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Did Linda's surrogate EFT really help the underdogs win their baseball championship?

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

We don't always know when our efforts at Surrogate EFT are really doing the job. Sometimes the result, however impressive, could be due to coincidence. However, we get so many astonishing "coincidences" that we need to keep reporting them. This example by Linda Harkness is so dramatic that it is hard to attribute it to coincidence alone.

Hugs, Gary

By Linda Harkness

I just had a fun EFT experience!  I've been playing around with EFT since I bought the training DVDs a while back.  I've had success with headaches, stomachaches, fear of flying, tearful adolescent social upsets, etc.  Most resolved in minutes flat.  EFT even removed my daughter's severe, lifelong, "run screaming from the room" spider phobia in less than 7 minutes.  But I still didn't' feel confident in my ability to use EFT, and it always felt like I was simply blundering into successes.  (And yes, I have been tapping on those feelings of inadequacy!)

When they were younger, my kids attended a Montessori school, and we've remained friends with some of the families.  Two of the boys, Cicio and Ben, play on the Dante's Infernos, a baseball team coached by Ben's big, sweet, gentle father, Peter.  Ben's mom, Anne, told me the Infernos had made it into the championships for the first time.  However, they were slotted to play a really good team that had soundly beaten them before. 

This team acts intimidating, and is accustomed to winning championships.  Not only were the Infernos the underdogs, one of their best players had just been benched with a broken leg.  The Infernos were despondent and giving up on themselves.  Obviously they were a good team and played well much of the time, but they choked when playing this team.  Now the boys were deflating rapidly, saying they were doomed, it was their destiny to lose, etc.  They were really talking themselves into a hole.

I remembered your statement that often the biggest part of winning the game is in your head rather than in your hands (or feet).  So I gave Ben's mom the EFT website link and suggested she see if Ben would be interested in using it to overcome his nervousness.  She wasn't sure he would be, as he's not interested in anything "foo foo".  I said to tell him it was simply a form of acupuncture without needles, and that many big name athletes have used EFT to get them in the game.  It's not much different than visualizing your technique before you do it, and there's plenty of scientific evidence that proves visualization works. 

The next day she called and said Ben was interested, but she didn't feel confident in showing him how to do it.  She wanted me to come and help them.  But I was on my way out of town for the weekend, and wouldn't have access to a phone.  So I gave her some basic tips, and said I'd do surrogate tapping.  Of course that sounds really foo foo, me tapping for someone that was 70 miles away ... but they were both game to try it.

I got fairly specific in asking about Ben and the team's issues.  What form did the other team's intimidation take - words, body posture, tone?  What wording did the Infernos normally use to describe being in the zone and playing really well?  What phrases were they saying about facing this very intimidating team? 

Anne said Ben is a good hitter and pitcher, but choked when playing against this team.  I tapped for Ben and Cicio first, since I knew them well.  Then I tapped for the whole team.

Even though these guys are going to cream us...

Even though some things are predetermined, and it's just our destiny to lose...

Even though we've lost to these guys with a full team, there's no way we can win without our star player...

I also tapped in:

I (we) choose to do our best no matter what circumstances appear before us.

No matter how many players we have, we remain confident and always play at the top of our game.

We choose to see challenge rather than setback…

We choose to relax and thoroughly enjoy challenge, and let it bring out our best. 

We are no longer overwhelmed.  We choose to see this challenge as our time to shine!

It doesn't matter whether we win or lose.  We choose to remain focused on the moment. 

We choose to never give up, and always put out our best efforts.

I choose for the ball to hit the bat.

I knew the game was supposed to be over by Saturday afternoon, yet by that evening I still had a mighty urge to keep tapping.  So I continued tapping:

We no longer fear adversity.  Adversity makes us stronger, and we are eager for challenge.

Obstacles invigorate us and bring out the best in our team

The bigger the problems, the better we play.  So we enjoy challenges!

Their jeers and sneers roll off our backs.  It's easy to ignore them.

Our teamwork is flawless.  Our plays flow together seamlessly.

I have laser-like focus on the play in front of me.  I am ultra calm, grounded, confident and relaxed.

I tune into Universal Energy, and allow it to flow through me effortlessly.

I also tapped for Peter to feel confident in his coaching, his ability to read the other team, to motivate his boys, etc.

Funny thing, it turns out the game got rained out on Saturday, and was rescheduled for Monday evening.  I had a prior commitment and couldn't attend the game, but I continued with my surrogate tapping.  And Ben and Cicio's' moms did mental surrogate tapping during the game as well.  

When the big game arrived, the Infernos' challenges continued to mount.  Already a small team, they suddenly found themselves down a couple more players.  One had strep throat, and one was out of town visiting an ill relative.  With 3 players out, the Infernos were now down to the minimum of players required to field a team.  And as if that wasn't enough, during the game, an Inferno was hit and injured his wrist pretty badly, and had to be pulled off the field.  The Infernos were now below minimum, and the officials would be forced to call the game early.  But the boy with strep throat put on his uniform and played so they could finish the game. 

After the game, both Ben and Cicio's' mothers called to tell me about the game.  They said it was the most exciting game they've ever seen.  They said the Inferno's energy and focus was so strong it was almost palpable.  Despite the constant erosion of players from their team, they played the best they've ever played.  And against all odds, the Infernos WON!  The score was 7 - 2.

I want to be clear that we never tapped anything bad for the opposing team.  No requests for them to fumble, choke or lose concentration.  We only tapped in positive thoughts and feelings for the Infernos. 

What's really interesting is that we almost exclusively used mental tapping rather than physical tapping.  (We imagined tapping and saying the phrases, rather than actually doing them with our bodies.)  What a great testament to the power of EFT!  (And my ability to handle EFT "correctly" despite those lingering doubts.)

Thank you Gary!  "Go Team EFT!"


Linda Harkness


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