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Other Physical Issues


EFT collapses Multiple Chemical Sensitivities in short order

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Although it doesn't always work this way, we must pay particular attention to this rapid collapse of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities by Bernie Turvey, from Australia. He set about using EFT on his severely afflicted MCS client and, to his surprise, a whole list of sensitivities subsided in short order. Compare this to the endless medications and many years of treatments that often accompany this disorder, and one can only be impressed. It seems obvious to me, given our successes in this and so many other areas, that physicians should consider applying EFT before recommending other potentially damaging treatments. That is between doctor and patient, of course, but I would like to hear the reasons against this logic.

After this article was published in our newsletter, Bernie received many email inquiries. His letter to those inquiries follows his article.

By Bernie Turvey, EFT-ADV

I suppose this could almost qualify for a "one minute wonder" - it was certainly an unexpected and rapid collapse of something that I expected to be working with for a long time!

A new client, who was recommended to me, had a severe case of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

Any exposure to almost anything chemical caused major distress - a harsh hacking coughing, an instant headache, and what she described as "wooly thinking" - her brain being fogged up so that she had to carefully concentrate on even the simplest sentence so as to make the words come out right.

I had washed my hands before seeing her - about half an hour before - and as soon as I neared her to explain the tapping points, she developed an attack, from the remaining soap on my hands. (Just an ordinary mild hand soap.)

So I retreated to a bearable distance, and we discussed the problem.

Her sensitivities included diesel exhaust, cigarette smoke, and mimosa
flowers. (The only three I was unable to test) as well as any and all
cleaners, perfumes, soaps, detergents, aerosol sprays, pre-wash soakers, bin deodorisers, bleach, etc etc etc.

She seemed to be focusing on the perfumes involved, so we started off with "Even though I have this sensitivity to perfumes" - the default phrases - and used the eight main tapping points. She had difficulty 'tagging' the problem with a number - we started at 10, and went to a possible 4 and a possible 2 - which felt right to me - and so I decided to start testing.

I slowly brought my hand towards her, with no reaction until about 3 inches from her nose, when she developed a slight cough, and a small headache.

We tapped on both of those, and she actually breathed while almost having her nose touching my hand.

I decided to get daring, and brought the actual bar of soap out - an exact rerun occurred as with my hand - slight symptoms, tapping, clear. (By this time she was sitting there with a stunned look on her face!)

So - daring again - I produced some laundry detergent. Then some toilet cleaner, bleach, dishwashing detergent, deodorant (3 types), shampoo, window cleaner spray (Ammonia) , room deodoriser, anti-rust spray, and so on.

Not a problem at all, except for the bleach - which we tapped on and

In a phone call this morning, I learned that she had had a minor problem with cigarette smoke (but tapped it away) and had driven behind a truck belching diesel - she said it smelt terrible, but didn't affect her at all.

Then she asked me if I thought that EFT would work 'just thinking
about it' - I said "Yes", and she 'admitted' that she had done this
behind the diesel-belching truck.... and it worked.

Now, how that lot collapsed from a simple set-up statement is beyond me! But the subconscious obviously made the 'right' connections and killed the lot stone dead.

It was not a 'one minute wonder' - the whole process as recounted took
nearly an hour - but the initial collapse did not even take five minutes.

One minute or five - still an (another!) impressive EFT event.

Best Wishes,

Bernie Turvey, EFT-ADV

Answers to inquiries about this article

Dear All MCS Sufferers,

Thank you for your emails after my MCS story was published on Gary's newsletter. Please excuse the 'group reply', but individual emails would have me sitting at my computer for a bit too long!

I will try to cover all questions and points in here - obviously though, we are all individuals, and my brush has to be a bit broad.

A more in-depth outline:

I am not a psychologist or a GP. I am a retired ship's captain, forced to retire early to become a single father. I was then better able to develop my interest in natural therapies, and EFT is, as far as I am concerned, the jewel in the crown. I am also qualified in Bowen at a low (but useful) level, as well as Reiki and a couple of other energy modalities.

My EFT experience has been varied, but leaning towards phobias - a common experience, I believe!

This case? Was much as recounted. Pat (Not her real name) 'acquired' MCS quite suddenly about 12 years ago, for no apparent reason. Of course, there was a reason, but she had and still has no idea of what; and no, it didn't seem to 'coincide' with any life trauma .... though her life has not been all light and roses.

Pat was introduced to me by a friend, and that friend also attended our session - she too had been helped with EFT during a life crisis, and wanted to 'pick up some more tips'. (So there was a third positive energy source in the room.)

