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Angry young boy overcomes an "entity within" using surrogate EFT

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Listen in to this passionate and detailed account by Linda Compton. As you will see, she successfully uses the grandmother of an intensely angry young boy to apply EFT surrogately to the boy's "entity" or "other angry personality."

Hugs, Gary

By Linda Compton

Dear Gary:  First forgive the length.  It is worth it!

The art of EFT was a Picasso on my walls on Friday. Yesterday was the most extraordinary experience with EFT ever experienced since I have been practicing. 

Friday night about 11:00pm. my phone rang and an upset Grandmother was on the line telling me about her grandson who was being taken over by something or someone inside of him.  He gets extremely angry/mad and says it takes control of him.  She was crying and wanted to know if she could bring him the next day which was Friday.  I gave her an appointment for Friday afternoon at 3:00pm. 

She was there early sitting anxiously in her car until 3:00pm.  They come in and he is a twelve year old boy whom I had seen before when he was eight years old.  Even at 8 he was having a tough time paying attention. He felt unwanted because he did not live with either of his parents. He believes he was a mistake for them.

He has been diagnosed a ADD/ADHD and "sometimes" takes medication.  The grandmother says she doesn't like to give it to him.  So the grandmother starts out telling me what they were there for.  I asked the boy and he appeared like any other twelve year old who was a bit quiet and answering with his shoulders and not opening his mouth fully.  He did answer my questions and told me what he thought the madness was about. 

He said he was mad with his little sister because she bothers him, by saying things that "make" him mad.  He was mad with his Dad, whom he doesn't live with and his Dad doesn't spend that much time with him and he was mad at his Mother whom he doesn't know well at all and hasn't spent hardly anytime with his whole life time. 

At this point in the session we are talking back and forth. He says he can hit his sister and when I ask about his parents, he says he can't hit adults. (does that say he wants to?). I ask him about school, friends, and I attempt to relax the room by just being silly with him.  He is smiling some and responding to me. I then ask him about the madness with his sister again, thinking this is a good inroad to talking about the parents more and talk a bit about how siblings can be sometimes with each other. 

At this point, something happens and he starts to withdraw, to the point that I can see it happening. Something is so obvious. He begins to "ring" his fingers and his grandmother gives him a tissue because she can see a tear rolling down his face.  He immediately stops talking to me completely.  It is as if something simply shuts him up.  His head is down to the side and he looks as if he is disappearing in front of my eyes. 

His grandmother tells me that this is what happens and he is so "mad" that he cannot speak.  He told her "something controls me".  I ask some questions of him and it was like he no longer existed.  When I call his name he doesn't respond.  So I decide to continue the session like he is aware and fully there. 

I ask him questions which he doesn't answer.  I speak to him as if I believe I am going to receive an answer.  I tell him that it is okay and perhaps we will just sit together until he feels like talking to me again.  So the room is quiet.  I then start again talking to him hoping that something I say will spark him to talk to me or at least answer.  His grandmother is telling me that he has spoke about not being able to control his madness and that there is something inside of him controlling him.  At one point, I can see him appearing to "want" to respond to me.  This goes on for about twenty minutes.

Finally his head is moving from side to side and up and down and he appears to be grasping, attempting to do something.  His hands are tearing a tissue into strips and twisting it tightly. He is ringing his hands.  I see this as the feeling that he has inside of being torn and tightly twisted to the point that it stops him from speaking.  He is totally changed by now. At times I can only see the white of his eyes and they look like they are almost rolling upward in his head. He looks totally sick, mad, distorted and absolutely strange.

I thought for a moment he might have a seizure. I have never seen this boy that is now in my living room.  I have asked him if it was okay to come over and sit next to him.  The answer was a side to side of his head saying no.  I had asked him if he remembered doing the "tapping thing" as he used to call it at eight years old and there was no response. 

The boy that came into my house was gone. There was now another boy sitting in front of me. This was two entirely different personalities.  Two different boys. I wasn't getting any signs that I could do anything with this child. I ask questions about his feelings, his thoughts, if he is mad with me.  Nothing is returned.  No responses at all from him. This whole process of non response took most of the session. I thought I was helpless and that perhaps there was nothing I would be able to do. I quicky tell God, "okay now, you have given me this assignment, I am willing, now help me do it". I don't know what to do.  

At this point, all of a sudden, he leans over towards me, like he is going to spit on me or throw up and he looks like he is pouring out of himself; instant tears streaming down his face and he is screaming loudly "he will just play harder" "he will just play harder now that I told you, he will just play harder". 

Gary, it was something right out of the movies. The gradnmother was crying while he was screaming and crying, "he will play harder". I wasn't getting what he was talking about. He is shouting, "he will play harder." Then I finally I got it.  The "thing, entity, other person/personality, the other boy inside, now knows it has to play harder to keep control of this child.  It is angry that he told me and will play harder to keep him locked in to himself.

I now understand fully and begin to tell him how "he can't play harder than you -- you are much stronger than he and you will quiet him down. You have the ability and I know you can and will quiet him down.  He cannot play as hard as you can.  You are not the one who is angry, he is, and he is hurt and only showing angry and upset. You will win him over. you can play harder" It was like the Exorcist movie. I knew I couldn't touch him to do EFT.

