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Finding important issues by using EFT from conception to birth

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Here is a useful procedure for bringing up any issues that may have occurred in the womb or during the birth process. Kerstin Warkentin from Germany takes us step by step through the process and gives us many good ideas along the way.

Hugs, Gary

By Kerstin Warkentin      

Dear Gary

This is what I developed during the last year for getting to important issues that may have occurred around birth. I start even before birth and have the client speculate on what issues might be ... then I do EFT on any negative emotions involved. Here are some details.

Start with conception:

  • What kind of feeling is there when the sperm and egg unite?  Also ask what it feels like to consciously decide to become a life.
  • What kind of patterns already show up here?
  • Work on these with EFT.

Go through the months of your mother’s pregnancy

  • Ask if something was heard.
  • Live through every month.  Just like in a movie.
  • How does it feel to be in the belly?  Does it feel good?  Is there something that disturbs the well-being of the baby?

In the birth canal: decide to be born.

  • What happens just shortly before the birth?
  • What happens in the moment of birth?
  • What happens in the birth canal?  What kind of emotions are there?

What happens when you come out of the belly?

  • How are you welcomed by the doctor or the midwife?
  • What do you hear, what do you see, what do you feel?

Take all these negative feelings and tap them down to a zero intensity out of 10.

When all negative feelings have been tapped down to zero level of intensity, go back again to the point of time when the birth starts.  Let the client listen and tap these words and say:

  • Together with Mum, take a deep abdominal respiration and with each labour pain, slide on in unison.
  • Feel the pool of light or circle of light in the whole body to connect the right and left halves of the brain and the right and left halves of the body.
  • Feel the pool of light from your Mum’s heart to you and back from your genitals to your Mum’s genitals and back again.
  • The birth canal widens with each labour pain and with every breath.
  • Loving warm hands welcome you.  Quiet and mellow music accompanies you.
  • After the birth, you are placed directly on your Mum’s belly and there you can rest.
  • Mum welcomes you with her caressing and gentle hands and with loving words.
  • Your father stands behind your Mum.  Both are connected with a pool of light which travels through you and through the doctor and the midwife, too.
  • After you have had a rest and have received all the love for which you have waited so long, the umbilical cord is cut, without slaps, without stress, without pain and you breathe together with your Mum.
  • Then you will be put in a warm, nice smelling bath by the midwife who quietly and gently is talking to you.
  • After this caressing bath you will be put in a warm and fluffy cloth and you go back onto your Mum’s belly.  There you can have her breast and drink the sweet, warm and smooth milk and during this you will soak in your Mum’s love and your whole immune system is strengthened.
  • You two have eye contact and you absorb all the love and caring which flows to you.
  • With the golden ray of light from your heart to your Mum’s heart and your Dad’s heart and from there to your Mum’s genitals and Dad’s genitals to you.
  • Now you can sleep with your Mum and Dad, completely relaxed, secure and safe.
  • Enjoy the harmony and the peace.
  • Take a deep breath.
  • What does it feel like?
  • What do you taste?
  • What do you hear?
  • What do you see?
  • Is there a symbol for this?
  • Tie this symbol to your body.
  • How is it now?
  • How do you feel now?
  • If you had the choice, what would you choose now?
  • What is your innermost need deep inside your heart now?

Take this information, and tap.

This is such an enormous change for clients - the understanding of the circumstances and the feelings of their own birth.

Try it.

With all my Love,

Kerstin Warkentin


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