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Using the EFT Tell the Story Technique helps calm a rape victim

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

This story by Rebecca Marina may be traumatic for some to read. Nonetheless, it shows how a simple EFT procedure can make important strides with difficult emotional issues.

Hugs, Gary

By Rebecca Marina

Hi Gary, this was a very powerful healing session.  One of those miracles where one session seems to do incredible good. 

It was early morning and my client Dottie went to buy a bag of ice.  She noticed a black pickup truck with two men in it that seemed to be staring at her.  A chill went down her spine, but she got back in her car and drove home.  As she was putting the ice away, she heard a loud banging on the door.  Thinking it was her son coming by to visit, she opened the door without looking.  Two men rushed into her home before she could slam the door.

They each took her by the arm and started to drag her up the stairs.  Dottie began screaming and crying, "Please don't hurt me!  Take all the money I have!".

The men dragged her screaming and began to open all the bedroom doors, checking to see if anyone else was home.  When they reached her bedroom, they threw her face down on the bed and Dottie feared for her life.

She tried telling them that she had AIDS and herpes and that their health was at risk if they molested her, but they just laughed it off.  One held her down while the other ripped her clothes off.  Dottie said her greatest fear is that she would die with asphyxiation for they pressed her face so hard into the bedding.  She could hardly breathe.

The men took turns holding her down while the other had his way with her.  They left her, crumpled and crying, and threatened to kill the rest of her family if she went to the police.  As they left, Dottie ran outside, and caught a glimpse of a black pickup truck roaring away but couldn't get the license number.

When I met with Dottie two weeks later, she was a trembling, crying, mess.  The police had not been able to find the suspects and she had received no help from the rape crisis center.  Dottie reported feeling so paralyzed she couldn't even ask for help.  She had been hiding in her home, crying and unable to work, for two weeks.

I decided to use the simplicity of the Tell the Story Technique.  I simply tapped on Dottie as she told me the above story, only she added much more graphic detail than I will go into here.  When we began, her intensity level was a 10+.  Oddly enough, the greatest emotion she felt was confusion.  Why had the men chosen her?  And why had the police not been able to do anything? And of course fear that they would come back.

I encouraged Dottie to cry and talk and, while she did so, I simply tapped all the points over and over again.  After I felt that her anxiety was greatly relieved, I began to move into specific EFT Setups.  The simplicity of the 'Tell the Story Technique' was just what Dottie needed.

Even though I'm feeling helpless...

Even though I'm feeling paralyzed...

Feeling confused, not knowing what to do...

I then asked Dottie what would be a positive choice for her.  And she said, "Remembering that I survived.”  We then tapped "I survived; I am a strong woman...  I am a survivor and I will take action when I'm ready.  I am a powerful woman, a survivor."

Dottie was then feeling much better and I felt guided to do a spiritual process to remove the essence of the two rapists from her (I believe that when you have intercourse, wanted or unwanted, cords of energy are tied to you, and the cells involved retain memory of the touch). Dottie was thrilled to do this process.  She said she felt so unclean.

To do this process I simply held her main EFT eyebrow points and said a prayer.  I asked for angels and I sealed the room in holy light.  We then imagined special golden vacuum cleaners to suction and remove every trace of the essence of these men from her body, her home, and her energy field.

I then asked for special healing angels to further remove any cellular memory from her cells and to fill it in with clean, healthy tissue.  After the treatment, Dottie was down to almost zero on her anxiety and felt she had gotten her power back.  It was exhilarating for me to see her go from trembling and very disoriented to calm, empowered and even laughing as we finished.

I checked up on Dottie a few weeks later and she is back at work and feeling much stronger and less fearful.  The police still have not caught the suspects.  What a wonderful thing it would be if every rape crisis center was trained in EFT.

Rebecca Marina


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