I used the ordinary default set-up sentence; "Even though I have this sensitivity to perfumes, I deeply and completely accept myself." The reason for that was that Pat kept using the word "perfumes". My intuition homed in on that, probably at a conscious level because of the repetition. I did not put 'love' into the sentence because my intuition said no. I find that some people are ready for full self acceptance, but many are not ... Pat was, I felt, not, so I wanted to home in on the prime problem, and deal with the self acceptance later if she wanted to. The MCS was what she was there for - do it.

She tapped on herself, by the way - as recounted, I smelled of soap too much, and having started with self tapping we continued that way, with me 'leading' her through the points by tapping on myself and saying the appropriate phrases. (Which is a sort of absent / present EFT anyway!) We only used the karate chop point and the eight routine points, from crown to under arm.

After the major advance in bringing the sensitivity down to a '2' with that initial "perfumes" set-up, we used the symptoms as a target; for Pat, these were an (instant) headache, coughing, sinus blocking, and 'wooly thinking' - an odd phenomenon that seemed to slow her mental processes down so that she really had to concentrate hard even to say "The cat sat on the mat" and get it right. (We never addressed that phenomenon directly - I heard Gary saying "Don't go where you don't belong", and stayed away! It collapsed with the rest of the symptoms.)

Beyond that, all the major points are covered in my original account.

Obviously, Pat is an 'energy aware' person. Note the question about whether you could "do EFT by thinking about it". Also, she used expressions that I have come to associate with energy aware people: "It FEELS different now", or "I FELT something 'shift' ". With no tuition or even awareness of the possibility she mentally tapped in her car whilst following the diesel - belching truck, and it worked. Yes, Pat is definitely aware of and capable of using her energy!

I see her occasionally in a social context. She is still happy, some three months later. Every time I see her, she leans towards me and says "See? I'm wearing perfume!" And she is! I believe that she has other 'stuff' with which I could help, but she is doing EFT for herself, and I believe will come to see me if she hits any rocks in the road. I hope I will be able to help her - certainly I would be starting well in front of the proverbial '8 ball'!

In broader terms, I can make a couple of other comments.

As I remarked, I regard EFT as my prime tool. I do 'mix and match' - not with Bowen, but with other energy techniques. I always 'ask for help' when I work with a client. It doesn't matter from whom - we all have our own ideas, and I believe that there is only one Universal source anyway. Call it God, angels, spirits, saints, guides, passed-over granny, or fluffy pink clouds - we still get that help and protection if we really believe it is there and call on it. Theta healing has a small mental ritual that I personally find effective and have adapted a bit for me, in combination with Reiki 2. (I never run on tram tracks! )

I have introduced a few people to EFT, thanks to Gary's generous permission to copy his DVDs. Many of them are already healers in some modality, and have taken the EFT on board as an additional tool. It seems to me that the most effective have been people who have added the EFT to their existing work and use it regularly. I am particularly thinking of a lady who does Inner Child work - the meld that she has created with EFT in this area is very, very impressive.

it may be interesting for MCS sufferers to find (say) a naturopath or a herbalist who is also an EFT practitioner, and work with them. Indeed, combinations of modalities are a thing that I have found to be becoming more common. In my circle of friends, most of whom are practitioners of some sort, I would say that most of them 'mix and match', finding a combination of modalities that sits well with them and works. EFT definitely develops intuition, in my opinion, and that, melded with healing intent is a VERY powerful tool.

Self-administered EFT? Persistence is the key, as Gary has emphasised. But even then, it is my personal experience that you can meet a brick wall. Then you tap yourself black and blue and get nowhere. Time to cry "Help"! Look for someone that you feel comfortable with, trust, and you feel has a sound knowledge of and intuition for EFT. Been there, done that!

Beyond that, I can only say that yes, this WAS a "stunning success" as one of you remarked. My personal belief is that Pat's own acceptance of energy therapy helped; she was pre-disposed by the experience of her friend, whom I had never worked with directly but I had taught the technique, which she used in a very traumatic life event with helpful results. Me? As Gary says. "Through you not from you".

A final note of personal philosophy; I believe that Imagination is not something to be ridiculed, but a very powerful tool. I believe it creates a 'bridge' to another reality; and if that other reality does not include (e.g.) MCS, then that is the reality that 'image-in-ation' can create. Intentionality is another way of saying that! "As ye think, so shall ye be" .... the idea goes back a long way.

I send all of you my best wishes for success. Know that it CAN be done. We can all run - some, very slowly. Olympic Champions can run faster - but it is still running, so they are doing no more than I can do - just a bit faster is all. Similarly, we can all use our Energy to assist ourselves and others. Some are hobbling as yet - some are Olympic Champions.

KEEP HOBBLING .... never give up.

Love and Peace to you all,


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