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The "impossible" knee pain that only EFT could help

Hi Everyone,

Francoise Vache, from France, walks us through the details of an "impossible" relief of her friend's knee pain. Note that she blends both EFT Tapping and Optimal EFT. Francoise concludes by saying, "We can say that EFT Tapping and Optimal EFT did the work in 2 sessions that doctors had not been able to do in six-month's time. I don’t want to be critical, of course, because we need them,. But for sure, Gary, they all should be listening to you too…"

e-hugs, Gary


Hi Gary,

knee pain

I can’t miss sharing this case with you, from a friend suffering of a right knee pain. The interesting thing is that after 6 months, with at least 10 different physicians appointments and diagnosis, she finally accepted to have an EFT session with both Tapping and Optimal. She preferred to start with Tapping because she says she likes repeating the words and stimulate her body too.

Six months ago (last May) Josepha (not her real name) had a fall but couldn’t feel a real pain and she was thinking, “it’s ok it won’t last, it will go.” But 3 or 4 weeks later things were worsening and, in addition, she suddenly slipped on a plastic sheet on her stairs and fell down again. The problem was because her two-story house was being renovated and cluttered up. She couldn’t walk and her knee muscles were blocked. She had to use a crutch.

1- June 13th: She went to an osteopath who told her “it’s just due to your over sensitive muscles, that’s all.”

2- She had to wait 10 days before having an appointment with her family doctor, end of June. The pain was “horrible” she said. Of course I had encouraged her to do EFT with me, she knows it as she attended a workshop in the past...after several statements like ”Yes but it can’t work for this…” I didn’t insist. The doctor prescribed a splint for 10 days and planned an IRM.

3- She went to another Doctor in the meantime but who “didn’t know what to do.”

4- July 25th: He referred her to an “Orthopedic” who received her at the end of July.

5- She had 8 sessions too with a physiotherapist. He gave her cortisone injections that were so painful that she couldn’t help screaming, with nausea and nightmares at night. She stayed in bed for a week.

6- August 25th: Next step, she was referred to a sports doctor who gave her anti-inflammatory injections with no effect! She had to wear a splint even in bed.

7- End of September she went back to the doctor for the IRM who diagnosed fractures in the meniscus and a cyst in the bone. So he suggested a surgery for a prosthesis and drugs too… but as he didn’t want to impose her, an appointment was planned October 24th with a knee specialist. 

But during this period of time she wasn’t able to walk or drive. As she was of course always complaining about all the doctors, the pain, not being able to walk… I said, "You see Josepha nothing is working, I’ll send you testimonials from Gary’s website and just read them.”  One was about a sports woman from Australia who had the same symptoms, and the other one about my daughter Camille’s neck case. She was so interested that she accepted to have an EFT session.

So October 19th we started EFT on the pain, which was variable but 8 at the moment, on the right side and the front of the knee, it was like a “hammer blow”.
I used the Constricted Breathing Technique first to help her relax and to go more easily to possible roots. And we did Tapping first on the stiffness and “hammer blow”, which prevented her from walking, and used Optimal too.

The pain dropped to 2/3.

“What does this pain remind you of?” I asked: “Nothing…” I asked her to visualize the pain, it’s color, shape:
“Deep white pain and dark blue in the middle…” and the pain dropped to 1.5 and 0.5.

She said “I feel great, but I’m afraid the meniscus may slip again.”

The feeling was at 5 and down to 3: “The meniscus is like a white ermine moving away and looking at me”. She visualized the little white ermine taking care of her.

We did Optimal EFT and went to a zero. However I was wondering why doctors had not been able to find any solution in such a long time, and it took us to her father’s illness when she was 9 and who passed away when she was 13:

”Nobody could replace my father, and I had to take care of everything.” (Her mother was an alcoholic) “I wasn’t taking my knees in consideration. Now they leave me, I was too demanding.”

“I blame myself for taking this habit. I blame myself for not respecting my body…I’m an idiot… My body was a slave.” ”I have always submitted myself.” 10 to 2

I suggested that she thought about the time her father passed away and a sadness came up with tears. “It’s an abyss”: 10 to 7, to 3.

And then she said she blamed herself for not being able to welcome her 5-year-old grandson.

It came to 7 then to a 3. We did Optimal EFT and then the sadness, guilt, being always present... disappeared, and suddenly she said “All this is not true and I understand now…”

I asked her to test the knee pain and she answered “it is not there at the moment… but it may come back!!!” I must say that Josepha has a scientific background as a secondary school teacher and often has a lot of “yes buts…” just in case…

Of course I encouraged her to be careful in the coming days and not to overuse her legs. (I know by experience that when a long lasting heavy pain suddenly vanishes, people can behave like kids, and dance, carry heavy bags…and of course the pain may relapse). Two days later she called me with a light voice that she hasn’t had for weeks, and she told me she had several walks with no pain at all! She didn’t need the splint anymore, except when she decided to walk all the way to the city center and she preferred to wear it, just in case.

8- On October 24th she went to the knee specialist who said the surgery wasn’t needed and he suggested hyaluronic acid injections and long walks and cycling!!!!

October 26th we had a 2nd EFT session together and great success!

During this session she said when she still didn’t feel any pain, but sometimes when she was moving, the leg would “slip” on the side and the pain was like a “hammer blow” at 5.

We went back to her first fall: “Damn, something more, the floor is not protected!” (the works in the house have been taking months.) “I blame myself for never doing things right…” “I was negligent just for a piece of plastic…” 9/10 to 2.

I asked her “why are you so negligent, not in the present, not focused? You prefer moving to other things? Does it come from your childhood?”

“I wanted to move into another “bubble” to flee the suffering of my father’s death, all the responsibilities I was given... When he died it was as if my right arm had been cut off.”
We worked on it with both Tapping and Optimal from 10 to 2.

Next we finished the session with 2 or 3 Optimal EFT rounds and she said she was tired, relieved and had a new perspective on this situation. She really enjoyed Optimal.

The next day she told me on the phone that she didn’t feel any pain. She can walk to do shopping, drive her car… she visited me, something that hadn’t happened for 6 months.

We can say that EFT Tapping and Optimal EFT did the work in 2 sessions that doctors had not been able to do in six-month's time. I don’t want to be critical, of course, because we need them,. But for sure, Gary, they all should be listening to you too…"

I’m so grateful for your precious EFT gift and hope people all over the world will be using it, and so as you say, there will no disease, no pain, no war…

With Love,



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