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Other Physical Issues


Thoughts on using EFT for toxicity and allergies

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

We have many first class examples on our website of people using EFT for toxicity and allergies. Some people use straight EFT and generate quality results while others add muscle testing and other procedures to the process. Utahna Tassie gives her version of these methods in this article. Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

Hugs, Gary

By Utahna "Tonnie" Tassie, LMT, EFT-ADV


This is about how I help my clients clear for sensitivities and toxic reactions ("allergies") using EFT.  I will also give some explanation for how to use kinesiology or muscle testing in this area.

I have combined ideas from several different sources and made up others.  Normally, I do all or most all of the tapping on my clients.  It's faster and most of them like me to touch them anyway (I am also a massage therapist and Reiki Master with very warm hands).  Of course, they could tap on themselves following your lead, if that is preferred.

If a client is taking prescription medicines or food supplements, I always clear these first.  I have them bring them with them to our session or write them all down on individual 3x5 cards so we can test them individually.  Wheat is another biggie that is worth the time to check even if they don't suspect a problem.  For me, even after I cleared myself of any problem with wheat, I still have to limit myself to 2 slices a day. 

The client can put a little bit of all the food they eat all day long into a glass jar and tap at the end of the day (the EFT Basic Recipe works fine).  Or tap while focused on their whole plate of food before or after they eat it.    

"Even though I might have a bad reaction to any combination of the food I just ate, I deeply and completely accept myself."  

"Even though I might have a bad reaction if I eat that piece of cake, I accept all of me anyway."  (I believe and intend this to clear for all the ingredients in the cake at the same time.)

I have expanded on some of Sandi Radomski's ideas. (I believe she was included in the Specialty 2 Series of EFT DVD's.)  Wetting a paper towel with tap water, then taking it outside and waving it in the air, wiping off the car pollution with it... holding it near the solar plexus (navel area) and tapping for something like this:

"Even though I might be having a problem with any combination of these substances, I choose to experience peace around them."  

"I choose to remain in harmony with the Universe even though I might have a bad reaction to these toxins."

The wind can bring in pollens from 500 miles away in one day, so it's likely that the process would have to be repeated several times in the first season.  The following year you should have pretty good protection, but it may take another season or two to completely clear.  I am not an allergist or medical doctor, but this makes a lot of sense to me.

Clients have told me that their allergists usually have little glass vials of the essence of the suspected problem substance for them to hold and muscle test or to drop on their skin.  I'm sure the essence is just the name written on the bottle with intention. 

The greatest time-saver I have discovered is to make up a master list of all the possible toxins I could think of (organized by categories, i.e., Dairy, Heavy Metals, Household Cleaners, etc.) and have the client look over the list, noting any that he/she thought they might have a problem with, or muscle testing the client to the category titles to find out where the problem lies, and identifying which substance specifically, or just tapping (the EFT Basic Recipe is fine) for that specific item or specific category all at one time.  Words are powerful and carry the energy of the substance.  The client could just SAY the name of the substance or THINK it while being tapped on as well.  (A little quantum physics knowledge comes in really handy sometimes!)

I also made up a box of 3x5 recipe cards of many common and uncommon possible toxins, from my master list of possibilities.  I wrote the name of one substance on each card.  You can take out one card at a time from the box and clear the client for the sensitivity, or hold the whole box over their solar plexus (or all the paper lists) and tap for them all at the same time.  I always have the box handy in my treatment room.  I will pull it out and test a few different cards/substances on the client if they are really taking a long time to let go of a pain.  I've found that chronic pain, brain fog, breathing problems, and chronic fatigue, etc., can be related to substance sensitivity (others call them allergies).    

I use words that would include, "Even though I have a problem with some combination of these substances, I completely accept myself." 

I generally go through the Basic Tapping Sequence at least 3 times, and muscle check before and after by asking the client to hold the box of toxins or the specific card with the toxin written on it while saying "My name is ___."  A true statement (their real name) should hold strong with the muscle check.  If it goes weak when it should be strong, do some more tapping.  Sometimes I will have the hold the card/substance while we tap, and sometimes not.  I let my intuition be my guide.  Generally, it is best to set the suspected weakening substance aside while tapping, and then muscle test while holding it after tapping.     

There are a couple of different things to try if the muscle testing isn't clearly indicating "strong" or "weak after several times through the sequence."  The first thing I try to correct for is dehydration.  Thirst is the last place we get a warning for this from.  The body's energy system works MUCH better if it is properly hydrated.  After giving them some water (at least a half cup), you can begin tapping on the side of the hand again and repeat the Basic Recipe again.  A pinch of salt on the tongue will temporarily fool the body into believing it is hydrated.  Sometimes I'll have the client touch just above or below their navel with the fingertips of a free hand while I tap them through a whole sequence.  It tends to correct for PR and gives a window of opportunity to clear the toxins.     

If the muscle goes weak, do another round, 

"Even though I have STILL have some remaining problem with any combination of these substances, I profoundly accept and forgive myself anyway!"

INTEND for the sensitivity to be cleared in one session, and would prefer that the client expect it to be completed also.  But if there is any suspicion that they are not totally cleared, suggest that they tap at home before, during, or after exposure to the toxin until they are sure there is no more problem.  I always test after tapping again with the client holding and saying the name of the suspected toxin while I muscle-check them again.  It is normally cleared in one round, but there are always exceptions!  

While we are on the subject of substance sensitivities and environmental toxins, I like to teach my clients how to self-muscle-test using the "stand and sway" method.  Just stand in a relaxed manner with your feet about shoulder width apart, knees relaxed, and hold the substance in front of your navel (or focus on the item by saying the name of it or thinking of it) and asking if the substance (old food from the refrigerator, food supplement, chocolate, dairy product, buffet item, etc) is okay for you/me.  If the person sways backward, the answer is "NO" and if they sway forward, the answer is "YES."  (Unless you have specifically programmed your Inner Wisdom to answer differently.)

Life is an adventure!  Have fun while you learn!

Utahna "Tonnie" Tassie, LMT, EFT-ADV,
Reiki Master, Healing Coach

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