The Unseen Therapist

Meet The Unseen Therapist

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Who is The Unseen Therapist?

(In whom the impossible becomes routine)

The Unseen Therapist is your “spiritual healer within.”

Unseen TherapistShe is ever-present and, when you learn to use Her skills properly, you will find She is vastly more powerful than drugs, surgeries and other man-made attempts at healing. She represents a healing revolution that leaves your current beliefs behind and whisks you off on a magic carpet ride into your personal healing cosmos.

The ultimate remedy:

This is where the impossible becomes routine. It is where your ultimate remedy resides and, once mastered, it is also where your view of the entire healing field will shift. Your need for drugs and surgeries will be minimized or erased. Side effects will fade into near nothingness and heavy expenses will be dramatically curtailed. In their place will emerge creative possibilities that will bring new levels of healing into your hands.

If you are a patient, you can draw on The Unseen Therapist for self-help. If you are a doctor, nurse, therapist or other practitioner, you can use Her abundant support before resorting to invasive procedures and their side-effects.

To do Her work She needs only your readiness and proper invitation.

A doable process:

Within these pages, you will learn how to develop that readiness and provide that invitation. Doing so involves a very doable process that can generate impressive benefits even while you are learning. You may go as far as you wish and are limited only by your motivation.

Once mastered to the ultimate degree, you will hold the equivalent of a magic wand that delivers benefits for every ailment imaginable. This includes everything from a common headache — to every conceivable emotional issue — to the apparently hopeless diseases for which conventional methods often fail.

Includes your ailments:

And, yes, that includes your ailments, even if they are considered exotic, rare or impossible. In the next chapter are a few examples from my students. Many more to follow later.