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Digging for core issues - reconnection to a trauma that was behind hay fever symptoms

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Note how EFT Master Mair Llewellyn from the UK searches for the details underlying her client's symptoms.

Hugs, Gary

By Mair Llewellyn, EFT Master

This is an article on the reactivating of well being from the archives of the unconscious mind.  My belief is that connecting to an already existing programme of wellness within the unconscious mind is frequently helpful.   This approach enhances the tremendous benefits of clearing traumas with EFT.  In this article I used a combined approach of reducing symptoms and clearing trauma as well as a positive story protocol.

To illustrate the work of this mechanism of reconnection I will be taking a journey with just one client we will call Jamie.  Jamie visited me last summer with streaming itchy eyes and other typical hay fever symptoms.  Summertime for Jamie had been really miserable for the past twenty years. He had received little benefit from anti-histamine medication and he was finding his symptoms were getting progressively worse.  This often seems to occur mainly due to the fact that with practise we get better at doing most things.  An example of this is riding a bike with repetition allows us to become more adept at cycling. Unfortunately, because of this, reactions or patterns of behaviour that we do not want - or which no longer serve a useful purpose can become habitual and we become ‘better’ at performing them.

Fortunately we can make traumas and limiting beliefs vanish as if by magic when using EFT to neutralise the emotional roots.  I asked Jamie a few questions about his symptoms and also asked him what was happening around him at the time that he first noticed them.  He said his first recollections of feeling tightness in his breath was  when he was six on an extended family camping holiday on a farm.  Towards the end of this family holiday his breathing became so difficult that his parents rushed him to the local village doctor.  The doctor sounded his chest and sent him on his way with a prescription for anti-histamines.  Every summer since that time Jamie had been on anti-histamine medication.

During our first consultation, as we delved deeper into Jamie’s memory of that breathless panic attack he realised that it had happened well into the second week of the holiday.  Throughout the whole of their time on the farm the combine harvester was working in nearby fields.  Despite this, Jamie’s ‘allergic’ reaction only appeared later on into the holiday.  I asked him if he was enjoying his holiday before his breathing problem showed up. He recalled the holiday as being an absolutely great time because there were lots of cousins and friends to play with.  Jamie said he had celebrated his sixth birthday around a week before he experienced his breathing trauma.

I became aware, as he talked about his memories, that he was experiencing some distressing symptoms.  So, straight away, I asked him to follow me through the EFT routine.  This period of tapping focused upon his current presenting symptoms and also connected him to the holiday experience.  Open ended questions such as “My hay fever symptoms happened because……………” were also used. 

After a considerable amount of tapping Jamie had noticed a slight reduction in his discomfort.  Throughout this session we made an audio CD to jog his memory of the EFT routine. This recording also included suggestions of homework.   This homework was aimed at him using EFT with more specific descriptions of any discomfort he was feeling. I highlighted the tremendous value to him of really noticing any changes in the quality or level of symptoms occurring.  Jamie was happy with the idea of chasing these symptoms especially after discussing  the  concept of ‘chasing the pain’ technique to him.

Just before he left, he also wrote down some set up statements to work with such as “Even though it was a great holiday with all my family – it just hasn’t been fun having this reaction which is still bothering me right now”  “Even though I don’t understand why I got this reaction part way through my holiday – I’m open to the possibility of discovering why, somehow”  In addition to doing this tapping homework, I also asked him to ask his parents if they could throw any light on any earlier sensitising events to help us open other possible doors to his freedom.

On Jamie’s return a week later he reported short bursts of improvements but then his symptoms quickly returned.  Unfortunately, no one in the family had been able to shed any light on the problem at all.  Our second session together explored doing the EFT tapping procedure and Jamie just guessing at what might have happened on this fateful holiday. Whilst he talked about imagined events and feelings he did the EFT tapping as if he was telling his story.  Following this, there appeared to be some improvement in his symptoms. 

