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Pet grief, school (math) performance & cursing/anger.

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

By Linda Compton

Dear Gary:

1. I have a wonderful example of EFT with my granddaughter, Miah, who is 9-3/4 years. She will be ten in February. Miah's father, my son, bought Miah a thoroughbred, Golden Retriever pup, 7 weeks old. On Tuesday night, just before Thanksgiving, they went together to pick up the dog. Miah has had between eight and ten dogs in her life time.

Each dog, the parents let something happen to it, either the dog "ran" away or they had to give them up for some reason. Miah lives with her Mom and at her house, she cannot have a dog of her own. So my son gives her a dog knowing he actually had no real place to keep it.

On Thanksgiving morning, my son called and said the dog was ill and in the hospital with some disease that pups get. Miah was traumatized, crying and feeling very sad. Her upset was very upsetting to me as well. I hugged her up and told her I was sorry and watched her cry. Then I thought about, EFT. I asked her how she was feeling, she said "just very afraid, my dog might die." I asked her how afraid did she think she was feeling on a scale from one to ten. After explaining that, she said a ten. I explained EFT to her and asked if she wanted to do it to lessen her upset and fear about her dog dying. Her answer was yes. So the tapping began.

We tapped for: "Even though I have fear about my dog dying, I deeply and completely accept myself." She started at a ten. The first round bought her to a five, second round to a two and at this point her tears had stopped and she said, "Grandma, I am not so afraid anymore." I asked her if she wanted to be afraid at all. She said no, so we tapped another round. This time she got to a zero. She said, "Grandma, I am not afraid anymore."

Although I do this with client, I still had surprise that again, EFT had worked so thoroughly with Miah. This is such an incredible tool.

2. I am also working with an eleven year old who cuts my grass. He was having problems doing math and had received an F in that class. He said he was angry because the kids called him names and made fun of him. He thought he knew how to do it, he said he felt afraid and scared. His school is down the street from me.

He started out at a ten with "Even though I feel angry about math, I deeply and completely accept myself." He went to a three and then to a zero. I added some BSFF to this case and he choose a "secret word" Fearless. So we decided that every time he rounded the corner and saw my house, he would start saying his "cue" word, fearless. When he saw the school, he would say fearless and when he saw the kids at school who teased him. Definitely when it was time to do math and of course when he went to the board in front of the class.

His mother called me and told me that whatever I had "done to him" keep doing it because his entire attitude had changed and he was coming home doing his homework all by himself. When he came over, he also told me he was doing much better.

Yesterday, his mother came by my house and told me she had just left his teacher. The teacher told her, her son was doing so much better in class. She was wondering what had happened to him. His attitude was different and everyday, when it is time to do math, he starts doing something with his fingers. He told her he was working with "this lady" and this was helping him do better in math. The teacher then told him he needed to see his mother. It was good news.

His mother says she will bring his progress report by for me to see. After I see it on paper that he is improving, I am going to see his teacher and then the Principal at the school to start a small group of boys (4 to 6 boys) and see if this can happen on a larger scale. There is no telling where this will lead.

Thanks again. His mother even thanks you.

3. The third child, I worked EFT with was an unknown boy in the park who was cursing like a sailor to all the other children. I thought he had Tourettes Syndrome. Every sentence he spoke had a curse word in it although they were only playing. I waited until he was ready to leave when I call him and asked his name. He told me and I told him I noticed something very interesting about him. He asked what. I told him that I noticed that he was really a "good" curser. That he was the best curser I had ever heard before for a child his age. I told him that although I was impressed, I was also a little concerned because "usually" cursing meant that someone was a little angry.

I asked if he was angry. He told me YEA, he was angry with everybody. He said all the people. When I questioned him further about this, he said that people "hit" him. Now I knew I only had a few minutes with him and I did not question who hit him. I asked if he liked the way he felt when he felt so angry. He said no, not all the time. I asked if he would like to learn how to only be angry when he wanted to and not all the time. He said yes.

So to make this quick, I told him to tell me just how angry he was on a scale from one to ten. He said he was a ten (in a loud voice). I told him what we were going to do and asked again if he would like to do this. He said yes. So we began to tap for: "Even though I feel real angry, I deeply and completely accept myself." He went from a ten to a five and to a two. I asked him if he would to not be angry at all and he told me he wanted to be angry "a little." He then looked up and saw his bus coming. He told me he had to leave and catch his bus. From this angry kid that I didn't even know, I got some smiles at what a great curser he was. He did talk to me briefly about having a "bunch" of names and he didn't really know his last name or he never really said it. He said his father had a lot of names too. A parent in the park told me that she was afraid to say anything to the kids (he was eleven) and thought that I was out of my mind for doing so.

I know that had I had the time to work with this child, more couldn't have happened. I generally never think I want to work with children, however, EFT is fun and I really enjoy teaching them how to do it.

Thanks again and again.

Linda Compton

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