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Other Physical Issues


EFT, substance sensitivities and muscle testing

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Suzanne Zacharia from the UK is an experienced EFT'er.  In this article she joins with Dee Platt, an experienced muscle tester, to explore how this blend can work for substance sensitivities.

Hugs, Gary

One of my passions with EFT is strengthening the body, working with allergies, sensitivities, intolerances, viruses, bacteria, etc. The way I see it, we don't need to be dependent on medication to enjoy the world around us. Smelling a beautiful flower in bloom, feeling the soft underbelly of a cat, hugging a puppy, eating a delicious meal, all these things are there to be enjoyed. And most people in my experience can be helped to enjoy these pleasures that we have been given on this earth without sneezing, rashes, bloating, stiff joints, red eyes or a runny nose. A client recently told me that their pet allergy has improved so much they are getting an additional pet, another said that their IBS had gone; that's fantastic.

I think it is very important to empower people with the the tool to take control back for their bodies and their immune system. And we know what this tool is, don't we? With this in mind, I do a regular workshop, as you know, with my kinesiologist Dee Platt, who also does EFT. Dee does the muscle-testing on various foods and other substances (eg environmental), and I do the treatment with EFT for the group. I prefer this approach, as she is the expert in testing many different muscles for various reactions to each substance. In other words, I leave the muscle-testing to the expert and just concentrate on the EFT. I think it is also important to report that she tests after the EFT treatment and we do manage to clear quite a few problems in one short day.

This really illustrates another importance for being specific on the level of physical manifestation. Michelle and what was her bad acne was just such an example of this. She came to our last workshop and was tested and then treated for a number of substances using only EFT. After that day, she called to say her acne had seriously improved. Michelle had done EFT before on various issues and directly for her acne, but something or a combination of things that was tested and treated for on that day made a big difference. I will never know what it was, but I do know that being specific about it did the trick. I saw her again yesterday and am delighted to report that she is happy with her new face. I would say by looking at her that it has improved by about 70%.

In the treatments, Dee locks the energy of the substance into our bodies using kinesiology, and I then lead the tapping with the whole group to the same statements (Borrowing Benefits). With the EFT phrases, I address the physical problem directly and the emotional issues connected to it indirectly. I use a shortcut, eg from the KC to the UA, and add the eye movements in the 9-gamut every now and then for accessing and treating connected emotional issues. Typical Setup and Reminder phrases that I may use are as follows.

Some Setups, depending on the substance and circumstances:

"Even though my body has a problem with this [substance], I ask my body to produce sufficient enzymes to safely and efficiently digest this [substance]"

"Even though my body has a problem with this [substance], I ask my body to safely accept this [substance]"

"Even though my body has a problem with this [substance], I ask my body to safely process this [substance]"

"Even though I have suffered a trauma involving this [substance], I deeply love and accept myself"

Some Reminders:

"This [substance]"

"This [substance] and everything it reminds me of"

"Safely accept this [substance]"

"Safely process this [substance]"

Of course, there are many treatments for these body weaknesses that involve ingesting something or using a certain amount of product. Sometimes these remedies have unwanted side-effects and often they are totally gentle. Even when there are no side-effects, I prefer the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of holding something, eg the energy of the substance or a small sample of a product, whilst doing the EFT.

A couple of days ago, Dee and I did a little comparison. She tested me for optimal wellbeing with the help of color vials such as Aura Soma vials and similar ones. These have a color liquid in them, and each color corresponds to a particular physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual state. I tested weak (ie I had a problem) with a green vial at first. Dee then instructed me in rubbing the green liquid on my hands and spreading it through my aura (the electromagnetic field around the body). She then tested me again and I tested clear on that. Next came up a problem involving a reddish vial. This time I did the treatment with EFT.

I held the vial in one hand, placing that hand on the part of the body Dee told me my body had a problem connected with it. With the other hand, I tapped the EFT points. I did the Setup on the Sore Spot and the Reminder from the top of the head to the KC, adding the 9-Gamut, and then finishing at the top of the head. The Setup was "Even though I have this red energy thing with this [body part], I deeply and completely love and accept myself". The Reminder was "This red energy thing with this [body part]". I did this with the three body parts identified by Dee and then she tested me again. I tested clear on this vial too.

Although this color procedure may seem strange, I must say that we have worked on more "normal" substances before with EFT. Dee tested me for those too and the EFT treatment was still holding.

Again, EFT shows its effectiveness.

Suzanne Zacharia

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