint pain.

The word "unconditional" worked like magic and Ajay started feeling this was the first time he could completely accept his body. It felt new to him to accept himself and his body as it is.

After each round of tapping his movie began clearing. It was a very systematic process as new aspects showed up at every step of the movie replay. As the park incident dissolved, he made it closer to his apartment - the very last movie remaining in him. He could see that he had surrendered and simply given up as his body could not take it anymore. He felt the enormous fatigue and sense of helplessness. We played this scene and tapped on unconditionally accepting his body. "It is OK. I love and accept my body anyway."

We went through several rounds of EFT here. His body started responding. As this scene cleared - Ajay physically felt "space develop in his hip joint". He could not believe it. His joints felt loose and easy. No trace of the bursa that is usually there. We had checked earlier and his bursa was there. After these rounds of tapping he experienced the bursa disappear and his hip joints loosen considerably.

Ajay felt a deep sense of lightness within himself. He could picture the timely help he received at this point and found himself in his room "safe" and "done". He felt empty and happy - his body had indeed made it. We then went into EFT to express his gratitude to his body.

As we continue to work together, possibilities are opening up for Ajay - that perhaps there are other ways of healing himself. Of course, he knows that this is not a substitute for medical advice. And yet, his experiences of physical shifts while tapping have left him convinced about exploring healing. He continues with yoga and EFT slowly and steadily letting go of his fears. And he can definitely feel a shift in his body!

Jayashree Janardhan Ashok


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