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EFT relieves a torn rotator cuff in 5 minutes--surgery avoided

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

A torn rotator cuff (shoulder injury) can be extraordinarily painful and surgery is often required to restore freedom to the shoulder area. However, in this case by Utahna Tassie the problem was completely resolved in 5 minutes. EFT doesn't always work this astonishingly well but, when it does, it REALLY gets your attention. Note the phrases she uses and how she points to possible underlying emotional issues. Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

Hugs, Gary

By Utahna Tassie, LMT, EFT-ADV

About a year ago, right after I started using EFT, a new client came in after being referred by his friend.  The friend had been in many months before and was impressed by how fast his back injury had been healed when I used Quantum-Touch on it.  QT was/is great, but as soon as I found EFT, I lost interest in doing Quantum-Touch.  I found EFT to be more fun and interesting, and I didn't work up a sweat when applying the technique. 

This guy (let's call him Mike) had torn his LEFT ROTATOR CUFF in a car accident 2 weeks before and did not want to have the surgery that had been recommended by his doctor.  The first thing that Mike said when he came in was, "My friend said you have magic hands.  He doesn't know how you did what you did for him so quickly, and I don't need to know what you do.  In fact, I don't even want to know!  Just PLEASE DO YOUR THING!"

Well, I told him I was using a new technique that I'd learned from a friend in California and it was even faster and easier than the Quantum-Touch that I had used on his friend's back.  I said that I didn't know if it would work for him but it had worked better than I expected with everything that I had tried it on so far.  (And I try EFT on everything!)

His 0-10 pain intensity was a 9.  He was okay as long as he didn't try to move his arm or shoulder in any way.  From massage school and studying Touch for Health and Kinesiology, I know how important it is to be hydrated before starting any energy work. So after having the client drink at least a half-cup of water, I began with the usual, standard "Even though..." set-up phrases and moved on to more creative wording as I got warmed up and tuned in more thoroughly.  (I generally offer a silent prayer of gratitude and ask the healing angels for assistance while turning on the Reiki symbols in my hands before I start my client sessions.)  Tapping on the Karate Chop point of the right hand, the set-up went something like this...  

     "Even though I don't have any idea of how this stuff works, and this gal might be crazy, I allow myself to trust the process."

     "Even though I don't want to know how this tapping thing works, I choose to learn something new today."

     "Even though I'm not sure how Tonnie can help me, I desire my shoulder to be healed easily."

Then the reminder phrases were tapped on the face.  (I just say whatever comes to mind related to the set-ups we just completed.)

     Eye Brow:  "This not knowing"

     Side of Eye:  "Tonnie might be crazy"

     Under Eye:  "Don't want to know"

     Under Nose:  "Not sure about this silly tapping stuff"

     Chin:  "This not knowing"

     Collar Bone: "This crazy healer"

     Under Arm:  "This weird tapping stuff"

     Top of Head:  "I choose to go with the flow"

I had the client take a deep breath and went on with more set-up phrases on the side of the hand that were more focused on the remaining pain...then the anger and the resentment, and more forgiveness stuff. 

     "Even though I have this complete immobility in my left shoulder joint, and it hurts like you-know-what, I completely accept myself."

     "Even though I have this horrible pain and stiffness in my left shoulder, I completely and profoundly love and accept myself."

     "Even though I have these toxic emotions stuck in my left shoulder regarding the accident, I forgive myself and the other driver."

I went on to tap in the reminder phrases on the front of the body.  Two rounds, with the second one being related to the "remaining pain and stiffness in my shoulder" then we added phrases that included forgiving God for letting this happen and allowing the healing to be surprisingly easy and fun.

The whole EFT session with Mike took only 5 MINUTES.  I kid you not!  He was flabbergasted and so was I.  He had complete range of motion (360 degrees) without pain or restriction in about 5 minutes! 

I asked him if he still wanted a massage and he said, "YES!"  So I said that would be great, but we'd go slow and easy with his left arm and shoulder.  Every time I touched or moved Mike's left arm, he snickered (pleasantly).  He was kind of giggly during the whole massage.  We were both AMAZED at how astonishingly easy it was to restore his mobility and comfort!

One more time, I have to say that I AM SO GRATEFUL for the tapping techniques!  I absolutely LOVE what I do!  How could I ever be satisfied with working a real job? 

Utahna Tassie, LMT, EFT-ADV

Reiki Master-Teacher

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