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Face hot & red, teasing, travel sickness, phobia of dead things, shyness and more.

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Silvia Hartmann-Kent from the United Kingdom wrote a book entitled "Adventures In EFT - The Practical Field Guide To Emotional Freedom Techniques(tm)." and submits below an excerpt from the Children's section.

Hugs, Gary


by Sylvia Hartmann-Kent

EFT & Children

Yesterday morning, I noticed that my teenage son had not yet started to play his extremely thudding brand of music. Understandably alarmed, I went to his room, knocked on the door and a weak voice asked me to enter. He was in bed, looked terrible, and his face was hot and bright red. I sat down on the bed beside him, and as I asked him how he felt, I just gently touched the [EFT] points on his head and his fingers in turn - he knew what I was up to but was too weak to resist. Within minutes, his skin colour had returned to normal, his temperature had gone down and he was getting up. A bit of TLC, EFT or the combination of both?

What I'm trying to say is that there are a hundred and one ways in which I use EFT with my own children, as and when required. Last week, my 9 year old came home, utterly upset because he had been teased by a group of children. He was trying really hard not to cry but he had been hurt badly. I sat him down and tapped him, and within a few minutes he was calm enough to talk to me, to discuss various reasons why these sort of things happen, and how to avoid them in future. Half an hour later and he was fine.

The same boy used to be badly travel sick. Applying EFT in the back seat of the car with someone else driving took care of that in one session lasting less than 15 minutes.

The older boy used to have a phobia of all things dead. I have no idea as to the root cause of this, but it started when he was about 8 or 9 and it was intense. He could never watch any horror movies in case there were any hint of vampires or zombies, and woebetide there should be a dead bird or mouse dragged in by the cats. One day, our oldest dog died in her sleep, and my son used tapping with my help to lay the fear to rest. He was able to sit next to the body of the dog, stroke her and say goodbye. The next day, he actively sought out a large spider to overcome that fear, too.

These are just a few personal testimonials from me; my friends, colleagues and clients have all used EFT with their own children with amazing results.

One of my colleagues said during the course of an interview, "To have been given the power to help your own children when they are in pain, ill or upset, is intense."

EFT is not a talking therapy and therefore it can be used with non-verbal and pre-verbal children, too. One interesting application is to have the mother tap herself for the problem of the child, using surrogate or proxy tapping (see EFT Terms, Part IV). In this way a number of issues have been most successfully resolved. Nick Westwood, a fellow hypnotherapist, says, "I find this proxy tapping most fascinating. It has a double effect when used with mothers or fathers and their children. Not only does it often produce healing shifts in the children, the tapping also relaxes the parent and they find it easier to cope with the problems that come with illness or behavioural difficulties in children. One lady found it most healing to sit with her premature baby, whom she could not touch, and tap, knowing that it would possibly help him pull through. At the same time, she was keeping herself from descending into blind panic and anxiety. It's a wonderful gift to all parents."

Children from as young as three years old can learn to tap themselves quite easily. One little girl who had been very shy and withdrawn, said, "When I pat on the healing buttons, my tummy feels better right away." Another little boy who used to live in fear of being bullied at school found it most helpful too, and called the procedure, "Like having a guardian angel." Interestingly, once he stopped being afraid, the bullies went on to find themselves another target.

I personally know of people who have used EFT with their children for the following issues: bedwetting, thumb sucking, dislike of a step parent, fear of the dark, fear of spiders, low self esteem, learning difficulties, temper tantrums, waking in the night, sibling rivalry and jealousy, nosebleeds and even refusal to clear out their bedrooms. On the website, there are many more testimonials and ideas as to how to use EFT with children.

One last note on the subject of children. For the parent to tap for, "Even though Sam has this problem, I deeply and profoundly accept him and I love him unconditionally" is a small incident of pure magic.

Silvia Hartmann-Kent

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