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The Unseen Therapist


Final Thoughts

The Unseen TherapistI began this book by saying…

The Unseen Therapist is your “spiritual healer within.”

She is ever-present and, when you learn to use Her skills properly, you will find She is vastly more powerful than drugs, surgeries and other man-made attempts at healing.
But, chances are, you already knew that, at least intuitively.

Somewhere within us is the “knowing” that we have far more power than we are using. It’s as though our internal Genie is hidden somewhere beneath our awareness, begging to be released.

That Genie, of course, is The Unseen Therapist. She is part of all of us and eagerly awaits our awareness of Her presence. For centuries we have tried to access Her through prayer and, while there have been notable successes along the way, this method has not been as reliable as we might like.

This introductory book brings more reliability to the prayer process so you can better experience the gifts of your “spiritual healer within.” In this effort, I have offered a better understanding of The Unseen Therapist and how to communicate (pray) with her.

This allows you to “own” the essential idea that you are not separated from Her or from anyone else. Indeed, we exist together in an exquisite Oneness where the ultimate power of spiritual love resolves every issue we think we have. Herein is the essence of the NewThink that opens our minds to this awareness.

The truth of our Oneness:

For decades, both quantum physics and countless documented spiritual experiences have pointed to the truth of our Oneness. Yet, because we haven’t had a practical method for harnessing this power, we have essentially ignored this obvious solution to our problems.

This book contains that practical method and, now that we have it, the door has swung open to reveal the many wonders of The Unseen Therapist. The question now is, how far will you walk through that door and merge with this new palace of possibilities?

Expand your skills with practice:

Simply knowing the method is not enough. Neither is enjoying a few results with the process. Rather, you must diligently practice so that you can expand your skills and consistently bask in the beauty of your “spiritual healer within.” The answer to your every issue is contained within these new skills.

Finally, you are not reading this book by accident. It is a calling by The Unseen Therapist to those who are ready for Her loving message. She asked me to write it and has put it before you to read. Do you hear the call? If so, please share this free book with others.

Together we can touch the world. We can move it, transform it and turn it into an expanding ball of endless love. What greater prize could you pursue?