By now I think he might jump on me he is so angry. But actually the outburst was a sign that something great was happening. He was feeling again.  He was able to speak again.  I somehow managed to think about Psych-K (muscle testing) and EFT together, knowing or believing that I needed permission from this child's higher self in order to proceed.  I asked his grandmother if she would be willing to work with him doing some EFT with me.  She said "yes". I explain to her quickly that she will act as a surrogate for her grandson, although he is right here in the room and not distant and that I would work with her as if she were him. 

I told him that I would work with his grandmother to help him eliminate the thing inside of him that was taking over and playing harder than he could. So I start the process for establishing the surrogation between the grandmother and the boy. This is all very quick. Muscle testing the grandmother, I make the statement "My name is_____" She is strong.  She says another name that is not hers and her arm is weak. I know she is ready to do the work. I make the statement "It is okay for me (we call her name) to act as a surrogate for (I call his name) during this session. I have permission from (his name)'s Higher Self to do this work with him. Her arm is strong, which means yes. 

I tell the child, "watch if you would like, grandma and I are going to work with you to help you feel better and not be so mad." I get no response. I ask her to tell me on a scale from one to ten just how mad are you?  I call her his name. She says a 10.  We tap, even though I am mad, even though I am mad at my sister, Dad, Mom.  Even though I am really mad and this thing thinks it can play harder...  

We go from a ten to a five and the boy is already coming around instantly on the first round.  It is like watching a wilted flower being watered simply rise up.  He is now smiling a bit.  His movements are towards us, he has turned completely around to see us.  He hears me call his grandmother his name. He responds to his name being called this time. The look on her face is changing as well. 

We continue to tap. Even though it is mad at me for telling Ms. Compton. Even though I am so mad I cannot talk.  We go from a ten to a five to a two and at this point the boy is himself again.  He is smiling and has a happy look on his face.  We tap more until she is at zero.  The boy's face, his body is nothing like the withdrawn child I just witnessed.  He appears a happy twelve year old again.  It takes fours rounds of tapping. 

At this point, the boy is transformed back to the boy I know; back to himself and when I ask the grandmother if the "thing" inside is still there at all.  She says no; it's gone.  He gives his grandmother a hug and me one as well.  I tell the grandmother to state "I am complete with this process now".  She is back to herself and the boy is overwhelmingly back to himself. I then ask him to tap saying "I am happy and joyful; I am at peace with myself now as we tap over all the points.  He hugs me tighter than I have been hugged in a while. 

Gary I know this is long and again, I am overwhelmed by the power of EFT.  I honestly did not know what to do. For a moment, I felt afraid and the next moment, I believed, trusted and had faith in my work.  I thought this boy might just jump on me any moment as angry as he was. However, I am not sure that he was angry. What was showing was anger and I again believed, trusted and had faith that underneath was this beautiful child I had known.

I honestly believed this was an "entity" an "energy" that had come in as a result of his having to be someone else when he is so upset with his life.  In order to survive daily, he had to create someone/something else to accept the treatment he has had to receive from his parents.  I think this takes a kind of brillance in the human makeup. We can create something/someone else to accept what we can't. Something that can't be hurt. We create it in our imagination and it works for us. I think when we want to survive, we do. This is brilliant! Einstein said "The Imagination is more powerful than knowledge".  This I believe is true.  What is real, what is not and how are we affected by either?

Both parents have been on drugs and in jail at different times.  Father is remarried and has another child and mother has been in jail and has nothing to do with him.  On a first attempt to see him, she literally beats him for eating pizza before she told him to.  She now has a court order against her for abusing her son and cannot see him without supervised visits. 

So this child is rejected on every end except with the grandmother, who recently found out he is not even her biological grandson.  Her son is not the father of this child.  No one knows who the real father is.  He has been put out of his school and now goes to a school three days a week instead of five like other children. He sees a Clinical therapist weekly and has to get a written statement from her to get back into regular public school. So, this child has had to retreat from himself because he can no longer take the treatment he is receiving from his parents. 

The grandmother was so grateful for having her grandson back in this session.  When she asked me how much it was, I told her.  She handed me an envelope full of cash money; far too much money than the session cost.  I asked her what this was for and she told me.  I want my grandson to be well.  Just use it until it is gone.  There was enough money there for eight sessions.  I know we can do some more incredible work within that time.  I gave him my card to e-mail me and/or call if he needs me or just want to talk to me.

Gary, again, I am so grateful for having EFT skills.  A client made the statement last Saturday in a workshop, "Don't sleep on your skills".  And, later, another statement of "Don't let your ignorance be on fire and your knowledge be on ice.  My skills and knowledge were both at their highest on Friday. My ignorance did not exist. I am grateful to tears.

Linda Compton,
Personal Life Consultant

Update several months later

An update on my twelve year old client with another personality.  He is doing absolutely fine.

1.  He is free of the "other boy" coming out. (That is what he called him).

2.  Free of bed wetting.

3.  Free of bringing food into his room at night.

4.  Brave about going to the bathroom at night.

5.  He is sleeping alone for the first time in his life.

6.  Has respect for his grandmother and has stopped the talking back to her.

7.  Most times does his chores on his own.

8.  He is meditating daily.

9.  He is writing his feelings daily and dreams if he has one.

10.  He is now thirteen.

Gary, this boy has improved so in three months that his psychiatrist cannot believe who he is now and wonders who this woman is who is seeing him. I am continuing to work his him twice a week and will for the next six months.  At nine months, (as long as it took him to get to the planet), he will be reborn into who he wants to be.  Probably before, but I gave us nine months to work together.

Thank you again so much, Linda

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