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Allergic reaction to animals immediately eliminated with EFT

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Here is a very practical use for EFT brought to us by Rene Engelbrecht of South Africa. She applies EFT for her grandson's allergic reaction (eye itching and swelling) and then says, "...afterwards the results were dramatic.  Directly after the tapping session he paged through a book with his grandfather and the swelling and redness had completely gone."  

Hugs, Gary

By  René Engelbrecht

I discovered EFT about two years ago and it immediately grabbed me.  I studied the free manual, tested EFT on myself, discovered that it works like a charm and immediately ordered three of the DVD sets.  This got me really hooked and I tried it on any family member who would allow me.  I then ordered two more sets and reviewed all my DVDs twice.  I then started using it on clients and have had marvelous results.  I would like to tell you of one session with my grandson of six.

We had been to a nursery where there are animals that the visitors can touch and feed – goats, rabbits, a donkey, even two lamas.  We spent quite some time with the animals and when we returned home, I noticed that Dale was rubbing his left eye with his t-shirt.  I had a look and saw that he had had an allergic reaction and the eye was swollen and bloodshot.  I took him to the bathroom to rinse his eye, but he kept on rubbing it and aggravating the situation.

Because I don’t like giving small children just any kind of medicine, I decided to try EFT.  He knows what it is since I tapped him once when he fell off a jungle gym and he has also seen me tapping his mom a few times.  I asked him if I could tap him and he nodded.  So I started off by doing the short cut using the phrase, My eye is hurting like mad, but I am a good kid.  We did this a few times and the first thing he did was to rub his eye again! 

Then I remembered that he had told me that his eye was itching terribly, so I changed the phrase to, My eye is itching terribly, but I am a good kid.  We did this only once, rinsed his eye again and it was all over!  He said the eye was feeling much better and although it was still a bit red, he did not rub it again. 

I winged it a bit because I used the setup phrase on the tapping points and did not ask him to indicate how badly the eye was itching.  I reckoned I could see how serious the problem was and afterwards the results were dramatic.  Directly after the tapping session he paged through a book with his grandfather and the swelling and redness had completely gone.  

I used to be prone to allergic reactions and know how long it takes a swollen and bloodshot eye to return to normal after having taken hay fever medication.  His eye cleared almost right in front of my eyes!  This is a short anecdote that reminds me once again of the power of EFT.

René Engelbrecht


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