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Pain Management

If we just follow the physical symptoms we can eliminate the emotional pain

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Listen in as Elise Krog from South Africa applies EFT to her husband by going after physical symptoms instead of the emotional issues that he doesn't want to face. We call this "chasing the pain" and it is often an effective way to collapse emotional problems without ever addressing them directly. Pat Carrington addresses a common problem with some common sense. Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

Hugs, Gary

By Elise Krog

Dear Gary,

Background: My name is Elise and I am from South Africa. My husband suffers from bouts of depression and anxiety. He also doesn't like to talk a lot when going through a bout of depression. He is kind of depressed at the moment not badly but moves in and out every few days. (I only learnt EFT a few weeks ago and have only been working on myself and my MS).

My EFT story: Last night I was massaging his hands while we were watching TV and when I got to the point of the fleshy bit between the thumb and index finger it was really very sore. I asked him if he would let me try and get rid of that pain with EFT. (I wasn't sure if it would work as everybody hurts if you push that point hard). I instinctively knew that he wouldn't want to talk so I just kept rubbing the point with one hand and tapping on his face and hands with the other.

After tapping a few times around his face and under his arm and chest I then tapped the gamut point and did the eye-roll myself as I didn't think that he would cooperate with that. Once the pain started to ease a little I asked him to do the open eyes close eyes and eye roll, which he did, but he didn't want to sing and count so I did that for him in my head. After about 5 min the pain had gone all together and he seemed a little surprised as he has taken for granted like me that that pain is always there. I asked him if I could do the other hand and he said yes.

At first the pain got worse and then started easing. When he could feel that my hand got tired after a minute he then did the rubbing of the point in his hand and I carried on tapping on him. After about 5 min that pain was gone and then a strange thing happened. As soon as that pain eased he got an intense pain in his lower arm by his elbow.

I got really excited about this as I know that this was the physical version of another aspect. He then rubbed that sore point while I continued to tap. The pain then moved again to another point on the same arm. When that pain went he started to feel nauseous like a migraine was coming (he sometimes suffers from migraines). I kept tapping and he said that the nausea got worse when I tapped on his face but started easing when I tapped on his karate chop point or gamut point. I realized that he was tired and not ready to go to another "aspect" so I just tapped those points until the nausea went away.

Afterward he said that he felt weird in a good way. When he got up he said that he felt taller and later after he had eaten dinner he said that he hadn't clenched his jaw once since I had worked with him. The thing that excited me so much is that we have found a way to work with him without him having to think of emotions, which he doesn't like to do. If we just follow the physical symptoms we can eliminate the emotional pain.

This is the first time he has let me do EFT on him and he was amazed at how powerful it is. (He has been to kinesiology, body stress release, reflexology and psychological counselling over the years although is not doing anything of these things at the moment.)


Elise Krog

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