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Surrogate EFT across many State lines cuts healing time in half for a broken arm

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

You will benefit greatly by reading this article by Cathleen Campbell. It gives clear evidence of the power of Surrogate EFT (tapping on yourself in behalf of another). Note one of Cathleen's experiences as she taps herself in behalf of her nephew (Casey), "...but what astounded me was as I was doing the statements in the first person, my voice actually got slurred!  It was as if I was the one who’d taken the morphine!  It was the strangest feeling to feel as though I was speaking through Casey himself!  But then that’s what I was doing, wasn’t I?"

Hugs, Gary

By Cathleen Campbell

Dear Gary,

My dear nephew, Casey, came into the world 12 years ago and none of us have ever been the same.  Of course we all think he’s handsome and terrific, but it’s not just us:  he’s such a kind-hearted and talented kid he’s always popular, active, and frequently very funny.  Named after a famous Florida State football player, this boy has been to almost every home game since he was an infant.  He dreams in garnet and gold!

He was both thrilled and a bit nervous a few months ago starting at his new school – this was the “big leagues” – middle school!  And for the first time ever, he was going to play his beloved football!

But I’m still reeling at the call that first night:  in his very first practice, and simply by accident, his arm was broken clean thru at the forearm!

Stunned, my brother called and said “Cath, we need your help ... the EMS technicians are saying it looks really bad ... prepare for surgery ... I don’t know what you can do, but please get to it!  I’ll call you back to let you know when we know.”

Needless to say, since they’re in Georgia and I’m in New York I was even more a mess!  Well ... for a few moments ... and then I realized there was no time to waste.  I got to work using EFT remotely on all of us – every fear, thought or idea that came into my head:

  • Even though this is a terrible tragedy and we’re all upset, we deeply love, accept and forgive ourselves and everyone and we’re at peace throughout whatever happens.
  • Even though the EMS technician said it was bad, I know the body can heal miraculously and instantaneously ... the injury is not that bad, they were just caught up in the excitement and everything will be just fine.
  • Even though it’s scary, the doctor is competent and very talented ... the whole thing is over quickly and we’re all pleasantly surprised by how easy Casey is healed.
  • Even though it looks bad now, Casey does not need surgery ... it was just the shock, and the doctor is calm and able to set the arm to heal by itself.
  • Even though we’re all so very far apart ... and we’re scared ... we can all feel each other’s support, and we’re all okay.
  • Even though Casey dreamed of playing football and has been terribly hurt, he releases any fear that he’ll be hurt again and is excited and happy about playing all sports in the future.
  • Even though my brother and sister-in-law are upset, they feel totally at peace, forgive each other for allowing Casey to play, place no blame for his getting hurt and allow Casey to choose sports in future if he wants to.
  • Even though Casey just started a new school and this is scary on top of that, it actually turns out to be a terrific experience all around.

Of course moments after I started I was so calm, I was already thinking of how much fun he’d have with his cast signed, and how starting out in his new school like this he’d have a bevy of friends within days!

My brother called just 2 hours later, astonishment mixed in with exhaustion, and told me:  “We’re okay ... the doctor said it was NOT bad at all!  He said as breaks go, this one was what you wanted to see ... clean, no muscle damage ... a simple set, and cast.  He’ll be good as new – a few weeks in a soft cast, then about 6 or 8 weeks in a hard cast and then a splint ... pretty soon he’ll be just fine!” 

And what’s more:  “You’ll never believe this: the coach and his son (the poor kid whose crushing helmet smashed Casey’s arm!) came to the hospital to say they would take care of his homework, and help us get thru this!”

Hmmm ... yes, I’m amazed but I knew there would be future and better developments.  As they say ... wait, there’s more! 

Now feeling really good about the effects of EFT and his prognosis, I set about to create even more healing and worked remotely on Casey himself:

  • Even though my arm was broken, I don’t really feel intense pain...and I deeply love, accept and forgive myself and anyone who contributed to this situation
  • Even though I’m upset and my arm is hurt, and I have all these drugs in my system, I’m feeling just fine and sleep really well.
  • Even though my arm was broken, and I’ve not even begun to play my football, I’m totally at peace with what is ... and my dream of playing football is not crushed ... no matter what happens, I’m totally fine, still love football and see a future enjoying all kinds of sports.

You get the idea, but what astounded me was as I was doing the statements in the first person, my voice actually got slurred!  It was as if I was the one who’d taken the morphine!  It was the strangest feeling to feel as though I was speaking through Casey himself!  But then that’s what I was doing, wasn’t I?

The results?  Here’s the latest update:

The next morning Casey called his Nana, my Mom, and told her “Nana, I can’t believe it, but my arm doesn’t really hurt ... just a bit sore.  I slept almost all the way through the night, and I know Mommy and Daddy say no football ... but there’s always next year!  This year I’ll just sit and watch, learn and grow ... next year I’ll be stronger and better able to protect myself.  I still love football...I’m not scared!”

How wonderful is that!

His coach has made him Co-Coach...they’re making a special shirt for him, and he’ll learn strategy and training.  His cast will be maroon in color...and they’re getting him gold pens for the signatures!

And the doctor says things still look really good – his full recovery and total healing is assured!

Gary, thank you from all my family, the coach and his son ... and most especially from me ... as always!

In Living Harmony,


PS – Updated Results:

After I wrote this first story, I thought I’d hold onto it to see what the final results are – after just a few weeks, the real-life, tangible results were even more indisputable, exciting and thankfully better than we’d hope for!

Casey wore his soft cast for just over a week.  He continued to have little to no pain, though he was not at all happy with the way his bruised fingers looked.  The doctor then applied a hard cast – covered in Maroon tape in homage to his favorite school team, the Florida State Seminoles!  After just a few days of autographs with a gold pen, Casey told me he felt like not only did he know all the kids in school but they were all his friends.

His spirits were very high the entire time, and just at the moment that he was growing really uncomfortable, about half the “normal” time the cast would be on ... the doctor made a stunning announcement:  the cast would come off in favor of a soft-cast or brace.  Instead of the 6 weeks the doctor had originally projected, the hard cast was required for only 3 weeks!  That’s half the “normal” healing time.

His parents feel completely fine with what happened and feel that Casey simply needs to do some growing in order to be stronger, and when the time comes to do some muscle building exercises.  If he wants to play again, they say, they’ve decided to support him.

But here’s what I think is astounding: just as I’d said in my original EFT work, Even though Casey broke his arm, was in a cast, couldn’t exercise and had to recover … his arm is actually BETTER than before!

The week after he had the cast off my brother took him out to see what his arm could do.  They stood as far apart as Casey had ever thrown, just to see what work he’d have to do to get back to top notch form.

Imagine my brother’s surprise when the ball lobbed away from Casey easily and soared right over and past his head!  They said that Casey’s throw gained some 10 extra feet!

Now that’s some Tapping Into the Power!

Our best regards and eternal gratitude,

Cathleen, my family...and Casey’s future winning football team!

Cathleen Campbell


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