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EFT helps high school baseball team win State championship

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Gina Parris gives us a good example of how EFT can improve athletic performance. In this case she focuses on her son's batting form in baseball. She says, "It is interesting to note that it often takes hundreds of swings to correct one's batting form, but we have seen many examples where an athlete was able to correct his form in one day with tapping. This also applies to golf swings, pitching form, free throws, and other athletics."

Hugs, Gary

By Gina Parris

Hi Gary,

I love reading your EFT for sports performance articles.  I have been using EFT with Peak Performers for over three years now.  I adapted the technique to be easier to remember, and I call it "Flow On Demand," for my athletes and market traders.  A lot of people have enjoyed the book I wrote about it by the same title. 

One day my biggest skeptic became my biggest believer - my son Jordan, back when he was just 13.  All of his team members still tap, now that they play High School Varsity ball.  Here is an article about it.  Accentuate the Negative? Yes!

Jordan was a weak batter in his beloved game of baseball.  Very often he made the final out of the inning, and he hated that.  He didn't realize it until our tapping session, but he had a fear of hitting the ball into the dirt, or popping it up, and getting thrown out at first.  His body simply cooperated to fulfill his anxieties.

During our session, he also realized that in his mind, he had never been a power hitter, and he believed that no one thought he could hit, including himself.  His at-bats simply fulfilled his beliefs, even though he tried to stay positive.

Jordan also made the connection that the NCAA girls he just watched on TV, could hit a ball out of the park because of their form, not their size, so he could choose to hit with perfect form and hit as well as anybody.  This was important, because Jordan is a bit more slender than some of his teammates. 

Jordan's new thoughts alone though, were not enough.  After all, he had made these kinds of observations before.  He now had to reinforce them to his nervous system through the tapping techniques, to make a physiological shift from his fears to his choices.

Before, when trying to be positive, he would tell himself, "I'm going to get a hit, I'm going to get a hit…" but his mind would still argue through images of past pop-ups and weak grounders, and the resulting state was one of conflict, and doubt.

So we tapped on his self-image of being a weak batter.  We tapped on what it takes to be a power hitter.  We tapped on how to choose perfect form.  Just an hour after our session, he went back to the park where his coach worked again on his batting form before the game.

In that game, for the first time ever, "skinny Jordan" confidently stepped up to the plate and sent the outfielders scrambling as he hit the ball to the fence!  Then he got another hit and another, before finally drawing a walk.  His at bats brought in five runs, and the team enjoyed a handy victory.  More importantly, his hitting remained strong after that, and he went on to use the technique to improve his defense as well.  His whole season was marked by amazing improvement.

It is interesting to note that it often takes hundreds of swings to correct one's batting form, but we have seen many examples where an athlete was able to correct his form in one day with tapping. This also applies to golf swings, pitching form, free throws, and other athletics. 

The important thing to see here is that Jordan needed time to focus on the distressing thoughts – weak grounders and pop-ups - and clear out their ability to mess up his form.  He also needed to be prepared to execute the perfect form that his coach showed him.

Today, most of the time, if Jordan is at bat and has an image of hitting a weak grounder, his automatic response is to hit with perfect form.  In fact, most everything about the at-bat triggers a response of "perfect form."  Do you see how this would turn any batter into a confident and reliable hitter?  

In fact, Jordan's teammates were so impressed with his performance that he finally shared his "secret" with all of them.  He knew that if they all tapped, they could come out of obscurity and win the state championship.  Indeed, that is exactly what happened.  The little team that only played in the state tournament because they were hosting it, started tapping with me before each game, and they totally dominated the event.  In the newspaper coverage that followed, the headline read "State Champs Had Secret Weapon."  To you and me, it's no secret.

Gina Parris - Peak Performance Speaker/Coach


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