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Other Physical Issues


Reducing the intrusive impact of tinnitus

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. Newcomers can still learn from it but are advised to peruse our Free Gold Standard (Official) EFT Tutorial™ for a more complete understanding.

Hi Everyone,

Mair Llewellyn of the UK provides many insights into using EFT for ringing in the ears (tinnitus). She says, "In separate sections below I highlight some underlying factors which may be relevant as well as discuss very general set up phrases which may be used."

Hugs, Gary

By Mair Llewellyn

Dear Gary,

This article looks at a number of possible approaches to helping ourselves and our clients with the problem of tinnitus.  A consistently calm and reassuring presence is a major factor to reducing the sound and allowing it to fade in importance. Frequently clients expect to work directly with this very frustrating and upsetting problem and, in the case of tinnitus this is often not the best route.  Very early on in the first session I want to know what was happening before the client became aware of these sounds. After talking about this and doing some preliminary tapping whenever emotional charge comes to the surface - we can go into more depth.

In our first session together we are reflecting on what these tinnitus sounds could be a barometer for.  In separate sections below I highlight some underlying factors which may be relevant as well as discuss very general set up phrases which may be used.  Always bearing in mind your words or the words of the client are the key to helping yourself and your client.

Discovering and clearing auditory trauma 

An auditory trauma may have happened to your client at an early age or just before the onset of tinnitus.

Auditory traumas can consist of a sound linked to an emotional experience.  Other auditory traumas can be exposure to an intense sound or the memory of one.

Understandably, clients with tinnitus frequently endeavour to avoid sounds in an attempt to protect themselves.  In almost all cases this is unhelpful and is often related to the fear of aggravating their tinnitus.  Using EFT on this natural fear is most helpful.

Fear adds to stress and this cycle of emotional charge exacerbates the problem.  These natural fears can be effectively reduced during the tapping procedure. Doing this brings the client into a state of balance in mind, body and spirit.  I have added below possible general random set up statements which may be used in various cases.  However the best set up and reminder phrases come from the client.

Even though I’ll never forget the dreadful sounds of my accident, it lasted forever and now I’m really angry that I’m  left with this noise… – thank you  unconscious for the intention  to protect me from danger.

Even though I can still see Dad’s hurt face and its over 40 years ago now.  I was so scared, he hit mum and shouted at me no wonder I wanted to shut those sounds and images out, no wonder my managers recent  intimidation triggered me in this way – I’ve done  really well coping with these fears all of  this time.

Even though I knew I should have worn my ear defenders and now it’s too late to change that.  What if I forgave myself and thanked my ears for doing the very best they could.  That could be the difference which makes the difference somehow.

Even though I feel rigid with fear about going anywhere or getting on with my life, whatever I do seems to make the sounds in my head worse I completely accept this understandable fear and love myself with all of my emotions and what they mean to me.

Acknowledging anger and guilt 

Acknowledging anger and feelings of guilt are often hard.  Clients are understandably upset by the sounds that seem to be taking over their life.  They blame circumstances, other people and themselves for being in this state.  These feelings need to be acknowledged and the emotional charge channelled into more positive ways.  Without this process the intense energy will feed into the emotional loop of frustration, anger and increasing intensity from their tinnitus.

Here are a few general examples of set up statements which have been helpful in acknowledging clients emotions

I respect, and accept my anger at my dad, I have never ever been able to acknowledge these hurt little boy feelings.  It’s not surprising that I’ve hidden my emotions inside, maybe, just maybe now is the right time to be completely free, little me and me now deserves and prefers peace to this.

Even though my life would be bliss right now if it wasn’t for this  f…ing tinnitus I completely accept these intense emotions and how they relate to me.

My manager has walked all over me and has got off Scott-free and now I’m left with these hissing sounds I honour these messages from my ears and I’m open to the possibility of discovering more healthy coping strategies instead right here and now.

Acknowledging the grief and loss 

Loss and grief for a loved one may well be a major aspect to the manifestation of tinnitus.  However grief takes many forms and I have noticed many times whilst I have been working with clients that they are grieving for a loss of something that they valued in their lives that is no longer there. Asking clients what was going on before the time they first noticed tinnitus gives a lead into where successful tapping can be achieved.  It could be loss of face at not being promoted or loss of friendship when someone didn’t understand. Many areas of our lives may be at stake such as loss of status at having to sell a house.  Loss of fitness since breaking their leg. Very varied feeling of grief and loss are often evident. 

Losing peace and the enjoyment of silence is an extremely intense loss for many clients. Clients frequently say “acceptance of the intrusion of tinnitus is an impossibility”.  Recognising and tapping on those major changes to their peace of mind and any other emotions is essential to a calmer approach and can dramatically aid recovery of more peace in their lives.

I will give some set up statement examples of the grief that I have worked with which illustrates how EFT helped clients with their grief and loss.  The headings that I have used are for very general guidance.  Set up statements and reminder phrases that clients choose are far more powerful for them. They will tune into their thoughts, images and feelings. For this reason they are much more effective than any examples I could give.

Loss of a loved one.

Even though we never said goodbye and I miss you so, and now all I have is the frustrating sounds of this tinnitus, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and you anyway.

Even though I’m really angry that you died and left me in this awful mess, no wonder I feel like this –  Darling I really love you and nothing can ever fill your empty place.

I acknowledge and completely accept my feelings of grief even though I wished for you to be free from your pain.

Loss of friendship. 

Even before I lost my peace of mind I lost you my dearest friend through poor communication I accept myself and my part in this and I’m open to the possibility of forgiving myself and you my friend we were doing the very best we could.

Even though I’m so hurt that Dave didn’t believe me and this lack of trust destroyed an otherwise beautiful relationship, I want to accept him and me somehow and move on.

Loss of a physical faculty 

Even though I treasured my eyesight and it’s totally gone now I really want to be patient with myself and my understandable loss.  

Even though my accident resulted in my loosing my leg and I’m still angry at the driver, I deeply and completely accept these emotions and all that they mean to me.  

Even though I grieve each day for my lack of peace of mind, I completely accept myself and my grief – no wonder I’m battling with this frustrating intrusion.

In a future article we will look at the tremendous benefits of listening to messages from our body.  Examples of ways to reassure and re-train the unconscious mind to feel safer and more able again.  Creative ways of enjoying peace of mind and magical way to celebrate our life.

Mair Llewellyn


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