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Other Physical Issues

Vision Issues

An obvious case where emotional issues cause vision problems

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Vision problems are very widespread. For example, when I ask my middle aged seminar audiences how many have vision issues, about 80% raise their hands. Unfortunately, very few recognize the high correlation between vision problems and unresolved emotional issues. This is fertile ground for EFT as is clearly shown in this article by Eros Biasiolo (from Italy). Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

Hugs, Gary

By Eros Biasiolo

Hi Gary,

The following is a story of a case study on vision improvement and a brief commentary of mine.  The second part is the letter of thanks from one of my clients, a woman in her middle fifties, who attended one of my seminars.

As in any seminar, upon commencing I would ask people to introduce themselves, to tell what they know about EFT and how they heard about the seminar and what they expect from the seminar. People would respond to this latter question in a variety of ways, such as "I expect to know other people" or "I don't know what to expect.”

But one woman said, "From this seminar I expect ... MIRACLES."  Again, I wish I could see my surprised smile as I replied, "Well, I guess that is the only way to see one (miracle) happen."

That same night people attending could decide whether to attend some extra free EFT demonstrations or a beautiful walk in Italy's seaside.  Only two chose the walk by the sea.  Edda (my client and attendee) had EFT demonstrated on herself as she told me she had been losing vision in the past ten years, and she was waiting for the miracle. 

I asked her, "Can you see the poster over there?"  She could barely see the colours.  She was both farsighted and nearsighted and she was also bothered by sunlight.  I asked her what happened before she started losing her vision and she went back to secondary school when she was reading a lot of books.  

That brought her back to a traumatic event in her childhood, in which she was punished by some nuns who forced her on her knees on the chickpeas for six hours.  The nuns kept watching her all the time and she was threatened with further punishment if she moved.  She was punished because she stole the Bible from the school library and was reading it under her blankets!  

So we tapped on Even though they forced me on my knees on the chickpeas, and I couldn't move, otherwise they would have punished me, and I was not guilty...  She ended up crying for a while and then I asked her, "Take a look at the poster over there, any better?"  She said, "Wow, I can see the bigger words."  I gave her advice on how to follow on that, tapping by herself.

Three days later I was back to Ireland, where I currently reside.  I called her announcing that I would like to take her vision improvement as a case study to enlarge my knowledge of EFT.  All the subsequent sessions were telephone sessions.  

During the first telephone session, she remembered WHY she went back to school. That is because someone told her that her daughter was taking drugs and she didn't want to SEE it.  We tapped on many specific events, connected with (in chronological order over the phone sessions):

Feeling impotent

I would ask her to also use the physical approach such as: Even though I can't see... or Even though I am really bothered by the fact that I can't see… and to test her progress using a Snellen table (eye chart) at fixed distances.

As we went on, events seemed to clear more easily and more quickly.  We had six telephone sessions over a 6-week period, and she did a lot of tapping by herself (very important!), using simple statements on specific events.  In her letter below, notice how she clears other issues in the process.

I translated her letter of thanks myself (I will email the original in Italian to anyone who asks me for it, for completeness of information), here it goes:

"Very dear Eros,

I want to thank you for all you have done for me through Emotional Freedom Techniques.  When I took part at your seminar in Cesenatico, I knew almost nothing of the technique.  I must confess I was skeptical, but after seeing you in action during the seminar I was absolutely astonished.  My biggest problem was my poor vision.  As you know I was wearing two pair of glasses, a pair to see in the distance with dark lenses (shades) because I was bothered by sunlight, the other to read from close distance, books/newspapers.  Immediately after our first session I was able to stand sunlight and this was already an incredible result.  When you called me to tell me that I was chosen as your case study and you were willing to continue EFT on the phone with me, you really made me happy.   

After one month and a half of EFT, going back to many emotionally charged events connected with fear, anger, anxiety and guilt that happened in my life, I made the conclusion that these techniques can really do miracles.  As I am speaking I don't need any glasses to see in the distance, and I improved from +3 to +1.5 with the glasses for farsightedness.  This means I am able to read practically everything, apart from very small fonts.  You tell me if this isn’t a good result!  More, in the process I cured also: chronic constipation, vertigo, fear of not being up to something, and I enjoy a renewed self-trust and self-esteem.  Don't you call that miraculous?  I do!  I have nothing if not this small letter to express my gratitude.  THANKS!  THANKS!  THANKS!  I will spread the word for people to use EFT to heal themselves, and to do it often, because the more you do it the better it works.  I keep up the good work with the Personal Peace Procedure till I will see perfectly again.  I am really happy and thanks again.  Edda”

I then called her on the phone to tell her I was going to translate and publish this letter both on my personal newsletter (in Italian) and possibly on EFT insights, she revealed to me that her husband is a surgeon, he was shocked by what he had seen on her and ... he wants to meet me!

Peace and joy to everyone, Eros Biasiolo


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