When I asked him what these symptoms reminded him of when he was younger he looked blank.  As his guessing had so far been fruitful he was happy to tap and at the same time to make up imagined memory’s  of what it reminded him of too.  There was no way of telling if his guesses were close to the truth or not.   However, after this he reported a measurable improvement in the comfort of his throat and eyes which appeared to point to the possibility of his unconscious guesses being close to the truth.

Towards the end of this second session  I asked him if he could tell me the story of this holiday again and do the EFT tapping as he did so.  I recommended that he began at the very start of the holiday describing just how he felt at the beginning of this holiday.  He described his feelings of total and complete summer freedom and happiness.  He had been involved in turning the hay as it dried in the sunshine.  His family and friends had spent many hours during the first week living outside and picnicking in the fields. 

It occurred to me that as he talked in this very animated way that his breathing and eyes looked much clearer.   It seemed as if he was re-living this freedom as he spoke – I asked him how much he wanted to live, breath and feel these easy feelings every summer from now on.  Jamie did not need to answer my question his enthusiastic nodding and energetic happy tapping answered that for me.

On Jamie’s third visit he reported a vast improvement in his hay fever symptoms. He also said that normally he would have tended to keep out of the garden and especially avoid times when he knew that his son was mowing the lawn.  Instead, he chose to test the benefit of the tapping homework that he had done. Despite facing potentially difficult situations no undue discomfort had occurred. I asked him if he was willing to go through telling his holiday story right from this lovely summer freedom experience  to his difficulty in breathing as well as visiting the doctor. I urged him to let me know if he experienced any emotional discomfort whilst he was doing this so that we could really use EFT to hone into some important issues.  

As before in telling his story he was very animated telling  how he was enjoying being involved in the hay making and baling process. He said some of the older cousins made hay houses out of the bales and they all played in these tiny houses.  At this point of the story his breathing became much more laboured so I tapped on him at the same time as he was tapping on himself because of his obvious distress.  Later, when he calmed and we progressed through his story, stopping and clearing as we went - it became evident that one of the bales of hay had fallen on him creating a considerable amount of dust and fragments of straw which obviously hampered  his breathing and frightened him.

Towards the end of the third session together Jamie re-told his story without any undue disruption in his energy system.  We completed our session with Jamie once again talking about the very beginning of his holiday, he described his total summer freedom and at the same time tapped himself continuously. At the peak of his joyful freedom experience we were creating a positive kinaesthetic anchor for those wonderful images and feelings.  The following week I was thrilled when he rang to say that he wouldn’t be needing another appointment because he still felt exactly the same freedom of mind and body that he remembered feeling before the hay bale incident..

Jamie also told me something else which fascinated me and is another interesting twist to his story.   When he related his hay bale story to his Mother and was telling her about what had happened on that holiday she look really shocked.  Then, she immediately told Jamie her story.  Apparently, when he was only two days old they had had to call an ambulance to take him to hospital because he was fighting for his breath.  When they arrived at the accident and emergency department the doctor there used a special tube to clear a blockage of mucous from his mouth and throat.

Jamie wisely tapped on himself as his Mother recounted this trauma to him.  His Mother said, at the time she was sure that her little two day old baby was going to die.  She said Jamie had turned blue and the only thing she could think to do whilst she waited for help was to rub his back whilst he lay with his head hanging down over her knees.  Her distress at her powerlessness and the emotional charge within her in telling her story was very obvious to Jamie so he asked his dear Mother to just follow him through the tapping routine as she talked.

Co-incidence maybe – I think not.  I believe this frightening experience whilst playing in the hay,  reminded his unconscious of nearly dying as a two day old newborn baby.  At six years old, once again his unconscious mind was understandably triggered by the hay bale falling and his difficulty in breathing.  This created an extreme reaction and  association to the powerlessness that he felt as a little baby fighting for his breath and the six year old’s difficulty in breathing.

I had a Christmas Card from Jamie last Christmas. This was also signed by his Mother in which they said how much happier they both felt after neutralising this extremely fearful memory from the archives of their minds.

Mair Llewellyn  EFT Master & International Trainer


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