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Serious Diseases



Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

While diet certainly appears to be important in curtailing diabetes, this article by Karylee Bonta gives clear evidence that emotional issues can also be a big contributor to the condition. Notice how Karylee's client, Deb Overfield, discusses her personal experience with the results of both diet and EFT.

Hugs, Gary

By Karylee Bonta

A letter from Karylee's client, Deborah Overfield.


I am Deb Overfield of New York.  I had been sick for 16 years.  For the first 14 years, no one knew what was wrong, so I suffered sickness and loss of work.  I was dying when I went to see a holistic practitioner at the advice of a friend.  He saved my life and taught me many things.  Still searching for more answers, I tried many different people and all helped me in different ways.  But I was not getting well fast enough.  My diet was not super healthy, but it was good by most standards.

In my search for education and becoming a practitioner myself I met a wonderful healer, Karylee. She started working with me using EFT, and I found my symptoms diminishing, lessening and some simply disappearing.  Karylee found things no one could find and cleared them - many in one treatment.

After being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, she worked with me for a couple hours 2 times in a week and once more the second week, for a total of about 10 hours in eight days.  We dealt with multiple aspects of problems, including an overly strict and extremely critical grandmother, a perfectionist mother, two abusive ex-spouses, and a son’s car accident, along with a smattering of other things.  These ranged in severity from 2 to 10 on a scale of 0 to 10.  My blood sugar fell from 467 to 220.  (Initially I was checking my blood sugar four times a day and reduced to two times daily: before eating breakfast and 2 hours after dinner.)

Of course I changed my diet drastically too.  By drastic dietary changes I mean I cut out all carbs and all fruits and fruit juices as well as starchy vegetables.  I also reduced from  3 to 5 sodas a week to none, as well as eliminating small daily treats - a cookie or two, or one doughnut perhaps.

When I went to my doctor for a 2-week checkup and told him I’d instituted this diet and practiced EFT energy work he said, "Deb, it is miraculous for you to get those numbers down so fast.  It isn't just diet alone; whatever you are doing, KEEP doing it because this is just miraculous.”

By the next week my numbers were under 180 - a safe zone to stay off medicines.  Now my blood sugar stays between 110-130.  In 4 weeks I made it to these numbers.  I still have some to go, but I am sure my blood sugar will continue going down as my body is healing and mending, and adjusting to healthy cells and so on.

So once I was in a diabetic crisis, and now I am safe without taking any meds for this.  At this time I am no longer labeled diabetic but insulin resistant.  However the medical field has to say that, I guess. I will not accept it.  I am free from high blood sugar.

Here are examples of why I attribute this success to EFT.  I had been seeing a kinesiologist, who advised me to stop drinking juice and only eat fresh fruits and to stop eating starches.  Though I followed these recommendations with care, my blood sugar didn’t drop.  She identified a problem with heavy metals but couldn’t come up with any solution to this problem.  A holistic psychologist couldn’t deal with metals at all.  He could reduce the bleeding gums problem, and foot pain in just one spot, but never really eliminated anything.  It seemed to me that these practitioners were taking one kernel of popcorn out of a bagful, which seemed not to make a difference at all.

Karylee’s note:  Prior to doing EFT, Deb’s feet hurt so much that exercise was impossible.  After our work, she progressed to doing a 25 minute walk, taking stairs, and rebounding 10 minutes where previously the pain made exercise something to be avoided at all costs.  Any minor exercise caused her to need a nap by mid afternoon.  Now she doesn’t need naps and can sometimes stay up till midnight without tiredness while maintaining her exercise program. She’s also lost brain fog symptoms.

Here’s one example of the work we did.  After Deb’s blood sugar had dropped to 220, we started addressing other specific unpleasant symptoms.  During one of our appointments, we addressed a problem with bleeding gums.  Not just any bleeding gums – Deb looked like an actor trying out for a Dracula part after brushing her teeth.  We identified this partly as a heavy metals problem easily enough by muscle testing, since Deb already knew she was vulnerable to these.

I almost always begin with physical symptoms because I’m one of those people who has a very poor memory and can’t offhandedly think of a specific incident that seems most important at a given moment, whereas I always notice if my heel hurts, my lip is splitting from dryness, or I’m wanting to chew my fingernails a lot. 

After I do EFT, then I’ll notice I’m remembering one or more events where I was angry or hurt.  When I muscle test, I find that these are the very things I had cleared by starting out with the heel pain or fingernail chewing.  With clients who are blessed with a better memory, I find that they have a stream of consciousness kind of remembering as we work, which is how Deb and I identified which of her family members had to do with each part of the work we did.  This method also seems to be quite painless for the client because we seem to have removed the majority of the emotional content before the memory comes to mind.

After beginning work with the intent to eliminate the problem of bleeding gums, we quickly came to a point where we began dealing with a variety of heavy metals.  Sandy Radomski’s heavy metals list was extremely helpful.  We first tapped on a combination problem involving asbestos, silicon, lead, and nickel.  As we tapped on this combination Deb remembered an event involving her second husband. 

Next we tapped on a combination of cadmium, mercury, and titanium.  This brought up two events involving her second ex-husband.  The next combination involved copper and lead.  Deb remembered yet another event involving her second ex.  Within one day of working through these heavy metals Deb’s gums were bleeding much less – she couldn’t pass for Dracula anymore.

We did all of our work by phone, and we didn’t use tubes representing the energy of the metals; we simply stated the intent of eliminating the bleeding gums and each identified set of metals as we came to them.

Deb:  I am now eating a little starch and a few small pieces of fruit (apple slices, for example), and my blood sugar doesn’t rise.  I believe in EFT and Karylee and all it and she has to offer.  Sincerely and with Gratitude, Deborah Overfield

Sincerely, Karylee Bonta


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