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"Impossible" Healings

Mary Loses Interest In Alcohol


Definition of "Impossible":

Healing that goes beyond the typical reach of man-made methods.

Impossible HealingAs her life unfolded, Mary found herself drinking more and more alcohol. While she knew it was becoming a problem, she wasn't ready to address it. Fortunately, she had developed solid skills with The Unseen Therapist and from therein came her solution. However, it didn't occur by addressing the addiction. Indeed, she wasn't even considering the addiction in her Unseen Therapist work.

Rather, she addressed some irritating anger issues and, as those issues resolved, her desire for alcohol vanished. No withdrawal or any other problems. She just simply didn't want it any more. This is the "impossible" aspect. Other people get beyond addictions but it usually involves heavy withdrawals, big cravings, overcoming ingrained habit patterns and loads of will power. None of those happened here. The addiction just left... poof!

While not everyone will have these spectacular results, Mary's experience helps emphasize the importance of aiming at the underlying emotional CAUSES of our various issues. As we unload our anger, fears, guilt, grief, etc. we develop an ever-growing sense of peace within. That peace, in turn, has healing effects for just about any issue you can name.

Watch Mary's interview below where she tells the whole story. 


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