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Pain Management

Three years of pain in a swollen ankle disappears after getting to the core issue

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

This is one of those cases that "should have healed a long time ago." Ilana Weiler (from Israel) uses some creative language for her client that uncovers the core issue. The result? The problem disappears.

Hugs, Gary

By Ilana Weiler, EFT-ADV

Hello Gary,

This is a report on a successful case that was achieved in one session.  Hana was referred to me by her mother.  She is 20 years old and has been suffering from an infection of the ankle tendon for the last three years.  She saw a few doctors during these years.  She tried a few balms and had her ankle plastered for 3 months and tried physiotherapy - all to no avail.

When her mother spoke to me, she said that they noticed there was some emotional factor playing a role here, because whenever Hana was tense, the situation became worse.

Hana is a very timid young girl that comes from a very large family.  I started writing down all the physical aspects.  Her right ankle was infected, swollen, red and painful.  It has limited her in physical activities.  The pain was unbearable sometimes but she somehow learned to live with it.  When she experienced emotional tension, things got worse.

We started tapping:

Even though I have this infected tendon, I fully and completely love and accept myself, physically and emotionally.

Reminder phrases while tapping through the points … Infected tendon … infected ankle … infected right ankle … my right ankle is infected … it has been infected for 3 years … this infection … painful ankle … painful ankle.

After one round I asked Hana what the reasons were for her stress.  She mentioned the fact that she has now finished her army service and was being pushed gently by her family to make decisions about her future.  The wanted her to study and progress in life.  I asked her how she felt about that and she replied, “I am not in a hurry, I need some rest.  I started working in a kindergarten.  I enjoy it and don’t need anything else right now.  I need a break from obligations."

Even though they want me to make decisions, and I don’t want to…

Sometimes this sentence triggers lots of pain.  To my delight, I noticed that Hana loved it.  The possibility of accepting and loving herself in spite of the problem sounded very appealing.

They want me to make some decisions … I don’t want to … they say it is important for me to progress … I am happy where I am … they are trying to push me … I need some rest … they say I have to step forward … I love my work with children … they want me to progress, and I am totally happy where I am.

Hana said she felt good, peaceful.  I asked if she was afraid of disappointing her parents.  She said she knew they loved her and wanted the best for her but she needed time for fun and wanted to respect her own needs.

Even though, I know they love me and I do respect them, I also want to respect myself and my needs, and I choose now, to respect myself, without guilt.

I respect them for wanting the best for me … I respect myself and my needs … they want me to take steps for my future … I want to enjoy myself in the present … I choose to respect myself and my needs … I choose to release any guilt … they want the best for me  … I also want the best for me  … releasing any guilt … guilt … I respect my needs … I choose to release guilt from my ankle … I am releasing any guilt feelings from my ankle.

Even though I have been experiencing this dilemma and it might have been showing in my ankle, I choose to release it now, I ‘got the message’ and I can release this pain from my ankle. I can respect myself and respect my parents at the same time.

Even though, they want me to take steps forward and I don’t want to for the moment, I fully and completely love and accept myself.

Releasing the dilemma from my ankle … I can rest … I have the right to rest, to take no obligations upon myself … it is safe for me to enjoy myself in this job … I can release this dilemma from my ankle … thank you ankle, I got the message … I am safe … it is safe not to take any steps forward … I choose to allow myself, to respect myself, to release this infection.

Hana looked relaxed, happy, smiling.  A week later she sent me a message.  "I feel so peaceful, strong and happy."

Two weeks later I met her mother in the street.  She said, "A miracle.  It is a miracle.  The redness has disappeared, the ankle is not swollen, no pain.  What did you do to her?" she asked with a big smile.

EFT once more proved itself to be a miracle.

With gratitude,

Ilana Weiler,


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